Eric Powell Covers Spongebob for October Issue

Eric Powell fans might want to take note on this one. People who are not really familiar with his work should as well. Powell is the creator of The Goon, Hillbilly, and a ton more offbeat comics. His work is quirky and has a huge fan following. One book people might miss is Spongebob #73 which features Powell’s art on the book.
While Powell may not like the spec communities attention, his books have become a favorite with not only collectors, but the spec community as well. The print runs on Spongebob tend to be in and around the 4,500 range of copies sold through Diamond.
Spongebob #73 is out October 11th.

3 thoughts on “Eric Powell Covers Spongebob for October Issue”

  1. I read Spongebob and I pre-order all issues. Don’t laugh, it’s one of the best and consistent books out there and the cover art I think is just pure awesomeness most of the time.

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