Alana’s Cheap Variant Watch: Marvel Lenticular’s

Hey everyone, Alana here, and I just want to let you know about a good deal on the Marvel Lenticular covers that’s going on this weekend at

They are already cheapest to be found currently on the net but there is also a coupon running this weekend Boston17 that will give you an additional 15% off any order over $50. You can also take advantage of Unknown’s free shipping on orders over $85. So with all the promotions a single Lenticular comes to $2.75 or you can also get the whole set of covers in the $75 dollar range add a few more books to get the free shipping. Spider-Gwen #25 Lenticular Cover already has multiple preorders in the $10-$20 range on the bay.


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  1. JayClue says:

    Why wouldnt those people who paid $13 for the presale on feebay, just preorder from their comic shop for cover price?

    • Anthony says:

      That is the wonderful mystery of comic flipping.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Because some people might think eBay is the only place to buy. I did tech support long ago for Time Warner and I would literally talk to people who thought the internet was down when it was just the Time Warner homepage the technician set as their homepage in their browser was down for maintenance. They had no idea they could type in another URL and “browse” the web. 😉

      • Alana says:

        I would say Venom collectors in either foreign countries where it’s very hard to get American comic books but you can get them shipped on eBay. Or maybe even fans of Venom in the US military stationed around the world. I don’t get it either.

    • Wells Floyd says:

      Good question.

    • Bill says:

      The unspoken reality that is hard to put into words nicely is that there are folks “in the know”; and there are others that are just …. stated in a nice way…. out of touch and/or not paying attention or just don’t care about the monetary aspect. The modern speculator would be close to dead if everyone was savvy and quick and paying attention and on their toes in this business. So those that are savvy sell to those that are slow to react; don’t pay attention, are not alert and/or just don’t care, or who can’t control their purchases when they see something they want and have to have it right away.
      We all have our misses/stories we wish we would have gotten or weren’t quick enough to purchase; but there are some seriously strange goings-on that one just has to shake their head at. In some ways… it’s saddening.
      I’m still trying to figure out paying $55 for Robotech Artgerm Foil Fan Expo on Feebay when it’s still available on the Fan Expo site for $30. So not pre-ordering for cover instead of $13 just doesn’t shock me whatsoever

      • Anthony says:

        The modern speculator should. It worry about the why’s or how’s but needs to move with the market and strike while the iron is hot. People ask all the time should I sell or hold. I always say sell until you break even or make a profit (I prefer a profit) and you can always hold one back. I have held one copy back from time to time and often regret not selling it when it was hot or people were willing to pay more.

  2. JayClue says:

    More marvel gimmicks instead of putting out quality stories. … I can see them over at Marvel…”hey, did you see how well DC did with those 4 Lenticular covers on that great button storyline. Why don’t we do 30 Lenticulars and not have a good story, or cover art relevance on any of them.”

    • Bobby Mansfield says:

      “and while we’re at it, lets make retailers buy extra product to be able to order them at all. That way our sales numbers get artificially inflated and they get stuck with books they probably won’t be able to sell!”

      • Alana says:

        Yep, between the having to order certain high percentages of these books to qualify for the Lenticulars and from what I’ve also read, orders placed after Aug 24th will not be guaranteed and the remaining lenticular copies will all be allocated. So if your local store didn’t want a bunch of these and didn’t place their order in time there’s a good chance they won’t be on the shelves Wednesdays in October at that store. People don’t find them on the shelves they will go to eBay.

    • The Marvel books haven’t even come out yet, so we can’t judge the story; and the cover art is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t forget that DC put out a whole month’s worth of Lenticulars for Villains Month & Futures End, the majority of which were disappointing stories from oddball creative teams. Those DC releases were 100% about getting the covers. So many “Marvel Vs. DC” comments are completely biased toward one or the other, when in actuality they both copy one another and both make bad calls.

      • Bobby Mansfield says:

        It would be better if Marvel had copied DC on this one. Making retailers order extra copies of books to qualify to order these is what I (and many others)
        have a problem with. IIRC, DC only required them to order a bit earlier than usual.

      • JayClue says:

        I wasn’t reading comics when futures end came out, so I can’t comment. In my initial comment, I was speaking in ‘what have you done for me lately’ terms. (Rebirth and Marvel monthly gimmick covers). I understand that most things in life are cyclical, especially comics. I can assure you that I did not make that comment from a biased stand point. I read 3-4 DC titles and read about 12 marvel titles. And although I have not read the issues yet, Marvels current track record on quality stories is quite lacklustre. Jus sayin 😉

      • agentpoyo says:

        For every crappy Marvel book there’s at least one crappy DC book for the most part.

        Same goes for Image. They put out a bunch of books. Some never even get past issue #3, vanishing like a fart in a car after the window is rolled down. For every hot Image title, there’s at least 5 crappy titles that will not make it in the long run.

      • One thing I’ve noticed primarily with Indy Books is the idea of Concept Vs. Execution. Sometimes the synopsis for a book and the general idea of what it’s going to be about sounds like it will be great, but then the book itself has wooden characters or plays everything too vague or removes a bunch of elements that make it less appealing. Some books do completely disappear, and others suddenly have “(of 4)” added to the solicitation at the 2nd or 3rd issue, when they decide the sales aren’t there. I still give a lot of books a chance, though, and most of the ones I really like aren’t cut short.
        Meanwhile, if a mainstream book has a great concept and story, but it isn’t one of the top-tier books, it is so much harder to get people to give it a chance and so much easier for Marvel or DC to pull the plug since the sales don’t compare to Batman, Avengers, X-men, etc. And sweeping statements about either company don’t help.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Exactly…. Buy what interests you, don’t buy what doesn’t….. Either way, not everything any publisher prints is gonna be a hit.

    • Kevin Verdine says:

      The whole inside of the comic could be blank and nobody would even know.

  3. Bill says:

    Ummmmmmmm …… let me think ….. 85 for lenticular set or 85 for a nice key bronze. That didn’t take long. Nope

    • Cody says:

      Don’t forget silver age books…85$ can get you a solid silver age book too

    • Alana says:

      That Bronze or Silver Age book is still going to be $85 the day after you buy it unless you found a smoking deal. The first set of Venomized covers goes for as high as $150 currently you could of pre ordered it for $70, I imagine this lenticular set will do the same. There is a risk of course but it’s a calculated risk as I believe this set will move unlike Jim Lee trading card or Marvel vs Capcom variant sets. So you can buy the Bronze Age book for $85 Or you can take a chance and flip this for $120 and after fees buy a Bronze Age book for $110.

      • Alana says:

        Out of all these Lenticulars two already jump out as being key if Jane Foster Thor actually dies in that issue, and Gwenom. Black panther, Venom, and Deadpool Lenticulars should move well too, just off their covers.

      • Bill says:

        Fair enough. I was thinking PC and long term. But short term – definitely a possibility. I’m personally just so tired of taking gambles. Tired of anything… and I mean anything selling for less than I purchased for. I’d rather settle for small gains on 100% of my books than bigger gains and bigger losses on books. Further – selling this at 150 to someone to watch it crash later will leave the buyer with a sour taste. Not good for overall health. I’d rather purchase for 85; sell for 100; make 15 and leave with the knowledge the buyer has got a good book forever

      • Cody says:

        Smoking deals are the only types of deals I buy.

  4. Simon Payne says:

    I am pretty sure he will close this down. With the discount he already had + extra15% off and free shipping I would be surprised if he made any money on this

  5. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    the only one of these covers I see having legs right now and the jury is still out on that is spider-gwen #25 gwen plus venom equals money . o.m.g.o.m.g. wow just imagine the cos play potential?yes yes yes . I now want gwenom cos play. #awesomesauce . $85 is not a bad price . resell at cover or between $5-10 for the ones that will become hot . and boombshockalockaboomshockla money in the bank. however $85 does buy a ton of other #awesomesauce stuff. e.g. bronze&silver age keys . original art . heck even very low grade golden age or ec’s for $85 I can make the gwenom costume and hire a model/cos player and charge $10 for apicture with her . #testify. I can even buy a ton of pogs,hero clix, dc vs system cards and juice boxes . o.k. I am now off to go buy juice boxes,pogs,hero clixand gummy bears . wish me luck with the school for the blind . I love you guys . I will make you all proud. andalyina please email me at I have a favor to ask since our spec style isso silmar . but thanks for being the greatest blessing in my life comics heating up and Anthony are #awesomesauce blind adam out

  6. Christopher B says:

    The real question is…..why would anyone pre-order or buy this hideously ugly cover. Just because its an homage cover doesn’t make it any less dumb looking. I love Venom but I am starting to grow weary of these Venom covers

  7. A. King says:

    This is a great deal, but I’m only interested in 3 or 4 of the covers which I have already pre-ordered. Otherwise I would have been all over this deal.

  8. louierobm says:

    Great find, thanks for the tip Alana. I love a good package deal. Either for profit or keep the ones I want for PC/sell the ones I don’t and I usually end up with free comics at a minimum.

  9. Jesus says:

    We sure do get a lot of tounge action on this cover “eh Poyo, eh, eh”(side shoving elbow motion while saying this) lol.

  10. Big Mac says:

    So… any idea how we take advantage of said Boston17 discount code?

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