Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 57

Blind Adam is a blind comic book dealer in the New Jersey/New York area. Yes he is blind (90%).
Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, support, and love. I love you guys and you are the greatest blessing in my life. I start my eight week training school for the blind on August 14th. Hopefully transportion will not let me down for Baltimore Comic Con, as I can only go for the Saturday, and I can meet everyone from Comics Heating Up
Wish I could make the Linda Carter concert, but I know I will miss that as I don’t get
out of the training on Friday until 2:00 in the afternoon.  I will ask and try this one last time, if anyone here is going to San Diego Comic-con and can help me get a few autographs that would be #awesomesauce. I am looking for the set of the TV Guides and I need the Riverdale & Flash covers autographed by the cast. I also need the KFC comics #3 as well as the Wonder Woman #26 & Batman #24 foils. I also need the Batman/Harley Quinn poster autographed by the cast, a Big Bang theory poster autographed by the cast,  as well as a Justice League movie poster autographed by the cast, not too much to ask, right?  Next year I am going to SDCC as it will be much easier to obtain mad autographs and podcast interviews .
Amazing Spiderman #29 was the best Secret Empire tie in yet, however issue #30 sucked . Now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that. If you can help me with any of the SDCC stuff the email is
1. Flash #119 (Silver Age) – the Elongated Man is coming to the Flash CW show. He was mentioned by Doctor Wells in season one and now he will be in the Flash. (Dear CW make a promotional soda for this season.) However, this is the issue where Ralph meet his wife Sue and they fall in love, yes, #112 is his first appearance and is tough in any grade so this might be a nice choice to hunt down in any grade $30 and up
2. Flash #115 (Silver Age) – second Ralph Dibny the elongated man. CW. Second appearance, just snag the grade you can afford as any Flash between #105-150 are on the rise and have been for the last three years now. Can’t wait to see how they do the streaching on the show and really every part of his body can streach now that is #awesomesauce $30 and up
3. 52 Week #42 – death of Ralph Dibny. Poor Ralph and Sue. DC was not kind to them in the early 00’s death and Black Lanterns, plus Resurrection. Wow dollar box find, same with #52 where the Dibnys becomes ghost detectives
4. Justice League of America #105 – Ralph Dibny joins the JLA $10 and up
5. Brave and the Bold #28 Silver Age Classics Reprint – I think the panel and trailer that will lite hall h on fire this year is Justice League and with the original b&b #28 going for starting prices of $1,000 this reprint is worth the $5-10 the Millennium reprint is also nice but any reprint of b&b #28 should go up before November
6. Justice League of America #39 (Silver Age) –  reprints Brave and the Bold #28, see above, movie hype starts this weekend $10 and above
7. Tales of the New Teen Titans #4 – the New Teen Titans is cast. We will get a live action Starfire and it will be #awesomesauce. This is the origin of Starfire and is cheap $5-10
8.  Justice League International #24 – Ralph Dibny joins the international branch of the JLA. The supper buddies era of the JLA is beloved and leads into many future evetnts with the DCU,  dollar box stuff
9. New Teen Titans #124 – Starfire goes to Tamaran and gets married for a peace treaty. This is a key moment in Cory’s history. Shame the planet got blown up, but all Starfire keys should be snagged up soon $5
10. Batman Superman Adventures Worlds Finest #1 – this episode was the best. Just rewatched it last night. Love the Batman Superman interaction. This comic is also an early Harley Quinn appearance as well as a great fight between Mercy and Harley. Why didn’t Mercy take off the way Harley did? $20 and up
11. Gen 13 1/2 – I miss Wizard Magazine. Does anyone think in today’s world that a Wizard type magazine would do well in the market? This featured a great, fun, original Gen 13 story and is tough to find in the wild. A must for Gen 13 fans. Fairchild, Rainmaker, and the Gen 13 kids need much cosplay love $10 and up
12. Wizard Magazine #62 – nothing all that special if your speculating, however if you a fan of J Scott Campbell, Spiderman, and Spawn then you need this as this features a J Scott Campbell cover with Spiderman and Spawn $5 and up
13. Savage Dragon #31 – with Savage Dragon #225 and #226 getting media due to Trump and sex, well not trump having sex, but Savage Dragon. So you never know, but, back in issue #31 had f&&k god and it was censored $10 and up
14 GI Joe #25 (Marvel) 1st Zartan. If you can go to youtube and search for Cobra Commander’s turkey dinner, it is funny, awesomesauce, and is the classic cartoon on DVD? I would love to retire my bootleg but Zartan is happy hunting $5 and up
15. GI Joe a Real American Hero #49 – this is the first Leatherneck and the first comic book appearance of the best GI Joe villain ever made Serpentor $10-20
16. San Diego Comics #1 – yes #2 gets a l the love, but this giveaway comic from a time when SDCC was more boring and less attended. I love the way SDCC is now and I never want it to change. SDCC is still about comic books and if you can’t find comic books at the current SDCC then your not trying. San Diego Comic Con is a wonderful kind of magic and this comic features a Milk and Cheese appearance , I love Milk and Cheese $10
17. Uncanny X-Force #35 – X-23, Deadpool, final issue. Wolverine kills Deacon. What is not to love and it is still cheap $5
18. Batman #401, .402, 403 2nd prints – Wow I didn’t realize how many Batman issues in the 400’s had offbeat second and third prints. Books like #397, 398, and 399. These issues and even the #423 the McFarlane cover. All had mutlipack sold in three pack variants. I saw a sealed three pack of #401-403 on eBay for $100 so happy hunting
19. Daredevil #142 – lets hope Bullseye is in season 3 of the Netflix show. Outside of the Kingpin, Bullseye is Matt’s greatest foe. Bullseye has two kills on Matt’s loves and we have them both in the show. This is just his third appearance, I believe, and features Mr. Hyde as well $10 and up
20. Batman #50 Paul Pope Wondercon Variant – this one is for all the Paul Pope fans on this site. I was looking for the Wondercon movie variants for Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman #50. I am trying to work on a secret project for November. I didn’t find the movie photo covers but I did find this sweet Paul Pope variant from last years Wondercon and it is so cheap with all the Paul Pope fans why? only $10 on this
well that’s it for this week. as always thank you so much for reading
and listening to em. I love you guys and heating up and doing this is
one of the greatest blessings in my life
blind dam outamazin

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  1. Nothing wrong with some silver Flash!!! Gotta disagree with old timey SDCC! Loved it when it was at the old convention center! Was just about comic books and comic book related stuff! For me, the new convention is 10% comic books and the rest entertainment, cos play, video games and toys and some other stuff thrown around. Which would be great if it wasn’t for the insane crowds nowadays! I remember when you could walk up on Saturday and still get in… and didn’t have to wait six hours in line to see a panel you were looking forward to! Those days are loooong gone! Oh well.

  2. been telling my comic collecting buddy’s for over a year to start picking up Gen13 keys issues…only a matter of time now

  3. thank you guys so much for reading . love you guys. gen 13 is due for a major comeback. if dc can do a gen 13 rebirth and give us old school gen 13 it wouldexpold plus gen 13 would make a great show on the c.w. teen drama cast a unknow as Fairchild #testify blind adam out

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