Venomverse Continues after Edge of Venomverse and seems to Focus on Poison

If you are sick of Venomized characters you may not like this, but if you are loving the trend this will make you happy. Venomverse continues after Edge of Venomverse ends it’s miniseries run with another five issue miniseries. What’s more several variant covers focus on Poison who may have first appeared in What If? Spider-Man The Other.
I will post up the other variants that are coming out for September’s Venomverse shortly, however, Elizabeth Torque is providing Poison Variants, that appear to be a 1:1 ratio that focus on Poison. Torque provides the art for the alternate covers for all five issues. Prices have come down on  What If? Spider-Man The Other, but it could turn out to be a winner if Poison in Venomverse, and Poison from  What If? Spider-Man The Other turn out to be one and the same. We do know that Poison appears on the Dell’Otto Edge of Venomverse 1  Variant
In addition to the Venomverse Mini, there will also be Venomverse War Stories #1 which will feature a Mattina Cover and a Ron Lim Alternate cover.

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  1. A lot of the upcoming solicitations pluralize “Poison”, saying they are a race of creatures called The Poisons. Of course, solicitations are pulled together by someone who is not involved in the creative process and may not grasp the story, or over-simplifies it, so there could still be a singular Poison, accompanied by others of his race who are not actually named after him.
    One of my favorite solicitations in Marvel Previews that has actually happened several times is when they don’t have any information about the interior story, the book is struggling, and they are pulling it together with a fill-in writer & artist and the solicitation goes to print saying: “From the cult favorite writer TBD, with astonishing artwork by TBD!”

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