Black by Black Mask Comics Optioned by Studio 8 for Movie

Black from Black Mask Studios has been optioned for a Movie by Studio 8. The story centers around a world where only African American’s have super powers and has featured some pretty controversial covers. We did a Black #1 variant (with cover art by your’s truly) that was limited to 250 copies.

For the moment, copies of Black #1 can still be had for cheap on eBay. Mycomicshop has them for cover. And TFAW has the Harriet Tubman cover for $1


HBO and Amazon are developing their respective controversial alt-history series Confederate and Black America for the small screen, but Studio 8 is aiming bigger with Black. With its premise of a nation where only African-Americans possess superpowers, the comic series from Black Mask Studios has been optioned for a feature by the Jeff Robinov-founded company, I’ve learned.

Studio 8 EVP Creative Jon Silk brought the project into the fold and will oversee its development with executive Rishi Rajani. Representing Black Mask as well as the Black creators, the deal was with Studio 8 negotiated by Matthew Sugarman at the L.A. office of Weintraub Tobin.

Having just wrapped its initial six-issue run, the series created by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3 starts with a police shooting in Brooklyn that sees teen Kareem Jenkins survive a hail of bullets and discover that he is a lot more powerful than he ever knew. As Jenkins connects with others who share similar powers, a widespread oppressive global conspiracy to keep the knowledge of such superpowers from the world — and especially the black community — themselves is unveiled to all.


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17 Responses to Black by Black Mask Comics Optioned by Studio 8 for Movie

  1. Cyber Golem says:

    That is amazing!! I will have you know that I purchased 5 of the 250 you had for sale. Nice price. Mediocre book tho.

    • Anthony says:

      Someone just bought 3 from me before I could change the price after the announcement. Lol. I have one copy up now for $20. Sold a Holmes Variant for $50. Ordered 5 of the Harriet Tubman variant off TfAw and one regular from my LCS.

  2. Adam Lebednik says:

    I grabbed a few more thanks!

  3. CRUZZER says:

    The week these came out, Dennis Barger and I visited Jesse James store, JJ urged me to pick up a copy. Glad I did.

  4. Bill says:

    The one to have will be the variant to #3 with the ‘N’ word on the cover. Short print run, and likely some were destroyed due to the word on the cover.

    • Bill says:

      Although the CHU one does look great! I have 2 of them! I just never think the store variants should ever carry as much weight as the issue actually published by the company/creator/artist.

  5. Nick Matocho says:

    I tried listing my sole copy of #1 on eBay before, but it’s damn hard to navigate. “Black by Black Mask” ends up pulling ever single other Black Mask release. Seems like an oversight

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah. I noticed that they pull up all the other books. Do Black #1 (Black Mask) or something like that. There used to be borlean characters that would exclude certain search terms.

      • Vann says:

        Weird situation….same thing for me. I listed 5 complete sets and sold them all in 12 hours. Listed another 3 sets, sold one immediately then my listing “disappeared” and haven’t even had any views for the past 5 hours—weird….

  6. Killerwit says:

    Except for Space Riders (which knows what it is), I find every Black Mask title to be a pretentious mess.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, I just avoid Black Mask books for the most part…. They sorted out their legal woes, now they need to sort out just about everything else about them.

  7. Matt Riley says:

    Wonder what kind of backlash would result in white people puttin out a comic where only whites had power? Wonder what would happen if white people had a word they claimed hate and rascist on, but could exploit it themselves. Just saying.

    • Anthony says:

      Well, for the longest time, they kinda did that. It was called the Golden Age of Comics. Once we hit the silver age we started to see African American characters hitting. It’s “What If the X-Men were black people”, I don’t have a problem with it.

    • zspencer says:

      First, I think you would have to have white people go through hundreds of years of slavery, oppression, and violence. Just saying.

  8. zspencer says:


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