Fan Expo Canada Releases Exclusives Line Up

Got word from the Fan Expo Store on their line up of exclusives, and it is a pretty fantastic one at that. Check out below for the exclusives they will have at the show and for sale at FanExpoStore, as well as news on their new exclusive cover program. These

Over the next 2 years (approximately every 3-4 months) we will be releasing a classic recreation of a DC key much like the Batman Adventure #12 books.  Each will be by a different artist.  First up will be Sensation Comics #1 featuring the first cover appearance and first full issue appearance of Wonder Woman.

The WW book debuts at Fan Expo Canada August 31-September 3rd.  The artwork is by Phil Jiminez.  We will be selling the regular cover stock copy and one of the enhanced acetate covers.

Our second exclusive for Fan Expo Canada will be the Generations: All New Wolverine Wolverine book with a variant cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.  It will have a regular and a copics variant.

Both of these books will go on pre-sale at the Fan Expo Store tomorrow.

Hopefully some of you can make it out to the con. There is a great line up of comic guests lead by Jim Lee, Snyder, Cappulo, Hughes, and many more great talents. Check them out at Fan Expo Canada’s website


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8 Responses to Fan Expo Canada Releases Exclusives Line Up

  1. Alana says:

    I don’t get why you put Cheetah on that cover it would be a bit after that book before the character was created.

  2. Brennan says:

    To anyone who has never been to fanexpo in toronto, I will warn you about going on sat.
    It sucks.
    Friday is much less crowded although still packed. Saturday expect 45+ min just to switch halls and don’t even think about leaving the building or it’ll be 1hr+ to get back in.
    Jim lee won’t be there on Friday though and I’m not sure about others.
    Also, bring cash for admission if you haven’t bought in advance. You can pay with a card, but that line takes a lot longer to get you in.
    I haven’t decided if I’m going this year for the first time in many. I mean, I’ll probably go (and on the dreaded sat. no less because I HAVE to get those Jim lee Batman fan expo variants – thanks again CHU for the prize! – signed!), but right now I’m telling myself that I might not.

  3. Bill says:

    I really like both the Artgerm and Sensation comics covers. Artgerm in particular is different than his normal covers. I went to purchase and ….. well…. $40 for each combo?
    Yes, “only” $15 for each standard edition but I’m wondering if many of us are not just getting priced out. It’s becoming bananas lately

  4. Adam Lebednik says:

    Anyone know the print runs on these?

  5. Gabriel Cruz says:

    On SALE ALREADY! Got mine!

    • Anthony says:

      Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. They like to do their launches in conjunction to when I put the story up. But they said last night they were trying to get them on by midday today at the latest.

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