DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Variant Envy for 08/11/2017

Hey, CHU, DrunkWooky here with a brand new batch of Star Wars variants for you to ogle!

Jedi-Bibliothek always has the drop on new Star Wars variants and today is no different. They even scooped JTC on his own K-2S0 figure.

The Journey to Star Wars the Last Jedi Star Wars Captain Phasma was in the running for longest Star Wars comic book name, but narrowly beat out by it’s predecessor, The Journey to Star Wars the Force Awakens Star Wars Shattered Empire.

Where, Captain Phasma is truly shining is showing us the new wave of variant cover gimmicks out from Marvel.

First up, is the Marvel Homage Variant from Paulina Ganucheau, an homage to the classic (?) Iron man 69 cover. With Darth Vader vol. 2 issue 1, and the upcoming Mace Windu #1, along with Marvel’s entire Legacy initiative, it appears that homage variants are the gimmick de jeur.

Next, up a classic movie photo variant. Regardless of opinions on photos appearing on covers, these always look good in their own

Todd Nauck, seemingly green with envy over the John Tyler Christopher action figure phenomenon, wants to start his own gimmick money-press by producing Where’s Waldo-esque covers.

Diego Olortegui is destined to find a good cover gimmick groove with the all-but certain Funko Crossover collector appeal.

Skottie Young is back on baby covers

And a cover as pure as the driven snow landing on the spotless white helmets of first order trooper, the blank cover, by whatever graphic designer put together the trade dress.

And finally, the big two, the 1:100 Mark Brooks Variant and the 1:200 Mark Brooks Sketch Variant

For now, this is DrunkWooky, sarcastically out!


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4 Responses to DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Variant Envy for 08/11/2017

  1. Vann says:

    Interesting write-up—thank you!

  2. Gabriel Cruz says:

    link on K-2S0 figure maybe wrong.

  3. JayClue says:

    If the ‘Where’s Waldo’ covers are gonna catch on, they need to be more clustered…and have things hidden in them, a la OG Waldo. Perhaps yoda could be hidden somewhere, a jawa, R2….

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