Alien Bounty Hunter Sells Out and Goes to Second Print

The first issue of Vault Comic’s new series, Alien Bounty Hunter, has sold out and gone back for a second printing. The comic is tied into a potential media deal as it is tied to Mark Wahlberg who is producing.



The second printing features a new cover.


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9 Responses to Alien Bounty Hunter Sells Out and Goes to Second Print

  1. David Bitterbaum says:

    I always have been a fan of Marky-Mark, so I picked the comic up in the hopes it gives me an idea what he may give us in an adaptation!

  2. Karl says:

    Good news.

    I bought a lot of the variants for this including multiple exceed covers and multiple rooth covers.

    Thinking of sending them to CGC from now but appreciate your thoughts on that?!


    • Anthony says:

      Those Exceed are really cool and might be worth sending over. It depends really, it wouldn’t hurt to grade one but you can always wait and see for when/if they announce something.

      • Karl says:


        I’ll see when they get here how near mint they are.

        Not worth sending it if it’s going to get less than at least a 9.6.

    • Christopher Bailey says:

      Vault Comics uses excellent paper stock for their covers. I’ve seen a lot of their graded books be 9.9 or even 10.0.

  3. Karl says:

    Anthony was wondering if you know the total 1st print run for this comic?

    It’s not on comichron aren’t showing July or august yet.


    • Anthony says:

      It will be a couple of more days before Comichron shows July and August will not be updated until September. I checked and it is not showing on Diamond yet.

  4. F Stop says:

    Glad I bought a few of these. The Jesse James variant is pretty cool also and is pretty reasonably priced.

  5. agentpoyo says:

    In the long run, if anything comes out of the option, the regular cover will end up being the true winner. Buy low, sell high = max profits.

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