Poyo’s Picks for June 28th, 2017

Hey gang, it’s your favorite comic book picker on CHU. Anthony’s great guy but admit it, you guys love me more, but if you saw what I looked like you might not, so that’s going to remain a mystery for as long as possible. Just imagine what Anthony looks like but uglier.. that’s me!

Anyway, I’ve been so busy with work, I almost forgot bout these dang picks this week until Anthony texted me, demanding more out of his non-paid CHU employees (evil, evil Anthony, I had to take time out of paid employment to do this). Anthony doesn’t pay me, feed me or provide me with quarters.. so why do I do this? I honestly do not know.. Maybe I just like Anthony. Or maybe.. just maybe, I like being wrong each week. That’s probably it, but I might be wrong about that since I’m always wrong. Except for when I am right.

Enough of my ramblings, on with the picks.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Flash #25 (DC) – Not much to pick from this week but I’m still on board with Flash. This is the start of a new arc, with Reverse Flash, so hopefully the story continues to be nothing but awesomesauce (yeah, I stole that from you Adam).

Marvel Pick

There’s gonna be a million of them but yes, my pick goes to Edge of Venomverse #1. I am tired of them turning Gwen into just about every other character but I am looking forward to X-23 donning the symbiote, seems like a deadly mix and possibly interesting mix.

Small Publisher Pick

Redneck #3 (Image) – Not a spec but it’s a pick for it’s story. This has been a great and fun read. It’s got a sense of Southern Bastard type charm to it with vampires. What more could you ask for?

Indie Pick

Eleanor and the Egret #3 (AfterShock) – I just caught up on some reading and this one surprised me. I mean, I love John Layman but I did not expect to like this one as much as I do. It’s clever, the art is great (for you Sam Keith lovers) and it’s just a great read. I’m hooked and need more.. check it out if you haven’t done so already.

That’s all I got this week. What are you picking up? What are you hating (besides my picks)? Do you hate Gwen as much as I do?


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9 Responses to Poyo’s Picks for June 28th, 2017

  1. Jesus says:

    My wife has a T-shirt that say’s “CAN’T WAIT FOR GWENSDAY” LOL!! It has spider-gwen reading some comics. I think I need to send one your way my fellow chicken lol.

  2. JayClue says:

    I also recently read issues 1 & 2 of Eleanor and I also thought it was great. It, along with Hillbilly, are currently my favourite small press reads.

  3. Jesus says:

    You mean you will video yourself buying your favorite comics eh! eh! eh! eh! LOL

  4. Al Wurst says:

    Thanks for the Black Hammer recommendation last week. What a great read, somehow I missed the boat on that one.

  5. Angelo C. says:

    Taking time out of work to do anything comic book related is a win in my book. You’re awesome bro!

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