Alana's Weekend Specs: Enter the Dragon

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! This article was going to be a masterpiece with long write ups about each character and the books highlighted this week, But…… a few hours into writing my email to Anthony the email goes blank while I’m typing my closing. So this week will be a very brief and frustrated Weekend Specs. But still good info nonetheless, Let’s Jump In!!

Green Arrow #23 New 52 1st Ricardo Diaz Richard Dragon
This will be the main Villain of Arrow season 6. There is also a 1:25 sketch variant for this.

Kung Fu Fighter #1 1st Richard Dragon
The original Richard Dragon a cheap Bronze Age book in high grade. Old and new Richard Dragon are basically like Ironfist and Steel Serpent of DC. Both good cheap specs.

Secret Wars #3 (Vol 1) 1st Titania
Titania and her husband Absorbing Man will be part of the next Marvel Future Fight update, a popular mobile game. If She-Hulk appeared in film or Tv this would be a good candidate for the villain.

Solar Man of the Atom #10 1st Eternal Warrior
Batista in talks to play Eternal Warrior. I’m sorry but Batista should be Bloodshot and Leto should be auditioning for this role.

52 Week #3 1st new Isis Adrianna Tomaz
This will be the Isis in the coming season of Legends of Tomorrow. Both Isis are two different characters this is the one you want. This version of Isis would most likely be the one used in film if she were to appear on the silver screen.

Shazam #25 1st Isis Andrea Thomas
School teacher turned hero after finding an ancient amulet giving her the power of Isis. Her name is going to hold her back as a character. Probably why my original article disappeared while writing it. This Isis is the original character but not the current Isis. She was created in comics purposely for the old TV show of her.

Supergirl #1, Daring Adventures of Supergirl. 1st Psi Another villain for the coming season of Supergirl.

The Crow #1, Caliber Presents #1
Looks like the reboot is moving along. Love these books, Grails in my opinion. Reminds me of days of smoking cloves, late night coffee, and black eyeliner. Also congrats to J O Barr finally getting work at DC after all these years on a new cat variant cover.

Black Lightning
Hearing a lot of good things about the show. Here’s a previous  Weekend Specs on the subject
So there you have it friends another list of 1st appearances to hunt down this weekend. I’m sorry for the Cliff-notes edition of Weekend Specs, I just don’t have the time or memory to rewrite it how it was before it disappeared. I blame Isis! Regardless glad to get the info out there to everyone. Hope you all have a great weekend, thanks for reading and happy hunting!!!

12 thoughts on “Alana's Weekend Specs: Enter the Dragon”

  1. as usual you gave us a great article. I can’t believe this was your rush job. Thanks for the specs as always

  2. Good list as always! Nothing wrong with short and sweet! Looking around there doesn’t seem to be any “cheap-ish” copies of the first print of Solar Man of the Atom #10. NM prices are already up there a bit. That might be a good book to check some local comic shops for! As for Black lighting, wasn’t all that long ago where VF/NM copies were about $4 to $5 each. Bought 4 #1’s in high grade about three and half years ago for $12 in a lot. When the news first hit a little while later of his TV show I sold one right off the bat for I believe $70 in NM-! When they really start showing him off and when the show is about to hit the book will be an easy $100 in an un-graded NM-! The really good deals are long gone for BL #1, but still some affordable high grades are out there with room to grow. Now is probably a good time to get one for the personal collection for those who haven’t gotten it yet that are looking forward to the show. Too bad we will never see his afro helmet!

    1. I bought a lot of comics from a lady at a flea market for 100$ she said she had gotten them from buying out an old pharmacy. In the lot were 10 copies of black lightning 1 10 black panther 1s multiple copies of other issues of that time period. Needless to say I did well on those already.

      1. Yeah, good score! Like the old days going to SDCC or any comic con and seeing dealers with old stock of now expensive comics for a few dollars each… Those were the days!

  3. Nice write up! I sure missed the boat on 4 copies of Crow #1 “NMish” for $60 total. I was simply asleep at the switch….I’ll remember that day for a long while.

  4. So those comic 10packs from Walmart $5 free shipping showed up.they through in a whole bag and boarded hellstorm run with my 3 ten packs. Books were a bunch of doubles best thing a Superman unchained 2

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