Darth Vader #4 Spoilers: Well That Didn’t Take Long

Darth Vader #4 is out tomorrow. It features a battle between Kirak Infil’a, who we met in issue 3.

The spoiler images are covered. click on them for the images. The text is not spoil protected.

When we last left Vader, he wasn’t doing so well against Kirak Infil’a

But the Dark Lord of the Sith isn’t down for the count yet.

Vader has to pull himself back together

Vader comes to Kirak Infil’a’s house

The fight begins

Vader starts causing collateral damage, guards try to stop him

Kirak is going to stop him

Vader gets the upper hand on Kirak

And just like that, it is all over.


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13 Responses to Darth Vader #4 Spoilers: Well That Didn’t Take Long

  1. Adam Lebednik says:

    doh. so much for spec on it.

    • Mel V says:

      Disagree..this is just the end of him…he has a whole story to be told

      • Adam Lebednik says:

        Oh nice. I didn’t think they could go to his back story which star wars def does. Hope restored.

      • Comixbrainz Zzz says:

        Completely agree. He still has the potential to play a major role in the Star Wars saga. Still looking for him to be a family member of someone bigger.

  2. Mel V says:

    Gave Vader a heck of a fight..made Vader a man..I still stand by my prediction that he get a his own series..his back story is one people wanna read

  3. agentpoyo says:

    Vader is a badass.. but yeah, people are interested in this new guy. Darth Vader title is about Darth Vader, not this guy.. the story must go on without him. 🙂

  4. I refuse to get spoiled on my Star Wars. See you guys on the other side!

  5. Richard Cuello says:

    Nice water splash

  6. Dewayne Scott says:

    Am I wrong for laughing a little bit at that. I knew where it was going.

  7. emiobeg says:

    I’m over Vader. He’s just a punk ass robot with asthma. Vader putting himself back together after getting his tin ass kicked inside was a joke . As far as I can tell is the Jedi even dead? watch him also put himself back together like Vader on the next issue LOL

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