Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 55

Greetings to my Comics Heating up and Awesomesauce families. Wow, it is almost July, where is this year going?  Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, advice, love, and support. By this time next week I
should have my start date for the school for the blind, which is phase one in the master plan on making my come back. Before we make some money with comics, I would like to point out two or three things .
First off, where are the cool Spider-Man Homecoming toys at McDonalds or Burger King? Why can’t I have toys in my happy meals? When in the heck did McDonalds start giving apple slices in them? Happy Meals are chicken nuggets, fries, a soda, maybe a damn apple pie, and a toy who goes to bloody McDonalds and says “oh boy, you know what I want, apple slices”? It makes me angry that I get fruit and no toys at McDonalds. Anyway Sam Wilson Captain America #22  and #23, Steve Rogers Captain America #17, and DC Dark Days: The Forge were my reads of the week (except for Hawkman, as Hawkman’s history makes my head hurt). I read other comics but I can’t remember what I read. Oh, and the “I am Power Girl Damnit” short movies by Blinkyproductions are #awesomesauce.  Go check them out .

Now, lets make some money on some comics, because you can’t teach that!

1. Spawn #45 – 1st Tiffany. Spawn is seeing an upward tick in popularity as of late. Spawn and any first appearance within Spawn will explode if this movie or animated series ever gets off the ground, and since Angela is off the table, I believe we will have to settle for
Tiffany, Heavens Warrior who made her first appearance in these two issues. $1-5

2. Image United #1 Second Print – Todd McFarlane Spawn cover. In an age where collecting second print variants is hip and sexy,  I was surprised to see a Todd McFarlane Spawn variant so cheap even if it was for a high printed event book like this $5-10

3. Powerpuff Girls #19 (DC comics)  Mojo Jojo vs the Power Puff Girls. nuff said, $1 and up and the Power Puff Girls need cos play love

4 . Spiderman Classics #14 –  Mysterio is getting a movie? This reprints the first appearance of him from Amazing Spiderman #13, cheap too.

5 . Spiderman Classics #16– Last issue in the series. Also reprints the first appearance of Kraven the Hunter from mazing Spider-man #15. Cheap, except one guy who thinks this is the real first appearance of Kraven. Between $1-$200

6. Brave and the Bold #191 – Gotham Season Four is in a few months. The Penguin is why I watch the show. Robin Lord Taylor is just amazing as the Penguin. This has an amazing Penguin cover and story featuring the Batman, the Penguin, and the Joker $5-10

7. Batman #332 – 1st solo Catwoman story. Catwoman might become Mrs. Batman. I haven’t seen anything like Batman #24 since the days of Superman #75. This book can see a nice upswing in price $5-10

8. Brightest Day #24 – JLA Dark is heating up. Everything JLA Dark is so cheap and I see this being the next big franchise. That animated movie was#awesomesauce. This is the reintroduction of Swamp Thing into the DCU since his Vertigo stuff has made him absent for years from normal DC stuff from 1991 to this point. Most Brightest Day stuff is in dollar boxes

9. Brightest Day Aftermath: the Search for Swamp Thing 1-3 – Hellblazer searches for Swamp Thing. JLA Dark, see above cheap finds $1-5

10. Dick Wad of the Mega Vice Squad #1 – Evan Dorkin is #awesomesauce, Dork, Milk and Cheese, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Bizzaro. This series that was rejected by Penthouse & Hustler magazines no real spec value but evan is the man $5-10

11. Amazing Heroes #117 – Michael Jackson Captain Eo 3D cover and story. Best Disney attraction period. Loved it when I was a kid. Michael Jackson was a living superhero and Thriller was #awesomesauce. Amazing Heroes are great spec picks, $10-30

12. Wonder Woman Rebirth #25 B – Wonder Woman tying someone up Golden Age Style. Jenny Frison’s covers are just sweet images. All the cover B’s are worth the pick up and are lower printed and well worth it.  I am sure Mel V. will have this on his variants of the week, but I want it for the Golden Age bondage vibe. Cover price for now

13. Marvels Greatest Comics #39 – this is the classic bronze age Fantastic Four reprint series. This issue should be one everyones pimp radar as it reprints the first Black Panther from FF #52. It is under ten bucks, one on eBay right now but for how long?

14. Lex Luthor vs. Skeletor action figure two pack – o.k. not a comic book. But this series of action figures is just #awesomesauce. There is also a Superman vs He-Man set. They are quite pricey on eBay but so worth it $60-$125

15. Catwoman #53 (2002 series) second print – the Adam Hughes Catwoman run is red hot right now and I am surprised that this second print is still under $10 online. Go find it and make it yours

16. Uncle Scrooge #384 Baltimore Comic Con 2009 variant – Uncle Scrooge is big pimping,  you don’t mess with Scrooge. This variant was limited to only 500 copies and is just a fun piece for the p.c. (OK, I love Disney)

17. Marvel Fanfare #60 – final issue of a copper age series, plus it is a Black Panther story to boot $5-10

18. Marvel Teamup #55 – Spiderman & Warlock and it is one of the first
appearances of the Infinity Gems and compared to silver surfer #44-46 and
other infitany stoires and gem apperances this is quite cheap $5-10

19. Miracleman #17 Red & Blue Foil Editions – Miracleman is #awesomesauce. I didn’t realize that the original run had foil variants until recently. Limited as all heck I believe the blue foil has 50 copies. happy hunting.

20. Fantastic Four #52 European Variant – just a sweet foreign variant from Germany. First Black Panther and it is cheaper then the original right now movie is coming $20

21. Harley Quinn #4 Robot Chicken Variant – I am now seeking out all the Robot Chicken variants as it was one of the best variant themes ever. Some of these go for decent money including this one with Harley Quinn enjoy

well once thank you all for everything. thank you for reading this each and every week. thank you for listening to my podcast. I hope to see you all at a convention or event sometime soon I love you all and you are the biggest blessing in my life

blind adam out



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4 Responses to Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 55

  1. Barney says:

    I really enjoy your weekly article. It is a very fun read. I usually add one of your suggestions to my want list and go have more fun trying to find it. Thanks a lot and I can’t wait for the next one.

  2. OC_Guy says:

    Good list! Thanks! Wondering if I should buy the Spiderman classics #16 for $1.50 or $200. That was funny!

  3. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    o.c. guy go for the $1.50 one. then find a way to get it autographed by toby or Andrew or tom Holland &stan lee and then red label it then turn your $1.50 into $1,000 and marvel tales and spiderman classics and even the first essenatal spiderman and master works will all see a bumb #testify . thank you all for reeding this
    I love you guys
    blind adam out


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