Spoilers: Dark Days The Casting #1

There are a ton of spoilers coming up out of Dark Days The Casting #1, which is out tomorrow. Needless to say, this is a huge issues with a lot going on. Click the spoiler warning for the spoiled images.

There are a lot of spoilers for this issue as so much cool stuff happens. You can always skip ahead to the end at the bottom if you like, but will be missing out on some cool stuff along the way.

We already showed the Alan Moore spoiler in a previous post.

Hawkman provides more insight into the DC Universe’s history:

In Dark Days the Forge, Hawkman talked about the alien ship that brought the metal to Earth, now we know why.

And how the metal would change everything

The significance of the terms “Bat” and “Demon” around Batman?


Batman is on the search for Hephaestus, Wonder Woman joins him.

Wonder Woman has bad news for Batman

Batman, always the Detective, questioning why.

Wonder Woman can still help

But it comes with a warning, do you think Batman will listen to it?

Batman meets up wth Talia Al Ghul

Talia spills the beans

Didn’t Wonder Woman warn against this?

Even Talia thinks maybe this isn’t a good idea

But the trade is made.

Hawkman has cracked the door to the other side.

And ends it all to prevent anyone from being so foolish to try it.

The Origin of the Return of the New 52 Joker

More origin of the return

Joker, Green Lantern, and Duke Thomas, some truths revealed:

And we find out Duke is a…

And what Batman has been up to, hmm.. The Outsiders perhaps?

But Joker being a “good guy” has to put a stop to it.

Crisis you say, Joker?

And Duke’s META is revealed.

Batman returns to the Batcave:

Batman explains how he returned from the dead after Joker killed him

And what he saw on the other side

With the help of Dukes powers they reconstruct the final machine:

And the big pay off begins:

This can’t be good

And the reason the titles change for the series.

And the really big pay off…


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