Inexpensive Variant Watch: Amazing Spider-Man #1 John Romita COBRA/ Jesse James Variant

Jesse James comics have positioned themselves as the king of awesome, low cost variants, with free shipping to boot. They have another one up, this time for Amazing Spider-Man.
Jesse and his crew have put up a limited amount of copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1 COBRA John Romita Cover Jesse James Exclusive up for $6.21. And again, the shipping is free.
We will have a copy of this to give away in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for it.


20 thoughts on “Inexpensive Variant Watch: Amazing Spider-Man #1 John Romita COBRA/ Jesse James Variant”

  1. I have to say JJ is great. He paid out of pocket to other sellers to make sure I got my books I preordered when there was a mishap. Where else are you going to get service like that.

    1. That’s incredible—-these are the kinds of things we need to hear more about so we can do more business with these kinds of people!

  2. I’ll add another JJ comment – Top Notch is right! Amazing customer service with great communication (I am east coast so order via the web from them some times). I have nothing but good things to say about Jesse James

    1. I have been meaning to put a post up about the book. I ordered it last Wednesday when I ordered a bunch of the Artgerm Supergirl covers. Glad I did because they’re sold out now

  3. Their cheap variant initiative is definitely earning them some goodwill with me. I had previously bought from them years ago on eBay and they grossly overcharged me on shipping, so I steered away from them; but returned to get their Shirtless Bear Fighter & Crosswind variants. And I’m eyeing some others. I still see the “free shipping” added to each item as an inhibitor to purchase multiple items from them, since the postage is technically added into the cost of each individual item. If you bought ten copies you are essentially paying that built-in attribution to postage ten times. I’m wondering if they switched to including free shipping on a lot of their items to offset complaints about shipping overcharges in the distant past.

  4. Ya I’m definitely on the JJ band wagon as well. His prices are awesome, his shipping is ridiculously fast, and I’ve never received a damaged book (knock on wood).
    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve placed probably a half dozen orders with various variant vendors online (that was hard to type let alone say out loud) and I’m lucky if my order ships out in under a week! They’ve all been small orders for stuff that’s already been released. Frustrating to say the least. Half of them still haven’t even been shipped out at this point…

  5. ComicXposure, take some notes, you can learn a lot from Jesse James Comics in how to conduct business and how one treats those who keep them in business.

  6. This is awesome! JJ is my go to LCS and he’s such a cool guy, and I can vouch for the customer service focus being genuine. Happy to see all these positive comments

    1. Thick books like this on Marvel’s cheap cover stock often have small splits or corner issues. It is usually looked at as production issue and over looked.

      1. I understand and am appreciative they’re honest with the description. However, I do not believe it is appropriate for a seller/store to state with certainty that corner chips do not affect grade. I would accept your words “usually overlooked” as far more appropriate.

  7. #awesomesauce j.j. is the man. I am snagging a few copies of this . he also ahs a sweet rick and morty variant for #8 j.j. is my second choice aftr midtown of course blind adam out

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