Ben Templesmith Covers Cullen Bunn's Dark Ark

One book I have been looking forward to is the new upcoming book Dark Ark by Cullen Bunn. Ben Templesmith is doing an exclusive cover for the book.
There’s a trade dressed version and a virgin version, limited to 175 copies and 100 copies respectively. The virgin comes in a set with the dressed version, so basically 100 sets and 75 regular copies.

The wickedness of mankind has moved the Creator to destroy the world by way of the flood. Noah has been tasked with building an ark to save his family and the animals of the world. But this is not Noah’s story. For darker powers have commanded the sorcerer Shrae to build his own ark and save the unnatural creatures of the world-such as the vampires- the dragons- the naga- and the manticore. But what will happen on a vessel crawling with monsters- where insidious intrigue and horrific violence are the rule of law? From writer Cullen Bunn (X-Men Blue- Deadpool- Venom) and artist Juan Doe (AMERICAN MONSTER- WORLD READER) comes a sinister tale of biblical proportions that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics.

The books are available for pre-order at
Amorphpus Ink and Sad Lemon Comics in the UK

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  1. SICK!! Thank you. I’ve been keeping an eye out for variants for this series but hadn’t yet come across this one. Really stoked for this series.

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