Ben Affleck to star in three Batman Movies and Batman Beyond Movie

Looks like Ben Affleck is not done with Batman as originally reported. He will star in the Matt Reeves Trilogy which will lead into Batman Beyond.

Terry McGinnis started out in the cartoon Batman Beyond, where he takes over the mantle of Batman from an old Bruce Wayne. He first appears in comic form in Batman Beyond #1 (1999). His first proper DCU appearance is in Superman Batman Annual #4 If they do Tim Drake Batman Beyond, his first appearance is New 52 Futures End #2

From MovieWeb.

“According to a Warner Bros. source Ben Affleck has signed on to appear as the Batman in Matt Reeves Trilogy. Affleck will play the Dark Knight for three more films, with the last leading into a Batman Beyond film, which will also lead to the next phase of the DC Extended Universe.”


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22 Responses to Ben Affleck to star in three Batman Movies and Batman Beyond Movie

  1. Alana says:

    Wow he will be mid 50’s still playing Batman. I’m sorry, But he’s just as bad as Batman as he was as Daredevil. I think he should of got the can.

    • Alana says:

      And THANKS Anthony for making me have to buy a book today. Lol

    • agentpoyo says:

      Honestly, I was expecting way worse. What surprised me from Batman vs Superman was Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg.. he ruined that movie for me, I was expecting Affleck to ruin it but it was Lex who ruined it. Just horrible acting and that’s now how Lex acts. Lex Luthor is crazy but charming, intelligent. Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey played Lex the way he was suppose to be played. Jesse Eisenberg tried to go the Heath Ledger Joker route on the wrong character…

      • agentpoyo says:

        ” Just horrible acting and that’s now how Lex acts.”….

        Stupid fingers.. should be “Just horrible acting and that’s not how Lex acts.”

  2. Alana says:

    There’s way cheaper Superman Batman annual #4s on Amazon then ebay

      • Brandon R. says:

        Thanks for the heads up. Just got mine on amazon!

      • OC_Guy says:

        Yeah, picked up a copy for the personal collection as well.

      • OC_Guy says:

        All the “cheap” ones on Amazon are now either sold or the prices have been raised. They are now $40 to $60. Bought from a seller with a lot of feedback so hopefully the issues doesn’t go “missing”…which happens far too often on Amazon.

    • Alana says:

      I always check for current feedback on Amazon, or I send them a msg. I recently have a new Amazon horror story. I bought gold Venom #1 was pictured and described properly bought it and they sent me the Venom graphic novel. But then it was sent by a third party the original seller purchased it for cheap from the third party and tried to have them send it to me. Had to pay my own return shipping which they promised to return and never did to get a refund. Refund took almost 3months from the purchase date by that time Venom #1 gold couldn’t be found at $50 anymore.

      • OC_Guy says:

        Yeah, Amazon is always hit and miss… Trying to find reputable dealers is tough but there are some here and there. Amazon is pretty good with having items refunded but does little to go after unscrupulous or deadbeat sellers.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I buy toilet paper and other household items off Amazon, electronics, etc. I avoid comics though and most other collectibles, especially if the value depends on condition.

      • OC_Guy says:

        For me Amazon is usually a desperation purchase for comics….If I get to Ebay and every other online comic site and they are sold out of whatever is “hot” I will shrug, sigh, and roll the dice with Amazon.

  3. OC_Guy says:

    Well, this is one of those instances where I have been wanting to buy a copy of Batman Beyond #1 in high grade (un-certified) but wanted to spend about $20 less than the going rate…As usual with any movie announcement/news it will at least for the short term drive the prices up, so I picked up a NM at asking price. No deal for Rob on that one. I just hope the news drives the prices up by at least $20 so I can feel like I got that good deal.

  4. Philippe Brault says:

    Also 1st Terry Mcginnis in the mainstream comic book DCU is batman 700, dont know if that has any chance of heating up but head’s up!

  5. Junior says:

    So which one is “the” beyond book to have?

  6. chfrontst says:

    This rumor is just a rumor. It’s already been debunked and the site has already removed the article.

    • Alana says:

      So your telling me we don’t have to suffer through 3 more Batfleck films. Hallelujah 👻

    • OC_Guy says:

      The thing is the rumor got all over the place. Even if there is zero chance any of a Batman Beyond film getting made it has already driven every single reasonably priced books to sell out online and I’m sure most comic shops. On top of that anyone who puts either of the two books up for sale will now probably tag it with “movie soon” to drive sales. Artificial or real the prices have now gone up and probably won’t go down too much since they were both already semi keys to begin with. “IF” these rumors do turn out to be true in the coming months the prices will of course keep moving up.

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