Solar Flare #1 Comicsheatingup Baltimore Comic Con Variant Update

Thanks again to everyone who ordered one of the special books. The cover art was done by a reader (not a realtor I promise)  and friend Jeremy Abbott. The fact that we handled the art chores amongst ourselves made this book even cooler. I wanted to give an update and shipping status on the book. 
The books are in hand as of today, they took a little longer to ship than expected because they came from Great Britain. They are in fantastic shape and has a nice thick glossy cover which should grade well. I am bagging and boarding them up tonight and shipment start going out tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who ordered one. We have a few left if anyone is interested.

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    1. One Copy Shipped $13.99
      Two Copies Shipped $25.99
      Three Copies Shipped $35.99
      Four Copies Shipped $46.99
      Five Copies Shipped $56.99
      Please make sure to add your shipping address to the comment section on PayPal.
      For larger orders or for orders outside the US please contact me at

    1. Hope you’re not getting your info from bleeding cool. Anyhow back to solar flare, this reminds me i still need to read it.

    2. Ms.Marvel #1 has been hot-ish for a while now, but it is not a rare book by any stretch of the imagination…Her first appearance in Marvel Super Heroes #13 is the better choice.

  1. hey daveyboy….i saw your c book collection. very impressive. you are definitely ready for retirement. may be the best i ever seen. congrats

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