Dark Days The Forge #1 Spoilers

Dark Days The Forge #1 is out tomorrow, 6/14/17. Spoiler images are obscured by the spoiler warnings, click on them to see the images. Accompanying text is not spoiler protected so read on at your own risk.

DC event books have been pretty good of late, especially Rebirth. I am not a big DC reader, used to be a Marvel guy but do not mess with many Marvel books any more. Dark Days The Forge #1 is damn good. It is chock full cool stuff, some Easter Eggs, and a really solid story. The story centers around Nth Metal and something weird going on with it. This brings us to the first part of the story that focuses on Hawkman, who is the narrator for a good bit of the story.

We get to see some of the history of Hawkman, and how he discovered Nth metal and became Hawkman (missing is the alien craft he rode upon.)

Meanwhile, Dr. Madison, an employee of Batman’s, is working in a secret base on a volcano (how Dr. Evil, Batman)

And Batman to the rescue.

Aquaman to the assist and it looks like he is hiding something.

Green Lantern gets called in on a secret mission

At a very unlikely place….

And Duke Thomas is there to stop Hal.

Meanwhile we find out the mystery of the Nth Metal goes back to the earliest history of man, the original three tribes…

Or is it four?

We get to meet Duke’s mom, Elaine, seems like a nice lady…

Meanwhile back at the Batcave, we find out there is a secret cave below the cave, full of artifacts made of Nth Metal and come across a mystery voice, of a character who has been missing from the Rebirth titles (wait until the end for the reveal)

Lots of artifacts, all tied in to the Nth Metal

Lots and lots of artifacts, seems to effect Hal’s power ring.

We learn some of the secret history of Batman and his clandestine operations.

The voice taunts Green Lantern and Duke, but mostly Lantern.

We find out Mr. Terrific has been helping Batman on the Nth Metal investigation, I wonder who the boy they are going to let out is….

So that is who the boy is, haven’t seen him in a long while…

Batman had asked Superman for a secret holding facility in the Fortress of Solitude…

In which he will need special help opening.

Mr. Miracle opens it and does not like what he sees inside.

and the reveal of what Batman has been storing….

And the big reveal, one of three if I remember Rebirth one shot correctly, so that is where he has been, hiding in the Batcave….

So overall a very good read, especially for Batman fans and those fans who have been wondering about the whereabouts of the missing person showed in the last image….


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18 Responses to Dark Days The Forge #1 Spoilers

  1. xman_2 says:

    Okay, someone explain to me what the hell that is that Batman has hidden in that room? I’ve always been a Marvel guy but started to read DC recently.

    Side note: I hate JRJR’s art. DC is lucky this cover is drawn by Jim Lee, otherwise I would not be buying this book.

  2. Shinestych61@ says:

    I was gonna skip this, but I may pick it up. I agree with xman, JR2’s art gets worse and worse. That shot of Mr. Terrific is seriously weird.
    As for the reveal, I hope this gets straightened out asap and then goes away for a LONG while. If there’s anyone who is overused in thr DCU, he’s it. Was so much better when they stayed away for a couple years between stories, then the return had impact. Now it’s a semi-monthly thing.Shines

    • Anthony says:

      I kind of like that he knows the secret history. Is he crazy because of that. JRJR art is something I can do without.

    • Cyber Golem says:

      I like JR J.R artwork in the 90’s X-Men comics. But I will agree his artwork has gotten bad.

    • xman_2 says:

      For some reason JRJR’s artwork hasn’t evolved to get better. The only time I like his work was when he did Punisher War Zone. I hated the his X-Men run because I didn’t think his style fit the X-Men book. I was force (not really) to buy the X-Men book cause that’s what I collected back then. I did pick this book with the Jim Lee cover.

  3. Jon says:

    Wait, so who is the boy Batman is hiding?

  4. Aj Magtoto says:

    Wait, is that supposed to be the ‘new’ superman (from pre-new 52) or the new 52 superman?

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