Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 6/28/17

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 6/28/17:

Small Week overall for me. Which is good because I have been raiding an antique store getting huge $1 finds. Anyway, here are the spec books of the week.

Returning Favorites

Black Magick #6 – This was series was going really well until the break. Now it is back. Was adapted for a media deal already.

Redneck #3 – Donny Cates awesome new Redneck Vampire story.

Saga #44 – BKV epic story continues. This is a no brainer each month and on top of the read pile.

Throwaways #9 – Really good black opps book mixed with superpowers.

Namwolf #3 – This will not be the only time you see Fabian Rangel on the list this week. I am loving this American Werewolf in Viet Nam story.

The Cheap One
True Believers Amazing Spider-man #1 – I cannot pass up Amazing Spider-Man #1 for a buck, even if it has been reprinted a million times. I have been selling the heck out of the Wolverine (Hulk 181 especially) True believers on eBay.

The New #1
Clue #1 – This is not a spec as much as a cool read. First, it features a comic version of the classic game. I loved the old movie, but this is pretty neat. Features three alternate endings. This is more for novelty and coolness than a flip.

The Shiny One
Spawn 25th Anniversary Director’s Cut #1 Foil Cover – I just cannot pass up shiny things. This is a second print, but look, foil!

For the Cover Alone
Punisher #13 Mary Jane Variant Mary Jane Variant – I pick up Punisher anyway. I think this is one of the best Mary Jane Variants. It is a Must Pick Up for me.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Blood Brothers #1 – Fabian Rangel’s new book. Normally do not spec on Dynamite books but I do like Rangel’s writing.

The Pick of the Week
Edge of Venomverse #1 – I hate Marvel event books but am so looking forward to this. Matthew Rosenberg writes. Mattina’s covers will sell this alone. It will sell out and go back for a reprint. This will not be a huge money maker but could be a good seller for years. I am grabbing both regular covers and pre-ordered the Mattina variant.

Well that is it for us this week. Le us know what you re spec-ing on.

In case you missed it, here is this weeks New Comic Spec Review Video


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8 Responses to Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 6/28/17

  1. larry doherty says:


    It looks like Gold Doubloons.
    Jaw dropper.
    NOBODY saw this one coming.
    When you see one. You’ll understand.

    (W/A/CA) Todd McFarlane

    2017 marks the 25th anniversary of SPAWN, created by TODD McFARLANE. Spawn debuted to the public, selling 1.7 million copies in 1992 and is on track to be the longest running independent comic ever.

    Director’s Cut edition of SPAWN #1 includes:
    o Original SPAWN #1 art boards
    o Page commentary by TODD McFARLANE.
    o Vintage surprises from the early days of SPAWN

  2. A. King says:

    I have a ton of those True Believers Inc Hulk #181.

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