Ryan Reynolds Shares First Look at Domino in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to share the first look at Domino in Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 features Cable, whose first appearance in New Mutants #87 has taken off, but also features Domino in the film as well. Domino’s first appearance, X-Force #11, hasn’t blown up as much. (Remember, the Domino who was in New Mutants #98, and X-Force 1 up until 11, was Copy Cat.
Here is the Tweet below:

I wonder if we will get a Cable (Josh Browlin) laying on a Deadpool skin rug.

14 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds Shares First Look at Domino in Deadpool 2”

  1. Man the twitter feed on this is pretty heated up. Knew there was going to be some push back on the casting choice. Regardless, hopefully she will play the part well.

    1. Unless casting choices are precisely the height, weight, gender, race, political orientation, sexual orientation, and dietary choice of the particular commentor, there is always somebody bitching about something. Yawn. Go do something more important, sissies! Haha.

      1. … and I cringe at the bandwagons everybody jumps on, whether they really felt that strongly or not. And the “buzzwords” that nobody was using, and suddenly everybody is using as if it was always part of their lingo, as if they didn’t swipe it from 10,000 other comments online and use it in place of so many other synonyms they could have chosen. “Snowflakes” is the one that is all over the place now, and a year ago nobody was using that term in random comment threads. Whenever I see it, it just reeks of word appropriation and a lack of original opinions.

      2. Agreed. When CHU first posted the casting choice a few months ago I was at first a little thrown back because I knew Domino wasn’t going to be comic book accurate, but still felt like the actress could pull it off. After all how many movies/shows are comic book accurate, not many. Though I do wish they would have kept the same black facial mark, and hopefully the Fro is for the picture posted rather than the big screen (just so I can take it more seriously and doesn’t distract from the facial mark which is the #1 physical identifier of Domino) I think it will still be a good movie. My only concern with any changes made in movies is if it bleeds over into future appearances in comics.

      3. So if an afro is really that distracting because its not “serious”, all I gotta say is Deadpool, himself is not all that serious. I mean the dude has a following because he breaks the fourth wall, not because hes serious. With that said I’m looking forward to the movie and the casting.

    2. Actually I like the choice. She looks the part it’s kind of hilarious and sexy at the same time. With that patch. A good caricature of her 90s look. She does look like Barf from Spaceballs as mentioned above. But in a good way.
      Man, what am I saying? Do I want to nail Barf from
      Spaceballs? What’s wrong with me?

  2. hmmmm….why choose a character and then make the film adaptation look very little to nothing like her? Freaking Hollywood! Oh well.

  3. Seems like they still could’ve used a black circle around her eye. I love her in Atlanta. Still gonna see deadpool2 when it comes out. She does resemble barf from spaceballs tho. Who’s bright idea was that?

    1. Oh, I’m sure she will play the part just fine…just wish they made her look more like the character she is playing.

      1. Good thing about the first Deadpool movie is it didn’t take itself too seriously and I’m sure the second one will be the same, so I will just sit back and enjoy the violent silliness.

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