Does Uninked Jim Lee Page of  show Second of three Jokers?

We got the New 52 Joker this past week in the Dark Days: The Forge #1 but does the second of three Jokers appear in the Dark Days The Casting #1? Looks that way. 
(Edit: The original post credited the image to Greg Capullo).

The familiar Joker from the New 52 appeared in last week’s Dark Knights Metal issue, face attached, but with the high shaved hipster haircut that Joker has sported in the New 52 run. The following image is of Jim Lee’s uninked page from Dark Days The Casting #1 featuring a more classic joker. (A inked version of the image hit the internet earlier but I got access to the original art and it was too cool to pass up on posting it.)


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9 Responses to Does Uninked Jim Lee Page of  show Second of three Jokers?

  1. I’m behind on my reading. Can someone give me a crash course of why and how there are 3 jokers?

    • Anthony says:

      Going back to Rebirth one shot it showed three different Jokers. Never explained and we haven’t seen a Joker yet. Then we saw the New 52 version in Forge last week.

  2. Alana says:

    Towards the end of the New 52 run it was revealed that there are three different Jokers, I don’t think their alternate Earth Jokers either but all 3 reside in the same Earth.

    • Anthony says:

      That’s correct. They were shown in the Rebirth one shot. We haven’t seen them yet though. Plus the Jim lee art is too awesome not to show off

    • Anthony says:

      Plays off the idea that Joker isn’t a person but a curse or force of nature. There must be a Joker. But he always looks different.

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  3. Kevin says:

    It appears to be the same joker. Second to the last panel shows the back of his head with the close high shaved style just like in the forge. Not to mention that this appears to be a Continuation of the scene with Hal Jordan.

  4. Alana says:

    Really think the whole three Joker thing was made up so DC could sell us Leto’s Joker in film and Jerome’s Joker on TV, while not tainting Classic Joker and Ledger Joker.

  5. Shines says:

    Agreed…it’s clearly Duke Thomas & Hal still in the secret sub-Batcave.

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