Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 54

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you for all friendship, encouragement, advice, support, and love. thank you so much for reading this each and every week. I hope to see you all at a convention sometime in the near future. before we make some money on some comics I would like to share afew thoughts and give a few opinions. First the Wonder Woman movie was #awesomesauce, best DC movie since Dark Knight nuff said. Still need to watch the final two episodes of Gotham and that Flash #23, Pasty Walker Hellcat #14-15, and the Suicide Squad Death of Amanda Waller trade were my reads of the week.

Now lets make some money on some comics because you can’t teach that!

1. Supergirl #5 New 52 and Supergirl #7 New 52 – so Reign is going to be the big bad in Supergirl season three. Issue #5 is Reign’s first appearance and issue #7 is the first World Killers. Reign is the leader of the World Killers group and I am interested to see how Supergirl pulls off this group and especially the look of Reign off. Issue #5 is getting all the love but share some of that love with #7

2. Justice League of America #161 – JLD, Justice League Dark is getting much love right now. Everyone knows about Hawkman #4, but in this issue Zatanna joins the JLA officially cheap key book $5-10

3. Amazing Heroes #107 – Amazing Heroes back issues need more love. Such a great resource and so underrated plus so many true first appearances and previews, including this very rare appearance by the Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles $30

4. Wizard Magazine #17– no real spec value, however some issues of Wizard go for decent money. I just really like this Dale Keown Sam Keith Maxx & Pitt cover. Dollar box find

5. Red Rocket 7 #7 – Classic Mike Allred series. The Allred family has The Bug series out from Young Animals/DC. Listen to the Fatman on Batman podcast with a Gerard Way interview as it is #awesomesauce, Mr Way from My Chemical Romance explained he has a letter or forward in this final issue of the classic Red Rocket 7 series. It is a $1-3 book, but Mr. Way is very popular and this could be considered his first or second comic book work

6. Justice League of America #258 – Vibe is the best part of The Flash. Please keep you fingers crossed as I am working a interview for my 300th podcast a certain TV actor in The Flash and that is all I can say
at this point. This is the death of Vibe and it is cheap $5

7. All New X-Men #3 – Bendis’ All New X-Men was a fun series. This issue introduces the mutant that would be the second Morph. I still wonder why the Morph from the nineties cartoons didn’t take off the way Harley Quinn did, but this is a cheap book with a cool mutant that needs some love $5

8. Batman #313314 – no real spec vaule but in a day and age where collecting covers is in style and hip, I wanted to spotlight the #313 cover great Two Face cover plus it is part one of this two part Two Face story $10

9. Detective Comics #503 – another book for the cover, such an awesome cover, one of the best Scarecrow covers of all time $5-10

10. Wonder Girl #1 (Volume 2) – Wonder Woman was #awesomesauce this is the first modern appearance of Aries, the main villain of the movie, $5-10

11. Wonder Woman #300 – first Fury marriage of the Earth 2 Steve and Wonder Woman. The 300th issue and it is only a $10-15 book tops

12. Spawn #6 – I can’t belive it, and it only took twenty years, but Spawn #1 is gaining in value again. There might be a new Spawn movie and an animated series. The original animated series is amazing and the original movie is great, but underrated. Todd McFarlane is a master of getting sued. This is the first Overtkill and Tony Twist, the mob boss, named after the hockey player. I can see Overtkill being in a new movie or animated series plus it is in dollar boxes$1-5

13. Superman #161 (series 2) – Black Lightening becomes the head of the Department of Education, thanks Jeph Loeb, President Luthor was a great American president by the way, $3 and up

14. 2000 AD Magazine 1170 – 1st pro work by Jock. I love Jock’s covers and work, this is his first and this is a tough find $10 and up

15. 2000 AD 11931196 – this story has it all, first off it has Jock artwork, second of all it features Judge Dredd, and third the title is Shirley Temple of Doom. How f-ing awesome is that? happy hunting

16. Sandman 22 – the Lucifer series is #awesomesauce. I so want to cook two of the actresses dinner, chicken parm. The actresses in question play Maze, and of course, Dr. Linda. Wow Dr. Linda is so hot and Maze is just as hot. Oh yeah, issue 22 is the first appearances of Maze, the sexiest demon in hell, and Lux nightclub $10 and up

17. Hellblazer #181 – I want Matt Ryan Hellblazer again. New stuff, Legends of Tomorrow, anyone? JLD is being made. The original Hellblazer series was a who’s who of talent, and this issue featured Mike Carey and Jock. It is cheap and a must for people that need everything Jock worked on $5

18. Uncanny X-Men #244 – just finished reading Pasty Walker Hellcat #13-15, best series at Marvel. Jubilee is in it, she is in one of the current X-Men series and maybe she shows up on gifted but her star is rasing
that is for sure $20 and up

19. Wonder Woman #105 (Volume 2) – first new Wonder Girl. Young Justice season three, titans TV show, and Wonder Girl could show up in one of those you know, $5-15

20. Spiderman Healthy Eating #1 – this is a Walmart exclusive from a few years back. It features Spiderman, Wolverine, and other Marvel Heroes. Now can someone please explain to me in what world do we live in where Spiderman & Wolverine need to teach me how to eat healthy? Maybe I don’t care to eat healthy, the one million moms need to just go away, but this is a cool promotional book and I love promo comics

well once thank you guys for everything . I now need to drink some coke and watch batman the animated series the laughing fish and pretend the joker is going after commission for the blind of new jersey employees instead of copy right lawyers. really why does the state take so long to do paperwork? I love you guys and you all are the greatest blessing in my life

so now that I fade away I find myself obsolete
blind adam out


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9 Responses to Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 54

  1. dude, you are making me broke. i buy 1 recommendation every week. this week it was 4 issue set containing jla 258… 7 bucks for all four. raw, NM

  2. Uncle Willie says:

    Consider Marvel Identity Disk #1 .. Vulture’s only Daughter First Appearance .. Valeria Tommes

    • Anthony says:

      Need to dig mine out and sell them. This may be the only window, between now and when the movie comes out and people find this rumor isn’t true, (Zendaya is not Vultures daughter)

      • Uncle Willie says:

        I think the intrigue is in knowing that Peter Parker has had some sort of relationship with one of the main villains in all the modern films .. whether or not her identity is revealed in this re-boot, or in one of the subsequent films remains to be seen .. however, for an essentially dollar bin book, it’s a dice roll .. but, the 5 issue mini series is not a bad read in and of itself ..

      • Anthony says:

        For $10-12 on eBay it’s not bad. But i always look for opportunities to sell things I have had for a long time.

      • Uncle Willie says:

        Oh, trust me, I dragged out the 10 #1’s and 3 sets I had in storage .. the only reason I brought it up is I’ve had 6 customers inquire about it this week .. much to my utter surprise and shock .. I’d bet before the Rumor Mill, 95% of the collectors out there had never heard of Identity Disk .. pretty obscure stuff, really ..

      • Anthony says:

        Came out at the same time as Identity Crisis and was seen as a ploy by Marvel to grab readers. I do think if you can find it cheap grab it and flip it. I am pulling mine out and listing it tonight.

  3. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    thank you so much for reading. identydisc is also eraily deadpool apperances. so it is decent pik up I also lke aengrs volue 3 #69-70 written bygeoff jones black panther breaks the jaw of the red skull blind adam out

  4. Uncle Willie says:

    Thanks to you, Mr Adam .. I always find your Column an interesting piece ..

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