New Comic Spec Review Video for 8/2/17

Anthony from flying solo as Terry Hoknes is off this week, discussing the news of the week and the hot new comics out this Wednesday. 


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13 Responses to New Comic Spec Review Video for 8/2/17

  1. Thanks fellas..just put in my pre-orders since I mainly buy online..Seems a few you mentioned already sold out – the Dead of Winter A cover at Midtown and also a B cover on Lark’s Killer. One that hadn’t been mentioned also sold out is Image’s Ghost Station Zero..both covers gone.

  2. Dan Piercy says:

    Anthony, you letting your beard grow out?

    Nice video, as always. Thanks.

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah started in June and. It cutting until the end of August. 90 growth challenge. Lol. Picked the three hottest months of the year to do it.

  3. Dewayne Scott says:

    Thanks guys.

  4. Karl says:

    Thanks for this!

    I’ve pre ordered 10 copies of Dead of Winter. It’s on forbidden planets best seller list so is obviously popular in the UK.

    I’m getting a few of the spiritus signed editions.

    Totally awesome hulk #22 as well, I bought a few #21’s and they seem to have already shot up in price.

    I also managed to get a couple of UK based alien bounty hunter Mike rooth variant covers for under $20. I already have one of each of the exceed covers (as well as a bunch of standard covers) and hoping that this in time will be a worthwhile investment.

    Following on from a couple of weeks ago I have acquired many replica #1’s (now over 15 NM copies including two of the variant covers). If / when news of this hits, any UK based followers will no doubt see them on eBay UK…..

  5. Andy spain says:

    Everyone likes golden retrievers so dead of winter is sure to be a big hit with dog people, winter people, zombie people, gun people, mystery, horror, and adventure people, dogs wearing capes people, I didn’t know it was a board game

    • Anthony says:

      I am in the dog wearing cape crowd, we put a cape on my dog all the time. This is the single most talked about comic in my dog wearing cape forum on Facebook (mostly me posting about it, also me being the only member of the dog wearing cape Facebook fan page)

    • 2ndfullcameoappearance says:

      I can’t believe you left out so many people.

    • Richard Sean Guevara says:

      The dead of winter board game is really good. But if you play be prepared to play for a good few hours per game….especially if you play on hard mode. Also be prepared to lose like 90 percent of the time lol

  6. F Stop says:

    Great video as always, guys. Good picks as well.

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