Robotech #1 Cosplay Variant – starring model Kitty Honey (Plus Three Page Preview)

Titan Comics are thrilled to reveal a special cosplay variant cover featuring popular cosplayer and model Kitty Honey as ‘Lisa Hayes’ for the hotly-anticipated debut issue of Robotech!

This July 26, Robotech – the iconic ‘80s Sci-Fi anime – returns to Macross Island, the place where it all began. Writer Brian Wood, artist Marco Turini and colorist Marco Lesko have crafted a thrilling new tale that’s perfectly accessible to new fans, as well as providing a deeper layer of twists for old-school protoculture addicts.

Check out the teaser trailer for the new comic series here.

Robotech fans are encouraged to place their order for this special #1 cosplay variant cover featuring Kitty Honey as Lisa Hayes now through their local comic store (which they can find via using the order code: APR178859.

Robotech #1 hits stores and digital platforms on July 26.


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22 Responses to Robotech #1 Cosplay Variant – starring model Kitty Honey (Plus Three Page Preview)

  1. Jay Nelson says:

    That limp wristed salute kills it.

  2. Angelo C. says:

    Lame cover with great interior art.

  3. Angelo says:

    Unknown comics is selling a reasonably priced 8 cover set of Robotech 1.

  4. agentpoyo says:

    But also consider, this is Titan.. I never spec on Titan books.. they never seem to heat up or are flip worthy (if they do, it’s usually over before you know it), buy’em to read them.

    • Anthony says:

      The first issues tend to sell out though and there have been some that have done well. Can’t think of the name of that one video game related one. Also wasn’t the Judge Dredd book.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I thought Judge Dredd was 2000AD or whatever they’re called. The other game one.. Lost Souls or something like that in it’s name.. yeah, that’s the only one I can recall that gained some heat, most of their books don’t heat up though and from what I recall, they sizzle quickly.

      • Anthony says:

        No Dredd the movie adaptation.

      • agentpoyo says:

        You talking about Judge Dredd Underbelly or Uprise? I know DC had a movie adaptation as well.. I don’t ever recall Titan having any publishing rights to any Dredd books.. Underbelly, Uprise and Dust were all 2000AD publishing..

  5. Matt Riley says:

    Cosplay covers are kind of lame-o compared to actual art.

  6. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    would you all like some fries with your tall glass of hateraid ??? stop playing hating on cos players . cos players all angels sent from heaven they give a voice to the voicless joy to the joyless and hope to the hopless so show them some love now I must buy this variant as well as get one of my talented ladies on avariant cover yes she is cute girlnext door cute but we at awesomesauce commix can do better and now it is time to play the game . and I might have to spring for the comics unknown set of all eight covers now #testify #awesomesauce blind adam out

    • Matt Riley says:

      I definitely don’t hate! I don’t participate but love the expression. I just prefer artwork on my comic covers.

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