Drunk Wooky's Star Wars Report: Mace Windu Covers and 40th Anniversary Error

Diamond released more Mace Windu covers on their system today. It is more Samuel L. Jackson than you can shake a snake at. Plus, images of the 40th Anniversary error covers.

First Up, here are the Mace Windu covers that hit Diamond today:

Movie Variant

1:25 Animation Variant

Razzah Variant

Homage Variant

40th Anniversary Variant
And here is the error covers Jayclu has been talking about. Seems like it is a simple misnumbering on the comic themselves.

Doctor Aphra #10 40th Anniversary Variant is marked on bottom right corner of cover as 26/48. Doctor Aphra #9 is are also marked as 26/48.
Dr Aphra #9 was out 7/12/17. and should have had a lower number. Perhaps #22. Darth Maul #5 was out 7/19/17 and was marked as #23. Since Dr. Aphra was out the week before, it stands to reason that it would be the previous one numerically as it was the one 40th Anniversary Variant out that week.

5 thoughts on “Drunk Wooky's Star Wars Report: Mace Windu Covers and 40th Anniversary Error”

  1. I am interested to see how they correct the numbering issue. I can picture some frustrated completionist, in 20 years time, pulling his hair out because he can’t find the elusive 25/48, in order to complete his set.

    1. I know. This reminds me of when I was first reading Spawn, in back-issue form, and realizing the issues in the late teens/early twenties were initially released Out Of Order. They had an ad joking “Todd Can’t Count…” and gave the reading order of that span of issues. Since they had skipped 2 numbers as they were going along, they released issues with those numbers afterwards just so it wouldn’t look like they’d skipped them after-the-fact, but the stories took place after the issue numbers that followed them.

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