Stan Lee Museum Highlight of Awesome Con 2017

This weekend in Washington DC was Awesome Con. Awesome Con is the premiere comic book convention in the Nations Capital. This year, Stan Lee was a featured guest, and along with his appearance, he brought along a showcase of some of his collectables. 

The con itself was pretty good. It had a selection of comic creators and celebrities. Saturday was packed as seen in this brief crowd video:

While there were a good many comic dealers, the highlight was seeing Stan Lee’s collection. Check out some highlights below:

I did pick up some good deals from Larry’s Comics, always a must stop if you see his booth at a con. I picked up an Invincible #1 Larry’s Comics Variant from him on a great deal. Also picked up a Jean Grey #1 J. Scott Campbell Convention Variant. Had a lot of other great deals found around town including two newsstand Batman #24 and a Poe Dameron #10 40th Anniversary variant for $1, so venturing off the con was as good as being at it.

I filmed an episode of Barzinga, the drinking and convention Web series with Baltimore Lauren. Will have that on here when it gets posted.


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9 Responses to Stan Lee Museum Highlight of Awesome Con 2017

  1. Jason Shaw says:

    We went Friday and I thought Awesome Con wasn’t a comic show. Dealers were few and keys overpriced. I did pick up some potential 9.8s at Fandata. (Harry always give good deals.) I also got my Walking Dead #108 signed by Khary Payton (TV’s King Ezeikiel).

  2. Jesus says:

    I wish I was there to see the Stan Lee Museum. The beauty of being one of the co-creators.

  3. A. King says:

    It was fun, I went Saturday. I got some great deals also including a near complete run of Nailbiter for way under cover. I wanted to get something signed by Snyder but his line was way too long. Last year I found even better deals on Sunday an hour or two before closing they are practically giving stuff away. When I got there and saw how huge the crowd was, I knew that I never was going to see the man behind this great site.

    • Anthony says:

      I was there until about 6 pm (parked in a neighborhood with no meters for more than two hours.) you going to Baltimore? I am there open to close.

      • A. King says:

        I have not decided on Baltimore yet. I also dropped off a few comics at CGC, since CBCS wasn’t there I decided to give them a shot.

  4. alana says:

    They use to hand out those Invincible #1 Larrys variants for free

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