Jason Latour Shares Gwenom Character Design

Jason Latour took to Twitter and shared character design for Gwenom via Twitter. Check them out below and let’s hear your thoughts. 

He followed up by saying Spider-Gwen #24 and #25.


24 thoughts on “Jason Latour Shares Gwenom Character Design”

      1. Not yet.. not as bad when it’s a character they do once and be done with it. I’m just mainly tired of Gwen being turned into just about every other Marvel character. Gwen Stacy needs to die and stay dead again. This shit’s getting out of hand man..

        1. Back in the 80’s and 90’s Marvel used to do this with Wolverine. Wolverine was in everything. Every book had a Wolverine guest appearance. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Barbie comic had a cross over. Then in the late 2000’s it was Deadpool. Now Venom.

    1. While I am not telling you what to be tired of or not tired of, it seems you may be portraying or interpreting more GwenInsertNameHeres than there actually are. What massive amount of Gwen characters are you referring to? They have Gwen from another universe who became Spider-Woman. It was the fans that dubbed her Spider-Gwen. That is pretty much it…. If you are referring to Gwen Poole, she is not Gwen Stacy and has nothing to do with the character, the comic is actually quite good.

      1. I’m not talking only characters, I’m talking characters that are likened to the Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man that might be cover art, etc. There’s been Gwenroot, Gwenom, IronGwen… etc, etc.
        I’m just tired of all the Gwen-whatever’s for the cash grabs. Honestly, I think Spider-Gwen sucks too.. I gave it a try, the writing sucked, the story sucked.. Gwensucks! 🙂

      2. I do like Gwenpool, how she got the costume and name Gwenpool is hilarious. But she’s not Gwen Stacy just created from a Gwen Stacy cover. The wrench in this whole thing and why Howard the duck #1 is her first appearance and not so much the cover of secret secret wars, Gwen Stacy Is Gwenpool on the cover of secret secret wars it’s a Gwen variant from the month of Gwen variants. It wasn’t until Howard the Duck #1 we find out Gwenpool is really Gwendolyn Poole.

  1. More is sometimes better. Spider-verse was pretty cool with all the different spider-people. Sometimes less is a good thing. Usually, when it comes to powerful villains, less is a better thing. We need to fear our villain. If countless versions of that villain fall by the wayside on the way to a final boss battle, then the intimidating nature of the villain is lost.
    We are yet to see which side of the fence this venomverse event falls on.

    1. I think the unknown gwenom covers look to reptilian. I like the convention cover of the unknowns. Not a fan of lizard gwenom though.

  2. Agentpoyo said everything there is to say in his 2nd comment. And the design is awful. Especially for something they are trying to build hype on.

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