Skybound Store has SDCC Exclusives available

Not able to make it to San Diego for the big comic con and want to grab some of the exclusives? Well, we have you covered. You can grab some of the hottest exclusives from Skybound online.

The first day of SDCC these were wiped out, however, you can grab the exclusives from Skybound at their web store.

This includes the awesome Redneck #4 SDCC Variant

as well as the Kill the Minotaur #2 SDCC Variant

Oh yeah, the GI Joe themed Walking Dead toy set is there as well. (check bak tomorrow on this one.)

and the Lying Cat and The Will two pack


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8 Responses to Skybound Store has SDCC Exclusives available

  1. BED says:

    Thanks Anthony. Had to pick up a Redneck. They do limit to one copy per order, so I couldn’t have a bunch to flip. Probably just got the PC unless it blows up. Thanks, as always, for the heads up!!!

    • agentpoyo says:

      I stopped spec’ing on SDCC books…. Seems you can always find them weeks, months or years later at cover for most books. I only buy if I’m making a collection or for the cover art.

  2. Brian Springman says:

    do they have any of the lucille with blood bats? I hear they limited those more this year than any other year. would love to get my hands on some

  3. William Zwissler says:

    Almost ordered, so I would have a raw, but $12.87 for shipping is nuts, so I didn’t do it.

  4. William Zwissler says:

    Going through the Skybound checkout.

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