Attack of the Killer B's Harley Quinn #24 and #25

Here is a cray good two part connecting cover for Harley Quinn #24B and Harley Quinn #25B by cover artist legend Frank Cho. These two covers fit together to make a bigger image, and really are amazing. Check them out below.

The work in progress…

And the the finished covers together:

Frank Cho is selling the original cover art at SDCC this year.
Harley Quinn #24B is out July 19th.
Harley Quinn #25B is out August 2nd.

7 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B's Harley Quinn #24 and #25”

  1. This is a must have. There is a lot of detail and patterns going on just like you see in a classic playing card.

  2. I really wish Marvel went this route with their variants. I find myself buying a whole lot of DC comics I don’t even read for the artwork alone. Wonder Woman/Harley Quinn/Blue Beetle and well that Supergirl Artgerm coming out as well. There’s some news going around that Artgerm is working on a few other supergirl covers so I’ll be picking them up too.

    1. Marvel will never go this route. Why would you want stores to order as man of a desirable cover when you can force them to order 1000 copies of a book they will never move in order to get one copy?
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  3. Everyone of his H.Q. cover’s is good. I like them all, but it seems like every 3 or 4 months he does one that is must have.

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