Spoilers and Review: Walking Dead #169

What would the first week of the month be with out The Walking Dead Spoilers? The Walking Dead #169 is in stores tomorrow. We just finished up a more tense run and this is that breather in between, where the story moves along. Not a lot of actin but some awesome character and plot developments we will see play out in the weeks to come. 
The issue starts out with Carl lamenting the death of Andrea and making some confessions about his past to Alpha’s daughter Lydia.
However the action really starts with Rick and Maggie discussing Negan.

Rick comparing himself to Negan

Rick, always the diplomat, but Maggie isn’t buying it.

Meanwhile, Eugene is back to the CB, and realizes he is busted.

Really busted

Rick, always the diplomat, trying to convince the woman on the other end of the CB for a meet up.

Tensions are running hot between Rick and Dwight

This could be a problem in the future, kind of explains the cover…

And the reasons behind it…

And Rick tries to recruit people to meet up with the Ohio group

Negan shows more of his softer side

Maggie leaves to rebuild the Hilltop, but not before asking Dwight a favor

Maggie also asks Dante a favor

This looks like it could be trouble too…

That really is it for this week’s The Walking Dead #169

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