“Bride of Venom” to be in Venom Movie

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the “Bride of Venom” may be appearing in the Venom stand alone film. This one has to be read to believed.

The “Bride of Venom” first appears in Venom Sinner Takes All #3, which has been quietly jumping up in price for a while. Copies of the comic with the first female Venom have been going for around $20. Ann first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #375. Which can be found for around $5.

(please note, the quote is from Bloody Disgusting, but as sourced, the original story comes from The Hash Tag Show, for point of clarity)

While it’s already been revealed that Carnage (Cletus Kasady) will be the film’s antagonist, the studio is planning an even bigger surprise…the “Bride of Venom” will also make an appearance, according to the Hashtag Show.

The site is reporting that Venom will see the character Ann Weying turn into She-Venom! In the comics, Weying is Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) ex-wife, who becomes a temporary host for the symbiote.

“Ann was a lawyer in the comics but Sony has not yet committed to her back story for the film,” explains the site. “The studio, working with a new script from Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg, is looking to cast an actress in the range of 25-32, so a few years younger than Hardy, to play the role of Ann. In the comics, Ann was shot by one the characters who took the name Sin-Eater, only to have her life saved by the symbiote. It set off a series of events that lead to her depression and suicide.

“It’s unclear what the plot of the film is,” they add, “but we expect the symbiote to be the Ultimate version which was a bio suit co-created by the fathers of Eddie Brock and Peter Parker.”


This is one of those odd ones why it is important to read the comments, Alana called this one back on March of 2016 in a Gwenom post… (check out the comments over here


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19 Responses to “Bride of Venom” to be in Venom Movie

  1. knross says:

    Just grabbed one on Amazon for $18… the ones on eBay are listed crazy high already

  2. TopherS says:

    Issue 2 is the first She-Venom, 3 is the first cover.

    • Anthony says:

      I thought Issue 2 was last panel cameo and Issue 3 was first full.

      • TopherS says:

        She’s full on that last page! It’s a pretty big splash page and the story throughout the book is about her being taken over by
        the symbiote.

      • Anthony says:

        Marvel first appearances for you, Wikipedia has Ann Weying’s first appearance as ASM 375. Comicvine has it as Venom: Lethal Protector #1. Venom Sinner Takes all #3 is the one getting all the money, possibly because of the cover, there are no recent sales of Venom Sinner Takes all #2.

      • OC_Guy says:

        Yeah, carnage has a full cameo in ASM #360. CGC even lists it as the first appearance of Carnage…in cameo…But #361 will always be considered his first (true) appearance because it is “Full”. Just the way the market seems to always play out 99 times out of 100. If Venom Sinner #2 is just a one page cameo it will be good to get but #3 with the cover will the “the one” to own if the character takes off.

    • Graham says:

      Issue #2 is first full. Issue #3 is her first full cover I believe.

  3. OC_Guy says:

    A seller on Amazon had a a bunch at $15 dollars…Picked one up just to have in the personal collection, now the price for his remaining copies are $60. All in less than four hours..Looks like this book has some legs! If that rumor turns out to be false….right back to a $15 book though. I would say with Sony pictures constantly losing money year after year, if they are smart, allow Venom to be in the same universe as Marvel they could make a ton of money and all the symbiants out there…”if” done right of course.

  4. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce anything venom is hot. however if the movie is crap then the heat will die and the books will go back town to earth. just remember spiderman 3 amazing spiderman 2 wolverine origins ectect . asm #374-375 are great pick ups but I am concernedabout the ultimate venom mention I am about to domy hidden gems and send it to tony and this week it is almost all spiderman/venom/carnage books spiderman homecoming was just a great movie #testify blindadam out

  5. OC_Guy says:

    Wow, this book is insane right now! My freaking cat (she’s actually awesome) woke me up way early, and I landed two copies of the #3 for $19 and $20 each with shipping, already confirmed that they have been shipped, so that’s good… Decided to try another one on Amazon for $30 from a “new, just launched seller”, so not sure if that one will happen..Seems just about every time I order on Amazon from a new seller they never ship. I guess a lot of “phantom” sellers on there…..Anyway, I did pick up a couple of issues #2 as well….I was going to say that Amazon and Mycomicshop had more than a few issues of #2 from $5 to $15 just an hour or so ago (as of writing this), but they are all gone now!….Crazy! An entire set #1 – 5 on Amazon sold for $105! Didn’t think a book would be hotter than ASM #361 right now, but here it is!…. It’s no Star Trek in a ziplock bag hot, but close!!! At this point I would head to local shops to see if you can score a cheap or cheap-ish #2 and #3 if ya want them.

    • Alana says:

      Fuuny thing I don’t even believe the article!

      • Alana says:

        Everyone is missing the reason to get Ultimate Spider-Man #33, #60

      • OC_Guy says:

        I’m iffy about it too…. That’s why I have no problem getting these on the cheap or cheap-ish… If it works out, great, if not didn’t spend big bucks. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. As far as Ultimate Spider-man #33 and #60 I can see Sony using these origins, or something close as opposed to the 616 origin. They might be good to pick up as well. Got a few of each when they first hit the stands, so I hope so.

      • Alana says:

        1st appearance of Ultimate Venom and Carnage, the article hints the use of the Ultimate universe versions. So kinda like that whole Earth-1, Earth-2 DC thing. Characters have there own Ultimate universe first appearances.

    • Anthony says:

      Nothing compares to a Star Trek in a Ziplock bag.

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