Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 56

Blind Adam is a blind comic book dealer in the New Jersey/New York area. Yes he is blind (90%).
Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. First off, have a safe 4th of July. Don’t be blowing off fingers like NFL players last year. I can’t believe it is already the Fourth of July. Second, thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you
for the friendship, encouragement, advice, support, and love. I love you guys and you are the greatest blessing in my life. I finally got my start date for the school for the blind. August 14th. I can’t wait. Before we make money on comics, allow me to share a few musings with you:
First off, can we please stop with the Venom variants already? We are getting way to
much Venom and it is never good to get too much of a good thing.
Next, I don’t see why everyone player hates on the live action Birds of Prey show. It is not the best comic book show, but I have seen worse.  Ashley Scott as the Huntress is cute in a cheesy kind of way.
Super Sons #5 and Daredevil #21-22 were my books of the week.
Last but not least if anyone lives in the Jersey/NYC area and would like to help me sort through a collection I just acquired, please email me at
Now lets make some money with some comics,  because you can’t teach that
1. ROBOTECH #1 COMIC POP EXCLUSIVE Douglas Franchin variant – Comic Pop Collectibles is the best comic shop on ebay #testify. They have this #awesomesauce Robotech Variant limited to 500 copies and is on sale now and Robotech is going to be big
2. Robotech #1 Comics Pop Collectibles Douglas Franchin black and white variant limited to 100 copies – There are only two Robotech Variants you need in your collection. (OK including the cosplay variant make that three Robotech Variants). This variant will be the rarest Robotech variant ont the market 100 copies this is just #awesomesauce
3. Hot Dog Magazine #41 – wow, those were the days. Back in the 3rd and 4th grade. Eating pizza, chasing girls on the play ground,  getting kisses for Pac-Man stickers, and every month getting the new Hot Dog magazine. What makes #41 special is it has a He-man and She-ra cover and story. I still don’t understand She-ra but back in the 4th grade, thanks to She-ra, girls enjoyed playing with He-Man action figures with me and you can’t beat that $5-10
4. Hot Dog Magazine November 1984 – I just bought this off eBay. This has a Mr. T and the A-Team cover. $5-10. It is Mr. T, nuff said
5. What If? #44 Venom Had Possessed The Punisher – Well this has it all, cool story, Venom/Punisher combo, and Venomized Marvel is all the rage, $10 plus
6. What If? #108 Avengers Vs. Carnage – This is a rare Carnage story. Carnage is going to beat Venom’s butt in the movie and anything Carnage, Venom, or Toxin is white hot right now, $10 and up
7. Marvel Tales #153 – So Sony wants to make a Kraven the Hunter movie? WTF? Well this is the classic Marvel Tales run the run that reprints Amazing Spider-man #1-50 this one reprints #15 Kraven’s first appearance $1-10
8. Marvel Tales #151 – What kind of crack is Sony studios smoking? Really a solo Mysterio movie? The Super Villain with a fishbowl on his head can carry a movie? WTF is this? Well this reprints Amazing Spider-man #13, my boy Quentin Beck’s first appearance $1-10
9. Marvel Milestone Edition Tales of Suspense #39 – I am surprised how cheap these Milestone Editions are in the wild. They did some really #awesomesauce ones, including the first Iron Man and Homecoming should have just been the Iron Man four. But this movie will be great $10
10. Spawn #1 Image Firsts (2015) – Spawn is getting hot again. I like this variant with the black boarders $5-10
11. Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter #5 – 1st Lady Shiva she was just in the last story in Detective Comics. Mother to Casey Kane Batgirl and she was in the best episode of the live action Birds of Prey $20 and up
12. Power Puff Girls #3 Jetpack Comics Variant – OK nothing that special, Jetpack does great variants, I am on a Power Puff Girls kick. This can be found for $5-10 and the Power Puff Girls still need cosplay love
13.Kraven’s Last Hunt, this is all one gem as it is an entire storyline. Web of Spider-man #31-32 Spectacular Spider-man #131-132, Amazing Spider-man #293-294.  As stupid as a solo Kraven movie sounds, and trust me it does, but if they used Spider-man and told this story as a stand alone film,  now that would be epic
14. More Fun Comics #71 – I think John Quick is coming to the Flash. This golden age classic is Johnny’s first appearance. Just find the grade you can afford or the first reprint of it happy hunting
15. Tales of Suspense #58 – second appearance of Kraven the Hunter. Iron Man vs Captain America action. Classic cover, and a must for Cap or Iron Man fans. I love the cover $20 and up
16. Batman Elmer Fudd Special – dropped last week, and it was my pick of the week. (Note: Adam sends these over to me about a week in advance so he had this one picked back on June 23rd). I just want to see Elmer Fudd hit Batman with a shovel, Bugs Bunny style cover price
17. Birds of Prey volume 1 #27 -early Harley Quinn appearance. Gotham City Sirens movie, Batgirl movie, maybe it will be a Birds of Prey movie $1-5
18. Scooby Doo #1 Subway Reprint – someone needs to tell Scooby Doo to stop eating snacks and get back to solving mysteries. Scooby Doo I see you and I know what you do in that van sir, but this reprint is a tough find in the wild $5-10. I love promotional comics
19. Marvel Team Up #48Marvel Team Up #49 – classic Spiderman and Iron Man team up. Second team up of the two movie stars $5 and up
20. Action Comics #432 – first bronze age Toyman. This Toyman was the basis for the one used in the Challenge of the Superfriends voiced by the same actor as  Jokey smurf $10-20
21. Daredevil #7 Marvel Knights – Kevin Smith classic. Mysterio kills himself. This eight part story is the greatest Mysterio of all time. I am sad they couldn’t use Mysterio in Netflix to do this story but this issue is cheap $1-5
22. Peter Parker Spider-man #13 – features a sweet and tough to find Carnage cover. Carnage is #awesomesauce, now go listen to the Green Jelly song “Carnage Rules” $5-10
Thank you for reading this. Thank you for listening to me. Have a safe 4th of July and don’t eat or drink to much.
blind adam out

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  1. Tales of Suspense#58 is such an under-rated book! Picked up a Stan Lee signed copy a few years ago. Anyone who collects silver this one should be on your to get list at some point! Not too pricey in lower to mid grades and as Alana stated still doesn’t get the respect it deserves!

  2. Alana can roman regins even wrestle or sell a wrestling move? I doubt roman can act. I belive his big cousin dawyne the rock Johnson got all the talent in that family. roman was the weakest link in the sheld and he is the one wrestler vice loves but the audience hates he is a face that gets heal heat. but now I want tos ee this even if only for a sketch blank cover variant as roman as kraven couldn’t be worse then his cousin the rock in that god awfull tooth faily movie. that movie sucked . thank you all for reeding this . thank you all for the surport. I love you guys #testify blind adam out

  3. Anthony really that’s #awesomesauce witch ones?? what movies? I just don’t like roman as a wrestler blind adam out

  4. For a Wrestler in a movie? In his prime the late, great, Rowdy Roddy Piper in anything would have been awesome! Doing the life story of Nelson Mandela?….. Cast Rowdy! Would have been fantastic!

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