First Corvus Glaive, Infinity #0 FCBD, Cheap

Copies of Infinty #0 FCBD comic have started to really heat up since the announcement came out Corvus Glaive and the Black Order would be in Avengers Infinity War. We have been shouting it out for a while now to grab cheap copies of his first appearance, the Infinty #0 FCBD. Price have started to take a nice turn higher. Here is your chance to grab copies cheap if you are interested.
eBay prices have gone as high as $39.99 for the book. But here is a much cheaper source.
You can grab copies of it Amazon starting at $2.25. Not a bad price. It is a risk because Amazon shippers can suck but the more than liberal Amazon return policy covers it. They other down side is the shipping costs cannot be combined but with shipping you are still walking away for around $5

15 thoughts on “First Corvus Glaive, Infinity #0 FCBD, Cheap”

  1. Hi Anthony – really appreciate all the tips you are providing. Agree that amazon does not allow combined shipping but if you send an email to the seller after making the order – most selleri will do a partial refund.

  2. Yeah, any cheap copies are long gone…didn’t even realize there were still some around…would have gotten some more…Oh well. I’m seeing a midtown “variant” floating around as well..Was Midtown the only store to have one?

      1. Yeah, you don’t want to be known as the guy who drove off a cliff looking for FCBD variants…. That title will be MINE!

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