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Until the last several years, Carol Danvers for a long time has been somewhat of a background individual as far as the main players in the Marvel Universe. In the 70s, she had a solo title as the super hero Ms. Marvel, who was also pushed in and out of the Avengers often. Now she has become one of the centers characters in The Marvel Universe. 20 months from now, (March 2019) Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) will be debuting on movie theater screens all around the world as part of Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am going to give CHU readers a quick run-down of Carol Danvers books of key books, some which you should start seeking out NOW before they are out of reach. As many can tell, I left many issues from the 1990s  and Civil War II from this list.
Marvel Superheroes #13 (1967)  – This is clearly Carol Danvers 1st appearance, and it is Captain Mar-Vell’s 2nd appearance. Go after this book.. NOW!
Captain Marvel #18 – This issue shows clearly how Carol Danvers got her super powers.
Ms. Marvel #1 (Vol.1) – This is a classic John Romita Sr. cover that has been used as a homage many times for different Captain Marvel variants. This is Carol Danvers’ 1st appearance as Ms. Marvel.
Ms Marvel #20 (vol. 1) – Danvers gets a new costume.
Avengers #183 – Ms. Marvel joins The Avengers, and stays with them until issue #188. Very affordable.
Avengers #200 – This is a very controversial issue, which is known as “the rape/unwanted pregnancy issue”.  Just Google “The Rape of Ms. Marvel”
Avengers Annual #10 – If you are a Marvel fan and don’t have this issue, it’s time to buy. Rogue 1st appearance is in this book. The real focus though is not really much on Rogue though, but on how Chris Claremont had to clean up the inappropriateness of the storytelling of Avengers #200. Just a reminder for all you X-Men fans, Without Ms. Marvel, Rogue’s flying powers would not exist.
The Uncanny X-Men #153 – While Uncanny X-Men #150 serves the 1st appearance of Carol Danvers in an X-Men comic, in this issue, there is a beautiful Easter Egg. There is a panel in which Carol walks in to the room were the X-men are, and she is wearing a DC Captain Marvel t-shirt. Who would have known?

The Uncanny X-Men #164 – Carol Danvers becomes BINARY. This story is told entirely from Wolverine’s POV and it was Dave Cockrum’s final issue of Uncanny X-Men.
Avengers #4 (Vol. 3) – Carol Danvers becomes Warbird.
Ms. Marvel #1 (Vol. 2 – 2006) – 3 covers for this one. You have the two variants covers drawn by The late Great Michael Turner. One is sketch version, which of course, is more unique then the color version.

Secret Avengers #28 – Ms. Marvel loses her friend Mar-vell, again. She reflects on the loss and says, ” “Captain Marvel, The name will always define the best of us. Perhaps it should live on. ” A Pre-cursor thought of her taking on the name? You decide.
Avenging Spider-Man #9  – If reading in sequential order, this story comes after Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 7) but it was released a week earlier before it. Kelly Sue DeConnick, Terry and Rachel Dodson,  all having confirmed that this was the 1st time she wore this costume and assumed the role of Captain Marvel.  While this is a SOLID HOLD, the patience of the “hold market” has withered, and you can buy a NM Raw copy from about $35-60. This book will be sought out heavily as movie time gets closer.
Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 7) – This issue has 3 different covers, and a 2nd printing. The regular Ed McGuinness Cover, an Adi Granov 1:100 variant issue and a 50 years of Spiderman 50th Anniversary cover.  NM copies of the regular, or the Spiderman Anniversary should fetch anywhere from $15 to $45, while the Granov goes slightly higher at around $85-$120. Get the Granov issue, if you can find and afford it. It’s been starting to heat up slowly.

Captain Marvel #13 – Amanda Connor drew the 1:30 ratio variant issue. Only 6 graded CGC copies exist, one which sold for $200 on eBay on July 6 (I know the guy who bought it on an impulse)  If you can find  one at an economical price,  grab it. Currently as of July 10th, there are no copies on eBay.
Captain Marvel #14 – Amanda Connor did the 1:30 variant on this issue as well.  If you can find them at an economical price, GRAB IT. Personally I bid up to $700 in an auction for the #14 issue and still could not get my hands on it. It sold for $960. Even the Euro variants (It looks similar to the US variant cover, except it is a virgin cover) of this issue are starting to push $150, while some listings on eBay start as low as $35. This issue is also significant because it is Kamala Khan’s 1st cameo appearance.

Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 8) – There are several variants for this one. The two you should seek are The Yu 1:25 variant, and the Cassaday 1:50 Variant, whose prices are all over the board currently. I’ve bought these as cheap as $20 and have seen them up to $120 or more.

Captain Marvel #1 (Vol. 9) Out of all the variants made for this issue,  the variant issue that should be sought out is the Adam Hughes variant.
The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 – Several covers again, but if there is any you should try to get, it would be The Alex Ross Color Variant, (only 1 book per comic store)
Other Carol Danvers key issues you may be interested in.
Carol Danvers appears in Captain Marvel #1-18 (vol 1), Avengers #90, #92#93, Captain Marvel 3435, and Captain Marvel #40 (all volume 1)
Ms. Marvel #9 – Deathbird’s 1st appearance.
Ms. Marvel #11 – Hecate’s 1st appearance
Ms. Marvel #13 – Carol Danver’s Family appears for 1st time. Sapper (V) & Golden Blade (v) 1st appearances as well.
Defenders #57  – Ms. Marvel shows up for the 1st time with Defenders as she seeks their help.
Ms. Marvel #16 – Ms Marvel visits The Avengers Mansion. Beast and Scarlet Witch make an Appearance. 1st appearance of Mystique (Cameo)
Ms. Marvel #18 – 1st full appearance of Mystique.  Happens before Avengers #172
Avengers #171 – 1st time on an Avengers cover.
Defenders 6263 – Ms. Marvel Joins the Defenders (For a day) in #62
Marvel Team-Up #76 (Dec.  1978) – 1st appearance in a MTU issue.
Marvel Team-Up #77 – (Jan. 1979) – CO STARS with Spiderman in MTU issue.
Ms Marvel #23 – (April 1979) – Last issue of Volume 1.
Marvel Two-In-One #51 (May 1979) – Danvers make an appearance here.
Iron Man #125 (Aug. 1979)  – Carol Danvers 1st appearance in an Iron Man comic.
Captain America #237 – 1st time Danvers appears in a Captain America issue. Ms. Marvel is an Avenger at the time.
Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel also appears in Avengers #190 (December 1979) through Avengers #197 (July 1980) when she leaves the Avengers, but appears in #198, and pregnant in the Avengers Mansion in #199.  Other issues that may interest you regarding the story of Carol Danvers are Uncanny X-Men #161-164, #166-167; #171, 174, #182,  #200-201, #203, #235-239, #246-247. She also appears in New Mutants #19, #50-51; Excalibur #17;  Marvel Fanfare #24; Marvel Super Heroes #10-#11 (July-Fall of 1992, Should have been Ms. Marvel #24-25 Volume 1)
About the author: Gabriel Cruz (aka Cruzzer) occasionally writes for CHU. His favorite super hero is Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and he had a lot of fun to be able to share his passion for this character by putting this list together for others to use as well. He currently is writing a letter a week to the directors of Captain Marvel to get a part in the movie as an extra, so If you got any direct connections, get a hold of him via Facebook.


Everyone calls him Cruzzer. From the Six Two Three, A to the Z, and Everything in between. Interests include Hiking, Street Fighter, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), AND NERD STUFF. You can follow him on Instagram - or his youtube at

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  1. Wow—very thorough…..just, wow! What are your thoughts on the Captain Marvel /Secret Invasion connecting covers?

    1. I am not much of a Greg Horn fan as I am of the Sana Takada art she did for #39-49 covers (expect #41) Takada’s best work is the interiors. Takada is the one who did the Monstress covers.

    1. Fantastic article! I have a high grade Ms Marvel 1 and it seems to be a little insane at the prices people are paying for a 9.8.

  2. Reblogged this on The Blank Page and commented:
    I had a paradoxical emotions going through me as I was putting this together, because I had so much passion and fun writing it, yet I knew I could not make any mistakes on it, because so many people ask me questions about the character. I knew I had to raise the bar not just for myself, but others as well to gain some credibility among those who come to me asking about Captain Marvel and really give me some legitimacy on how much I love this super hero. I am glad that so many people love how good the article/list is. There were several times I forgot to hit “Save” while typing it out. Finally I got it right, somewhat

    1. Your article clearly demonstrates your depth of knowledge and it reads very well for those who aren’t that familiar with the character. Incredible job—thank you for all of this detailed work!

    1. I talked about it on Captain Marvel #13. This list was more of Carol Danvers “key” list as opposed to a Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel Keys List. If that was the case, would have talked about Captain Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau as well.

  3. I got lucky on the Ms. Marvel#1 Michael Turner variants. I was/am a huge fan of Michael Turner, and could never afford those books, even before the movie was announced. But a seller on eBay had them splashed in with a random Marvel lot and I happened to glance it, and won those plus a pile of other books for 99 cents. There is so much on eBay that goes unseen when a seller doesn’t use the right key words…
    I am also a huge fan of Carol Danvers and own most of the books on this list (it’s the variants I don’t own) in my personal collection, but have only snagged a few extras for spec purposes. Can’t wait for her MCU debut!!

  4. #awesomesauce list I think I am going to put together a run of avengers from #150-400 just for the fun of it and pretend I am 16 again. blind adam out

  5. Great work Cruzzer. Great list and well written. Don’t have much of these books but I still appreciate the work.

  6. Great job. Lots of great specs there.
    Are you sure the Yu variant is a 1:20. I believe I read it had some odd sales requirements but I’ll have it dig up that article.

  7. So happy you included Secret Avengers 28. Since it came out I’ve always seen this book as a key Carol book. To me it was the moment she decided to be Captain Marvel. A really great story! (Also a huge fan/follower/collector of Carol Danvers)
    Have to say as of late I’ve been very nostalgic to see her in her Ms Marvel outfit. Pretty sure I’ll just have to read her older series to get my fix. I do like all of series but her Ms Marvel 2006 series is my fave.

    1. I must have read Secret Avengers #28 eight or nine times last month. Those last panels really hit for me, and I agree, yeah, she wanted the name to live on. Honestly it was one of the few books that got me sentimental as much as Savage Wolverine #12-13 did.

  8. Excellent Carol Danvers research!
    The major keys were not found at my lcs.
    Did manage to grab:
    Defenders #57, 62
    Avengers #190, 191
    Ms. Marvel #11, 13
    Also; Ms. Marvel One-Shot.
    Annual Ms. Marvel with Spiderman.
    Thanks for the insight Cruzzer!

    1. I bet your LCS comic book owner was pretty curious to why you grabbed those books. Just a quick heads up, I don’t consider them all major “key books,” but if you are a Carol Danvers collector, such as myself, those who would be “Carol Danvers key stories/books” ! While some collect as an investment, there are some fans who collect as fans and for the story of those characters themselves. 😀 Have fun!

  9. Great work. What do think about adding these: Foom 15, Captain Marvel 0 ( briefly adjusts origin and could be used as source material for film ) and the Spidey Summer Sampler which I know is an advert for Avenging Spidey 9 but is still the first cover of Danvers as Captain Marvel.
    Also I know you mentioned these but it is important to note: Marvel Super Heroes 10 is the chronological 2nd Sabertooth and Marvel Superheroes 11 is the first chronological appearance of Rogue.

    1. Friends and always talk about the Spidey Summer Sampler being the 1st advertisement for Carol being Captain, of coarse it was a “Free promotional” flip-book one-shot. Those who got this, it was a great grab! Yes. Foom #15… that page 17 you got her CAMEO.. four months PRIOR to MS. Marvel being released. That Magazine is a nice grab. Now that I think about it, also, Quasar #34, X-Men #158. Marvel Fanfare #24, and X-Men Spotlight on the Starjammers #1-2. Those are several I’d add to the list of key stories.

  10. Great list. I would add Spidey Super Stories #22: Spidey teams up with Ms. Marvel to fight The Beetle in this all-ages story!

  11. Thanks. I uploaded the first copy of this draft up, along with several links (like the Turner Variants) and I went in and edited. It seemed only the first draft appeared the the 2nd didn’t save. Thanks for notifying the readers. Honestly, this was one of those drafts were I really learned to hit the save often, after losing it several times while typing on my computer. 🙂

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