Alien Bounty Hunter Sells Out and Goes to Second Print

The first issue of Vault Comic’s new series, Alien Bounty Hunter, has sold out and gone back for a second printing. The comic is tied into a potential media deal as it is tied to Mark Wahlberg who is producing.

The second printing features a new cover.

9 thoughts on “Alien Bounty Hunter Sells Out and Goes to Second Print”

  1. Good news.
    I bought a lot of the variants for this including multiple exceed covers and multiple rooth covers.
    Thinking of sending them to CGC from now but appreciate your thoughts on that?!

    1. Those Exceed are really cool and might be worth sending over. It depends really, it wouldn’t hurt to grade one but you can always wait and see for when/if they announce something.

      1. Thanks!
        I’ll see when they get here how near mint they are.
        Not worth sending it if it’s going to get less than at least a 9.6.

    2. Vault Comics uses excellent paper stock for their covers. I’ve seen a lot of their graded books be 9.9 or even 10.0.

  2. Anthony was wondering if you know the total 1st print run for this comic?
    It’s not on comichron aren’t showing July or august yet.

    1. It will be a couple of more days before Comichron shows July and August will not be updated until September. I checked and it is not showing on Diamond yet.

  3. In the long run, if anything comes out of the option, the regular cover will end up being the true winner. Buy low, sell high = max profits.

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