Venomized Variants Return in September

The first round of Venomized variants seems to do well and included some great covers. Round two starts in September and features Venomized Villains, and Aunt May too (no joke).

Here is the full list:

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 Cover B Variant Venomized Ego The Living Planet Cover

All-New Wolverine #24 Cover B Variant Will Robson Venomized Sabretooth Cover

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #32 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Venomized Green Goblin Cover

Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 #3 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Venomized Magneto Cover

Avengers Vol 6 #11 Cover B Variant Tyler Kirkham Venomized Loki Cover

Black Panther Vol 6 #18 Cover C Variant Joyce Chin Venomized Klaw Cover

Cable Vol 4 #5 Cover B Variant Rob Liefeld Venomized Deadpool Cover

Champions (Marvel) Vol 2 #12 Cover B Variant David Nakayama Venomized Ultron Cover

Daredevil Vol 5 #26 Cover B Variant Tom Lyle Venomized Typhoid Mary Cover

Defenders Vol 5 #5 Cover B Variant David Marquez Venomized Diamondback Cover

Doctor Strange Vol 4 #25 Cover B Variant Gustavo Duarte Venomized Dormammu Cover

Inhumans Once And Future Kings #2 Cover C Variant Djibril Morissette Venomized Maximus The Mad Cover

Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 #11 Cover B Variant Adi Granov Venomized Dr Doom Cover

Jean Grey #7 Cover B Variant Marco Checchetto Venomized Phoenix Force Cover

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #23 Cover B Variant Venomized Hela Cover

Monsters Unleashed Vol 2 #6 Cover B Variant Francesco Francavilla Venomized Fin Fang Foom Cover

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #28 Cover B Variant Razzah Venomized Ashley Barton Cover

Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #4 Cover B Variant Julian Totino Tedesco Venomized Aunt May Cover

Runaways Vol 5 #1 Cover D Variant Venomized Pride Cover

Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #24 Cover B Variant Paolo Siquiera Venomized Vulture Cover

Spider-Man Deadpool #21 Cover B Variant Ed McGuinness Venomized Itsy Bitsy Cover

Spider-Man Vol 2 #20 Cover B Variant Ming Doyle Venomized Black Cat Cover

Thanos Vol 2 #11 Cover B Variant Venomized Death Cover

Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 #27 Cover B Variant Mike Hawthorne Venomized Red Skull Cover

Weapon X Vol 3 #8 Cover B Variant Greg Land Venomized Weapon H Cover

X-Men Gold #11 Cover B Variant Clayton Crain Venomized Omega Red Cover


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28 Responses to Venomized Variants Return in September

  1. Richard Sean Guevara says:

    A few of these are nice but man talk about flooding the us with venomized covers.

  2. Alana says:

    They should of switched it up, this should be venomized dong variants. The aunt may, weapon H, itsy Bitsy, Moon girl should all have pixelated dongs.

  3. Maybe its a bit of a mental overload, what with the amount of venomized covers, but the only love I’m feeling is for the Magneto cover and Green Goblin. The rest , Meh. . .

  4. David Wilton says:


  5. Angelo C. says:

    They should have a month of variants where the writers draw the covers. Some of them would be hilarious.

  6. JayClue says:

    This is Venom overload, Venomized series 1, Edge of Venomverse, Venomized series 2. Venom movie, Venom keys, Venom spawns et al. Phew. However, the Mattinas, the Clayton Crain and the Paolo Siqueiro look nice. The Weapon H by Land is decent too. IMO. I’ll pass on the rest.

  7. Dan Piercy says:


  8. Matt Riley says:

    That Sabretooth is rough

  9. Shines says:

    Dunno which is creepier…Venomized Aunt May or Normal Aunt May? Does anyone eat wheatcakes? Always thought that was weird, why not regular pancakes?

    Liking Goblin, Magneto, & FF Foom.

  10. Shines says:

    Oh, the Black Cat is cool, disturbing in a horror movie way!

  11. Jesus says:

    Marvel has done it again. Turn something cool and unique to another “EH!! It’s another variant”. What a shame. I sure was looking forward to couple of these, I will spend my $ on indies.

  12. A. King says:

    Like everyone else I’m getting Venom overload.

  13. Heremus says:

    Does anyone know when the remaining variants of this batch are revealed? It’s already been two weeks since these variants were revealed. I’m eager to see the upcoming variants.

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