Spoilers and Review: Dark Night Metal #1 ROCKS!

Dark Nights Metal #1 is out this coming Wednesday. I can honestly say this is one of the coolest DC books I have read in a while. It is sold out at Diamond already, in advance of being released. Online shops are already selling out, TFAW I am looking at you, and I imagine that the other sites will start to limit them, Midtown I am looking at you. The book focuses on Nth Metal, as the Forge and Casting did before hand, and uses a lot of heavy metal imagery such as the Devil’s Horns regular foil stamped cover or the Pentagram (style) Midnight Release Variant. There are a ton of exclusives too, such as the Midtown Comics Simon Bisley cover, the blank sketch or the Mattina variant over at The Comic Mint, Tim Bradstreet Terrificon Variant, just to name a few. But lets get on with the spoilers. Let’s just say there is a big surprise at the end of the issue wth a massive character return. 
Spoiled images are obscured under the spoiler warnings. Accompanying text is not spoil protected. Click on the spoiler warning to see the spoiled images.
The story starts off with a familiar image, the three tribes we saw previously.

Flash to now where Mongul has taken the Justice League hostage.

But how does he keep such powerful heroes in place?

All of this seems to be filler, a fun distraction that leads up to the Justice League returning to Earth. Batman gets a call from Alfred telling him to return to Gotham.

Where they find

They try to find a way in

That symbol looks familiar…

Inside, they meet…

But she cannot talk there, so she takes them to…

Who shows them..

She also shows them a map of the Multiverse!

She explains that there is more to the Multiverse than what is seen on the map..

And the reveal of the other side of the map..

She explains about the creature, which we saw in Casting, and who will release him into the world.

Just then…

Which was just a big distraction for Batman to abscond with the Nth Metal sample

Also turns out that Hawkman’s diary has been hidden in stately Wayne Manor all this time.

Wait, that text box looked familiar… Almost gives you Vertigo…. Wait, is that Metallica playing in the background? Oh yeah because, Enter The…..

35 thoughts on “Spoilers and Review: Dark Night Metal #1 ROCKS!”

  1. Pre ordered the jet pack / forbidden planet variant set including the virgin cover which is meant to be quite rare.
    Looking forward to reading this and marvel legacy… always got a lot of love for the big DC and Marvel characters!

  2. #awesomesauce. I have been preaching sandman #22 for years now. first maze Lucifer is the bomb. didn’t realize Daniel was born in that book as well. #69-70 are in dollar boxes if you dig far enough. if anyone wants the bradfstreet variant I will be at terrifi con and I can get them autographed by the creative team email comicpimpvip@gmail.com for details and pricing
    also maybe it is time to dust off final crisis issues ? and what is up witht hat issue of superman ? #testify blind adam out

      1. But he’s an infant. It’s like Uncanny X-Men 201 being the 1st appearance of Cable. I’ll make money off it, I don’t care either way

            1. Yeah, theoretically Uncanny X-Men 201 should be his first appearance but I guess one difference here is, that’s Cable as Nathan Summers, New Mutants 87 is more important since it’s first appearance as Cable.
              I think Sandman 22 is in a different category since he was already destined to be who he is even as an infant. Nathan Summers could have chose to be nobody or hide amongst the normal humans, etc.

    1. The question has not been when is first appearance is but which one will become hotter. Issue 22 his first appearance as a baby or issue 69 when he becomes Dream.

    2. Which makes sense, since he wasn’t Dream at the time, not yet. This is where the battles begin. First appearance as themselves or as their super hero alter egos? Can someone have two first appearances? No, not in their hero flesh but introduced as a new character not using their birth name? Sure.. This is the case I think. Only time and demand will decide which one is more desirable by collectors.
      I’m rooting for Sandman 22.. better art, we all knew he was likely destined to become something further down the story line as Morpheus claimed in Issue #12 that he would be back to claim Lyta’s unborn child and that she needs to take care of him until then.
      He then went on to make numerous appearances starting in issue #40 until he took over Morpheus’s role in issue #69.
      So yes, first appearance as Dream in #69 but he was still the same being prior to that and obtaining Lord of Dreams power.. One must realize, as Dream, he’s still Daniel Hall as well..

  3. Reading a post in a Facebook group that mentions a map from the Multiversity release (2014?) that relates to Metal. Apparently you need to read Metal, then flip the Multiversity map upside down, and it will make sense in how it comes together. Just repeating what I’m reading – I think I only have a couple of issues from that event, so I’m not that familiar with it.

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