Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 144th edition of the open forum!
So sad to hear of Stan Lee’s wife passing. They have been married for more time than I have been alive, and I am sure it is a wound that will not heal.
Squirrel Girl has been cast, as has Mr. Immortal. Be on the look out for their first appearance Squirrel Girl’s being MARVEL SUPER HEROES WINTER SPECIAL #8 (good luck finding a cheap one of that) and Mr. Immortal’s being West Coast Avengers #46.
Hope you are having a safe one, no blowing off fingers with fire works. How are you spending the day?
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Anthony’s Pick ups for 5/17/17
Yeah! new comics and a bunch of silver age. Plus some variants!

65 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. So I’m not actually going to be able to get my pills until Friday this week (I’m painting).
    This Friday I will be getting:
    Action comics
    The casting
    Detective comics
    Edge of venomverse
    Hal Jordan
    Darth Vader
    Dr aphra
    Super girl
    Uncanny avengers
    I’m hoping to finish last week’s books tonight, but I have some shows on my over to catch up on.

    1. That sucks that you have to wait till Friday to get your PILLS*. LOL. Just messing with you Brennan lol. I also am a victim of auto-correct ?

    2. I’m going two weeks without picking up any books….. But it’s worth it, road trip. Cramming in 10 states and 5281 miles estimated. Good times.

      1. That’s amazing. I have road tripped most of the east coast of the USA with my family as I grew up.
        Drive safe!!

        1. Yeah, I road tripped most of the east coast as a kid. I did a long one back in 2003 to San Francisco but only went as far north as the southern part of Wyoming across Utah into California. This trip is from Austin, we stopped in New Mexico, then Estes Park Colorado, then Jackson Wyoming, just drove through Yellowstone to stay just outside in Montana for 2 days, then it’s off through rest of Montana through Northern Idaho, through Washington down to Mt. Hood Oregon. Staying along the coast for a night, then another 2 nights in Eugene where we have a friend.
          Then we head down through California to view all the national parks from a distance cause we have to get to Grand Canyon in two days where we stay a night, head through Petrified Forest in Arizona, then on down to El Paso (wife’s parents live) and we plan to hit Carlsbad Caverns one of those days for two days. Then the boring West Texas drive home (the worst part of the trip).
          So yes, total National Lampoon’s vacation but it’s been awesome so far. We started driving early Sunday morning and it’s now Wednesday, 1700 miles later in Montana.

          1. We used to road trip with my dad. I read a lot of comics and got motion sick from reading while driving. Now kids have it easy with their iPads and iPhones and stuff.

  2. Speaking of Image Comics, they announced their signings at SDCC. Anyone have any secrets on how to get a wristband (most of their signings require one)? I’ve tried the last two years and come up empty, even after getting there within 60 seconds of doors opening.

    1. I learned most of the writers/artists you can find in artists alley…. Might not be all of them but most are there for a few days with their own booth.

      1. Yeah, I learned that a couple years ago as well. I’m mostly interesting in meeting Ed Brubaker. Only way I know to meet him is through his signing at the Image booth. Amazing
        how many of these signings now require a wristband. Even Matt Wagner!

      2. I’ve skipped so many long ass lines at my local cons by just going to their table at artist alley afterwords. I just tell them I missed the cutoff. So much easier.

  3. just wanted to mention I rec’d my Natali Sanders variants of Venomverse from Comic Market Street today. damn fine packaging and COAs. nicely done CMS, I would buy from them again

  4. Won’t many new pick ups this week. Did manage to get some copies of Venom Sinner take all #3 online for pretty cheap…Also found copies of ASM #569 cover A for cover price in the bin at my local shop. Happy with that.

      1. It would be a good re-write up… You and a few others nailed most if not all the characters appearing when this first came up on CHU a while back. I do agree, very good choice for Squirrel girl. That actress alone will get people to at least try the show.

  5. This weeks pickups….
    All the SDCC foils! X2 on some of them.
    Calexit #1 cover a
    Old Man Logan #26
    Dark Days Casting #1 cover a foil stamp Jim Lee
    Edge of Venomverse #1 signed from midtown.
    Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 signed from midtown
    Batman #26
    5x Amazing Spider-Man #375 MINT
    Sacred Creatures #1 Jesse James variant
    A signed and sketched Walking Dead #163
    All the Umbrella Academy books
    Izombie #1 Darwyn Cooke incentive variant always wanted this have the regular cover.
    A few other books as well to highlight later.

  6. Picking up:
    Invader Zim 21(waiting for the new tv movie)
    Squirrel Girl 22 (thinking about dropping this when I get to 25)
    Edge of the Venomverse 2 (just biding my time until the Stokoe issue)
    Picked up:
    Original art featuring Lusiphur from Drew Hayes’ Poison Elves. Robb Horan of Sirius Entertainment/Cosmic Therapy is letting go of some original art pages from Poison Elves for a very reasonable price. I’m a huge Drew Hayes fan and am saddened every time I think about his passing. One of my few regrets in life is knowing that I attended a con in the early 90’s where Drew had a table but never met him or bought his work until I discovered it later. At the time, I was too excited to meet Dave Sim, Gerhard, Mark Bode, and Rick Veitch. I highly recommend reading the collected Starting Notes from Poison Elves, “Deaththreats,The Life and Times of a Comic Book Rock Star” to get a peek into his life. My favorite comic reading days are of early 90’s Cerebus, Sandman, I Lusiphur/Poison Elves, Bone, and Strangers in Paradise.

  7. I found almost all the variants of Spider-Men II for cover price at my LCS. I almost bought the incentive variant that was $25.00 on Mid-Town, BUT I thought the cover was kinda blah, and it wasnt sold out, did hear any buzz about it. The only cover thats sold out on Mid Town for that one is the connecting cover. Does anyone know if any of the Spider Men II covers are worth picking up other than that awesome 1:50 cover? What do you guys think?

  8. This week’s pick ups from LCS:
    Grass Kings #5 variant
    Kill or Be Killed #10
    Darth Vader #3 1:25 variant for cover price
    Howling #1 SGP (already read this and it is surprisingly good! Story takes place right after the 1981 movie ends and the artwork is good. Howling is my all time favorite werewolf movies with the best onscreen transformation by Rob Bottin)
    Wonder Woman #7 (Frison variant cover X 3 for cover price. I’ve decided to put together a cover B Frison set from her first issue to now. Beautiful artwork and the way Wonder Woman iconic covers from Hughes and Bolland have jumped in the last years, a solid investment I think down the road)
    Best find of the week: Lazarus Contract parts 1-4 plus epilogue from guy trying to sell these books back to comic store. Owner didn’t want them (what?), so I bought them all for $5 total. I tried giving the guy $10 and told him they had value, but he wouldn’t take it.
    PC find of the week:
    Caliber Christmas #1 (early Crow appearance) for $7.00 in NM from local shop.
    Good hunting everyone!

      1. Went to a shop a few towns over, today, and found all the WW Frison covers I was missing. My set is now up to date. Took me 5 days to locate every single issue. A lot faster then I thought. Woo hoo

  9. Darth Vader #3 1:25 Variant X2 (both at cover)
    Calexit #1 Cover A
    Dark Days Casting #1 Foil
    Train 8 Zombie Express #1 X4
    I’m pretty big on Train 8 Zombie Express. Love horror and it’s a good read. Plus with a more than likely scenario of a US movie, paired with a really small print run, could be a good one. It’s sold out at TFAW and Midtown only has a few copies left.

        1. Checking comicbase…
          Detective Comics #301
          very good = $155.00
          good = $85.00
          fair = $62.00
          poor = $16.00

          1. I cheat when I buy stuff because I try to offer what offers on a book for a particular grade. So if I can get it for that price I know the retail will be higher.

  10. I also picked up a Rick and Morty Pocket Like You Stole It Carolyn Main Variant, signed at an event at my lcs this past weekend. Matt Wagner will be there this weekend to sign his new Mage book.

  11. My pulls this week were:
    Darth Vader #3
    Animosity #8
    Animosity: The Rise #2
    United States of Hysteria #2
    Calexit #1B
    Doctor Aphra #9, regular and 40th
    Spider-Men II #1, connecting
    Old Man Logan #26
    Wonder Woman #26B
    Detective #960
    I came across a Howling #1 Sienkiewicz variant. The store was asking $10. I passed. I am regretting that at this moment.

      1. Went back to that shop this morning and it was gone. I did manage to pick up a nice American Alien #7 1:25 Jock for $20 and I found a Superman #10 for cover. Win some, lose some. ?

  12. Nice old books Anthony, I like!
    I picked up some low grades myself this week!
    All New Wolverine #2
    ASM #30
    Dark Days:The Casting #1 (foil)
    Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme #10
    Edge of Venomverse #2 (Mattina)
    Seven To Eternity #7
    Spiderman ll #1 (painted cover)
    X-Men Blue #7 (Jim Lee)
    Marvel Superheroes #21 (Kirby reprints)
    Marvel Superheroes #24 ”
    Marvel Tales #8 (Mysterio)
    Marvel Tales #27 (Kraven)
    MT #162
    MT #78
    MT #111
    MT #113
    ASM #206
    Siege Spiderman #1
    Daredevil Visionaries – Frank Miller volume #3

  13. LCS
    After Eden 1
    Diablo House 1 reg
    Howling 1 cvr B?
    All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #3 Cover B Variant Kris Anka Mary Jane Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #28
    Avengers Vol 6 #8 Cover B Variant Michael Allred Mary Jane Cover
    Bullseye #5
    Cannibal #6
    Comic Shop News #1570
    Daredevil Vol 5 #21 Cover B Variant Humberto Ramos Mary Jane Cover
    Dark Knight III The Master Race #9
    Darth Vader Vol 2 #1 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover
    Divided States Of Hysteria #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Howard Chaykin Cover
    Eternal Empire #2
    Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #10
    Generations Previews Spotlight
    Giant Days #27
    Harvey Hits Vol 2 #1
    Hawkeye Vol 5 #7
    Iceman Vol 3 #1 Cover B Variant Skan Marvel Hip-Hop Cover
    Jessica Jones #9 Cover B Variant Tony Fleecs Cover
    Lord Of Gore #3 Cover B Variant Matthew Southworth Cover
    Night Owl Society #3 Cover B Variant Hugo Petrus Subscription Cover
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #28
    Paper Girls #15
    Predator Hunters #2 Cover B Variant Francisco Ruiz Velasco Cover
    Reborn #6 Cover B Variant Greg Capullo Cover
    Riverdale #3 Cover B Variant Marguerite Sauvage Cover
    Rock Candy Mountain #3
    Sacred Creatures #1 Cover D Regular Pablo Raimondi Cover Signed By Klaus Janson & Pablo Raimondi (Limit 1 Per Customer) @ Midtown!
    Savage Things #4
    Sisters Of Sorrow #1 Cover C Variant Valentine De Landro Cover NEXT WEEK
    Spider-Man Deadpool #18
    Spider-Man Vol 2 #17
    Spirit Hunters #8 Cover B Harvey Tolibao
    Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses #24
    Superman Vol 5 #24 Cover A Regular Ryan Sook Cover
    X-Men Gold #5 Cover B Variant Anthony Piper Mary Jane Cover

  14. Small week for me pickups included…….
    Action a and b covers
    Dark Days The Casting
    I have got a bunch of pre-orders and hopefully everything gets put in my pullbox like I ordered. I decided that for the month of July besides my pre-orders I’m am not going to order anymore comics on the side, so far so good.

      1. I switched my Midtown account to bi-weekly shipping 6 months ago because my monthly orders were getting to big. Thought I could soften the blow. Now my bi-weekly orders have surpassed my monthly orders from six months ago. This plan has totally backfired. Also, I must go buy longboxes again tomorrow.

        1. Lol. I use short boxes. Just easier to manage. But I was looking at my recent purchases and I have filled up 30 short boxes in the past couple of years. That does not include everything else I have purchased in my life.

  15. Just got my edge of Venomverse comic market street signed variants. OMG pictures don’t explain how beautiful this is when in hand! Whoever wins the giveaway what a prize.

  16. My pickups for the week…
    Dark Days The Casting (metallic cover)
    Detective B
    Flash B
    Suicide Squad B
    Woman Woman B
    Darth Vader (reg. and 1:25 variant)
    Deadpool (Jim Lee trading card cover)
    Edge of Venomverse (both covers)
    Jean Grey (Brigman variant)
    Old Man Logan
    Spiderman II B
    Defenders 1:25 variant
    Weapon X
    X-Men Blue 1:25 variant
    Animosity The Rise
    Black Eyed Kids
    Train 8 Zombie Express
    Unfortunately, I could not find the Howling (Sienkiewicz variant) at my reg. LCS or my alternate shop.

  17. Picked up last week’s pulls, plus a couple books from this week:
    UNSOUND #2
    BANE CONQUEST #3 (OF 12)
    INJUSTICE 2 #5
    SAVAGE THINGS #5 (OF 8) (MR)
    Rock Candy Mountain #3
    IRON FIST #5
    STAR WARS #33
    No World #3
    Diablo House #1
    And now for the rant – the LCS that I buy from has been receiving a decent number of damaged books from Diamond of late. A few that I missed in last week’s pull had dings, and in looking at this week’s books on the new release table, it looks like a good number of those have issues, as well. I don’t blame the shop, although they should probably be sending these back, but bad customer service by Diamond. At $2.25 to $3 or more a pop (the LCS has a new release discount), I expect these books to be in better shape than this.
    Rant over.

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