Image Comics 25th Anniversary Box Breakdown

Ryan H. sent over an awesome breakdown of all the variants from the Image 25th Anniversary boxes put out this Wednesday.

Here’s the closest breakdown I could come up with using their odds (and some rounding):


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20 Responses to Image Comics 25th Anniversary Box Breakdown

  1. LoganF says:

    Awesome, been waiting for a good breakdown chart. However ads are cutting off the last 2 columns completely 😦

  2. Jeff says:

    I got 3 virgin sketch covers out of one box. (walking dead, Redneck and Old Guard) Must be the best box ever.

  3. Brian Springman says:

    blanks are so insanely rare. I’m surprised to see a single one sell for less than $200

  4. Delboy says:

    Am I the only person that thinks there isn’t one single desirable cover in this box? I did order one but my store couldn’t fulfill – so pleased now after seeing the covers. The rare sketch variants are the only saving grace. Hope most of you got lucky 😉.

  5. F Stop says:

    Hey y’all. I read this site daily but have never posted a comment before. Anyways, my buddy and I got 3 Image boxes between us (we just pooled our money). Only one of them has arrived so far and we just opened it.

    Out of the 25 books we got *15* blanks, lol. No Negan, and no black and whites (and no doubles).

    Blanks were Redneck, God Country, Regression, Plastic, Rose, Sun Bakery, Paklis, Divided States of Hysteria, Royal City, the Girl Scouts one whatever that’s called, Eternal Empire, Rock Candy Mountain, The Few, Youngblood, and Curse Words.

    Colors were Extremity, Regression, Old Guard, Sun Bakery, Paklis, Hysteria, Royal City, Rock Candy, Girl Scouts with magic socks or whatever, and Youngblood.

    Overall I wear into this with what I think were pretty realistic expectations…which were simply to get 25 of something…

    But ya…15 blanks in one box.

    We still have 2 more boxes to open whenever they do arrive.

    • Anthony says:

      First of all, thanks for posting that being said I bought a box tonight for $175 I will post the results when I get home

  6. Angelo C. says:

    I got 10 blanks out of my box.

  7. Tracy Blevins says:

    The blanks, virgins, sketches, originals and Negans totaled almost 17,000. There were 1992 boxes to spread the 17,000. I did not get a single one in my box.

    • Tracy Blevins says:

      Even sadder is the fact that I bought the box from ComicXposure in February for $125. I get an emial the day before it comes out saying that if I still want it they want another $143. I paid the money thinking I would get a least one of the items, since they had enough to put 8 in each box. Nope…26 color covers…FOUR of them Sun Bakery. Very depressed. Not sure if I will do a youtube video burning the box or mail it back to Diamond with a not so polite suggestion of what they can do with it.

    • Tracy Blevins says:

      Also…despite only getting color covers with no exclusives and lots of duplicates….got 4 of Sun Bakery and none of Curse Words at all. Wow…just wow.

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