John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant for Mace Windu #1 Announced 

John Tyler Christopher’s action figure variants for Star Wars have been extremely popular. The variant coalition made up of Frankie’s Comics, The Comic Mint, Sad Lemon Comics, 7ate9 Comics, Amorphous Ink, and Golden Apple Comics have the exclusive Action Figure Variant for Mace Windu #1

The book is limited to 3,000 copies and goes on sale Sunday for $20. It is only available at the following sites:


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8 Responses to John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant for Mace Windu #1 Announced 

  1. CRUZZER says:

    I need to get me one because I got them all except the BW Luke Sketch Action Figure Variant. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up..have not ordered from any of those sites before..any sites people recommend out of them?

    • Joshua Cozine says:

      They’re all good, but I’m partial to Amorphous cuz I own it 😉

    • Anthony says:

      I order from the comic mint and Frankie’s Comics all the time. 7ate9 and Sad Lemon are both in the U.K. But charge reasonable rates. I don’t know Golden Apple. Amorphous is new but I know the owner Joshua and he is a good guy.

      • CRUZZER says:

        I’m in Glendale Arizona and one day I went for a long drive and ended up in Los Angeles. I decided to visit the LCS and I pop in and lo and behold they have a huge LOVE IS LOVE GN signing event, eh.. The shop is cool from what I briefly saw, it was crowded so I didn’t stay long. I bought me some Captain Marvels stuff, but I have not actually ever ordered from them. The paper bags they got are pretty cool though, reminds me of Midtown Comics paper bags.

  3. CRUZZER says:

    ^^ GOLDEN APPLE that is..

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