Attack of the Killer B’s, Marvel Edition: Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover Price Variant for Secret Empire #10

Gabriele Dell’Otto will have a cover price variant for Marvel’s Secret Empire #10. The cover just hit Diamond’s ordering system and is a cover price, open to order, variant. It features Captain America in battle armor… Oh, just check it out…

There are two variants that do not have images posted on many online stores, the first is the SHIELD variant, which I do not think this is.

More than likely this is the Civil Warrior Variant, Cap looks like he is decked out for war.


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7 Responses to Attack of the Killer B’s, Marvel Edition: Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover Price Variant for Secret Empire #10

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I’m pretty sure I think I know what will occur at the end of Secret Empire.. the Empire will fall and we get our real Steve Rogers back.. in some form or another. Maybe another hero dies, maybe another one that was dead comes back. These are not so shocking anymore and predictable in some form or another.

    • Anthony says:

      The empire will fall. It will be replaced by a new leader. A female in a silver captain America suit. She, Captain Phasma, will be in charge of the First Order. Red Skull Jr will be dressed all in black and be very emo. They will call him Skull-o Ren. Marvel comes up with such great original ideas.

    • Richard Sean Guevara says:

      Issue 7 caught me by surprise though. I didn’t expect that person to die

      • Same here. And with no big media fanfare about it like back when Captain America died or Iron Man died, etc. I wonder how soon the character will be back… or if they will attempt to replace them with a legacy character with the same codename, long-term. They recently introduced a character who has an extremely similar back-story and their monthly title is one of the worst-selling at the moment… I read the first issue just to see what they were doing with it, and it was trying too hard to be a clone of certain other titles… and if they gave this character a new codename, I still wouldn’t buy it.
        Overall, I am hoping Marvel really stays away from event books, like they keep promising. It was bad enough when we had 1 big crossover event per year, but now there are 2-3 per year, and it kills the momentum of individual titles when they get yanked into a crossover event!

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