Walking Dead #170 Spoilers and Review

Sorry for the delay on this one. Walking Dead #170 is out today.
The Walking Dead issues usually fall into one of two categories, character/plot development or all out craziness. Walking Dead #170 is a character development story with just a hint of zombie action.
Click on the spoiler image for the panels. The accompanying text is not spoiler protected.
First up, we see Negan showing his soft side. There is no doubt that while Negan has always been a bad-ass, he is slightly unhinged.
Eugene, who has become a hero, overlooking some girl-on-girl action

Eugene, Siddiq and the crew move through a city…

only to find it….

Jesus finds love.

Siddiq gets attacked and Eugene to the rescue.

And Eugene may regret his decision in saving Siddiq, just look at those eyes.
Like I said, lot’s of character development, not a whole lot of action.

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