Drunk Wooky’s Star Wars Report for 8/3/17 The “Who the Hell Edits Star Wars Comics” edition

Hey CHU, Drunk Wooky here with some Star Wars error books that just were released that have me scratching my Wookiee head and asking “who the hell is editing Star Wars books these days”? Maybe Ewoks. But you know what they say, give 100 Ewoks a typewriter and well, no they would just throw them at storm troopers from the tree tops.  Anyway, we recently reported on the misnumbering of the 40th Anniversary variant last week. Here is Marvel’s latest crop of goofs.

Sure, the Star Wars Universe has had its share of errors on the big screen; Luke kissing Leia, the Han and Greedo shooting first debate, Jar Jar Binks, but most of them were reedited. There is no reediting in comics once the books ship. So here is the first one:

Here is the cover to Rogue One #5, pretty good looking cover. 

Here is the preview for Issue #6 (in the back of Issue #5) 

Thankfully it is just the advertisement that got messed up and not the actual cover for Issue 6. (They just did this recently by using the Darth Maul Variant for issue 3 and reused it as the variant for issue 5).

Here is the variant cover for Darth Vader #4

And the artist credited is Francesco Mattina. 

The problem is the variant cover was done by Rafael Albuquerque. 

So there you have it. 


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8 Responses to Drunk Wooky’s Star Wars Report for 8/3/17 The “Who the Hell Edits Star Wars Comics” edition

  1. D Thompson says:

    Good grief! Two mistakes that seem very simple to not make.

    I also agree on the lax Marvel editor front. I find more grammatical errors now then ever before. What’s troubling most about this problem is I typically only read a book once. I would gather an editor should be making multiple ‘passes’ per page to check for accuracy. If I am finding them on the first pass what exactly is he/she doing?

  2. Josh Masters says:

    Hmmm, I guess Heather Antos was too busy with milkshakes…

  3. agentpoyo says:

    People read the credits and ads? I just skip to the story…. 🙂

  4. Jesus says:

    These mistakes have happened before on other books. I have a X-men book from 2012 that the release month says Novembeer. LOL.

    • Anthony says:

      Novembeer is the best month in the year!

    • I remember when Marvel released one of their free promo calendars to retailers to give out to readers, right on the front in big bold print it declared it was a “calender”. So anytime anyone talked about them, we called it a “calen-duhrr”.
      Altogether, I notice typos from both Marvel & DC, and wonder how so many get missed, especially when it’s 4 or 5 errors in the same book. I want to say most recently it was an issue of Justice League America recently that had 4 or 5 in the same issue.
      Top Cow, though I love a lot of what they’ve put out over the past few decades, IMO have the most typos by percentage. They obviously have less monthly books, but when you do the ratio for titles vs. typos, the error percentage seems to be the highest there. No, I didn’t actually crunch the numbers, but that’s how my brain thinks.

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