Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 148th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

97 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Grabbed a few legionnaires 16. AH! Cover. Seen these go for close to $20 before. Got 2 very fine plus for 3.50 each

  2. Was away last week so I missed my regular lcs stop. Hit them up today and had 2 Artgerm Supergirls in my box, plus there were still 2 copies each of Mr. Miracle #1 & Toyetica #1 on the shelf so I grabbed those too.
    And a Bob Ross POP figure too, as that is sheer awesomeness!!!!

  3. Just returned from Boston Fan Expo, I got some great deals Spawn 221 for $20, a gold Logo Archer and Armstrong for $20, the New Mutants Graphic Novel Adam Hughes Cover 6th printing for $80 (I would say a high grade maybe 9.4 or higher). Left 10 books w CGC for Adam Hughes Signature Series and each cover of Mister Miracle signed by Tom King left w CGC hoping for 9.8’s the top items were sketches by Ryan Stegman on an XForce 1 with Deadpool doing a Spiderman 300 Homage and a commission of Magik by Phil Noto. Quick a few $1 bin finds as well

  4. I got my comics back from CGC, I got four 9.8’s and one 9.6. If I could post some pics I would, but I have been trying and can’t figure it out.

  5. Picked up the Dark Nights Metal Capullo midnight release B&W 10-pack from Bulletproof (plus the Tyler Kirkham 3-cover set). Already sold four Capullo to make a small profit, will probably send the rest to CGC for grading.

  6. Totally Awesome Hulk #22 Without a Doubt, SpiderMan 2 Mattina Cover,
    Generations Copiel Cover Secret Weapons, Southern Bastards, Divinity

  7. Totally Awesome Hulk 22, Generations: Wolverine and All New Wolverine, Dark Nights Metal
    1 Midnight Release, American Gods 6. Also found both covers of Mister Miracle on the shelf for cover. A couple days ago at a used book store I found Saga #2 Third Print and Saga #3 Second Print, and Walking Dead #1 Amazing Arizona Con Reprint, cheap, along with some other random stuff. Super glad they hid the head on that Totally Awesome Hulk cover art. It was terrible.

  8. I got the 4 Sheena covers. Paid $35 for it so perhaps too high but worst case the 1:100 will look awesome on my wall slabbed by CGC…..
    Metal #1 jet pack / forbidden planet variant set including a virgin white midnight cover (think that’s what it’s called).
    Got a few generations wolverine including the 1:25 and 1:50 covers. Think that these generations comics will be big long term investments as leads into the marvel universe re-start…. great to hear others thoughts on long term potential of these titles.
    For new releases my last one this week is the dell Otto Spider-men II #2 1:25 variant.
    Following on from the millarverse news I also managed to get a Reborn #1 NYCC B&W sketch cover. Think this will be the first major title they announce (or at least at some point) so will probably send that to CGC with my alien bounty hunter exceed covers.

    1. Good pick ups. I am getting my Sheena cover signed by JSC at NYCC before it goes off for grading. I have a stack of JSC I will try to sneak through that weekend.

        1. Well. That is one of the insider perks you were talking about earlier. Forced lackie for getting my books signed. I sold the hell out of the JSC signed books we got done last year.

        1. The trick is to go through the line with several people. At NYCC I had a couple of friends walk through books for me. He also signs all weekend long so hit him Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

  9. Are there any alternate covers for Spider Gwen 24? I like Robbi Rodriguez’s art but I HATE that cover. Gwen looks like Ms. Piggy and she’s got Shaquille O’Neal hands. This must have been one of those “gotta get something in by Friday at 5 o’clock deadline” covers.

  10. So bad experience from Comicxposure, was first time ordering. I dont like the fact no paypal btw. I preorder image blindbox from them. At cost 125, when it was release they sent email priced wrong and wanted more $ if i still wanted it. I emailed them back no. I am still waiting for my refund . No responses from them via phone,email,and facebook. Now i gotta go through the hassale of going thru my credit. Is it that hard to answer an email or pick up a phone. Smh

    1. Comicxposure is the WORST! I’ve ordered from them twice. Both times it was a complete nightmare. I noticed in between my horrible experiences with them, that they removed PayPal. I believe they removed PayPal because so many people probably disputed the charges through PayPal because Comicxposure can’t run their business in a decent moral fashion. Either they quite PayPal because it’s harder to reverse charges through credit (making it harder for the customers they rip off to get their money back), or PayPal disowned them (they probably ripped off PayPal the same way they rip off everyone else. Comicxposure needs to close down now. Do us all a big favour. Comicxposure is to comics, what Tr(ch)ump is to America. Cancer.

      1. Of course they were losing paypal disputes. Since they don’t read their emails, how are they gonna respond to paypal disputes? That’s how I got my money back and kept the crappy damaged books they sent me.
        But I’m sure it might be the other way around. Perhaps Paypal was seeing so many disputes opened, they didn’t want to continue wasting their own time and resources with the disputes.
        Xposure them to the masses to AVOID! It’s just not worth the hassle when your order goes wrong.

  11. Picking up:
    Motor Girl 8
    F*** Fairyland 15
    Rat Queens 5 (one each of the three covers, sometimes is sucks trying to be a completionist)
    Southern Bastards 17
    In the mail:
    A Funko Rick & Morty Rick action figure (I picked up Rick online figuring I would not find him in the wild. A few days later, I saw all four other figures at a Target, no Rick, so I feel vindicated.)
    Happy National Rum Day!!! I’m taking half a day off work today, picking up comics and then going to a rum tasting class at my local tiki bar.

    1. I also need to determine if I want to pick up Metal 1 since it does have an appearance by a character I follow and collect, but I have mixed feelings about it. I have not seen an official post by the creator of that character.

    1. Thanks for the assist. Not much too spectacular. Bottom two are spec’, top three for PC. I found the G.L. #50 in a used book store bagged but not boarded, so I’m surprised it came back so high.

    1. Delete that if you want, Tony. I’m at traffic court this morning and am using my time to figure out how to post pics here.

      1. So went to Bristol today (a city in England that is not London….) and went into the forbidden planet mega store there only to find 7 immaculate copies of TA Hulk #22 and 4 copies of mister miracle #1.
        eBay time me thinks….

      2. Nice! Like I said before, I use imgur because it it super easy with the mobile app, no account needed, exif data scrubbed. To get a slideshow, just upload multiple pics at once.
        Title is not necessary if you don’t feel like it 🙂
        In the app, when it says something about an account, I just hit skip it the corner. To get the album url I just go to share the album and select copy to keyboard. Too easy!

  12. Quick question guys….
    Why is that comic book store owners hate speculators so much?
    I must be my local stores best customer but as soon as the owner found out I was buying them to potentially make a profit he got all arsey and yesterday said he wasn’t holding any rare variants for me anymore as he wants real collectors to get them.
    I understand “real collectors” (of which I am also one as well as being an evil speculator) not liking is as we take stock they want at face value and charge them a lot Loren but surely the comic stores should love us as we buy loads of their products….
    Would love to know if that’s just something over here in UK or if you guys have experienced that as well.

    1. In the long run they are hurting themselves. I stopped shopping at stores who do this. I am a collector and a speculator. I sell what others want so I can buy what I want. What does he care where the books go once they are purchased. And eventually, I am guessing is the case most times, even collectors will sell their books. I would buy stuff to flip and to collect from shops. Now, they are missing out on both purchases.

        1. Poor businessmen indeed. We consume multiple copies of comics, buy out stock, including stock that hasn’t moved in a while, and tend to be more knowledgeable about comics than most customers. I have hand sold comics in shops because I knew about the books and the clerks didn’t

      1. Funny my LCS just asked my husband how we know what books to get ahead of time. He told them about CHU and a couple other sites lol. He was able to snag some hulk 22s but couldn’t wait for them to finish filling their subscriptions to see if he could of got more hulk 22s.

        1. Thanks for mentioning us but you know what will happen. They will start reading and then you will miss out. My LCS reads the site and will pull books we talk about. It is why I have to go to the shop first before talking about books. They pulled all the remaining Totally Awesome Hulk 20 and 21’s that I have been buying up.

      2. If I owned a shop, I would love spec buyers. My goal as a shop is to buy many quantity I know I can sell. Sure you’re not getting the secondary market value since you are a front end retailer but that’s the cost of being such a retailer. You make up costs on quantity. If you see something heating up after the initial release day, hold back a few (so people who want to actually read get a chance to buy at cover price, etc).
        One shop today had two copies of Mister Miracle left today. I grabbed both. It’s been a week since release. They still said they’re limiting to 1 copy. I didn’t fuss, told them that’s fine but it’s still kind of stupid. A week after release, a sale is a sale. If enough time has passed, who cares how many copies one person is buying, I say let them clean you out. Isn’t that the point in owning a brick and mortar store? I just don’t get it sometimes.

        1. Most retailers double their money on comics. But they order so much crap they either just break even or lose money. With that being said you hope that a book heats up and someone comes in and raids your shelf to buy up the comics so you get closer to a profit. Unless you are one of the shops that are in the know and keep up with stuff. One shop not far from me has all their bagged and boarded back issues for $1 over cover. (Price of bag and board plus effort) and I think that is a good idea. He doesn’t care if you buy 1 or 100.

          1. Yeah, I would imagine the first rule of any comic shop is, only order the number of books that people subscribe to + a few extra copies for the stragglers, browsers, etc.
            The second rule would be, read spec sites like CHU, if you think there’s a book that has potential to sell well, then order heavy.
            Rule 3 would be, do not fall into that category where you buy X amount of books so you obtain that rare variant, hoping you can jack the price up on it and hope someone buys it so you then fall even on profit until you finally sell the X amount of books you had to order and now find yourself sitting on for days, weeks, months or even years, maybe never selling them and having to end up dumping them in the 50 cent bins.
            I think there are two different types of shop owners (I’m excluding places like Midtown that just have tons of cash now and can order any and everything), there are shops that treat it like a business and keep themselves educated on what’s going on and then there’s the shops that are so old school, they order their books, they sell their books and that’s just about all they do. They sit and stare at their register until someone buys something.

      3. Well in my opinion if you pre order the book then you should get it at cover, but if you are rushing to buy the hot book after release then mark ups are ok. It’s expensive running a business. I’m not a shop owner and I do buy up all the hot books I can find at cover. But don’t get pissed when I see a markup here or there. I agree that speculators should get more respect. A customer is a customer. Some people have no people skills. Alienating a customer is bad for business.

    2. I think it’s this bizarre idea they get that you are somehow cheating them out of something. Look, I figure it is the seller’s responsibility to know his business, to keep up on his inventory. And it’s not as if the various comic spec websites are ultra secret. Anyone, even a lazy shop owner, can read them, pull the books, and price accordingly. I’m sure we all know the guy who asks you ” What’s up with Batman this week? People keep calling to see if I have it?” Or the one who wants to know why suddenly he’s selling back issues of Quasar?
      This same guy sits behind the counter all day, talking baseball or bitching about how bad business is. Won’t sell online, no Ebay, open 3 days a week, and junk everywhere. Lazy. They want you to do their research for them.

      1. Yeah that’s exactly what I thought.
        Like you said, a little bit of research and they can take even more advantage than we can as they get face to face time with punters where they can proactively “sell” their special editions rather than just rely on what their customers directly ask for.

      2. The problem with the front end retailers who sell comic books that start selling at the secondary market value would see their sales start to plummet. If all shops started doing what we do on the secondary market for those that are too lazy to pre-order books or even wake up to get to their shops on release day (or even a few days later if the books are still sitting on the shelf), then there would be no secondary market and no one would be buy $20 books to flip for $20.. or whatever the current demand in value is.
        Now, if a LCS finds that a few books are still hot a few days or week after release day, by all means I think they have the right to bump their list price to take advantage of the new market value of such books.

      3. If you own a comic shop and your not keeping up with what back issues are hot from tv or movies, what golden,silver, and bronze age keys are gaining currently, and what new characters first appearances and other new keys are coming for preorder your not doing your job. And yes you will be taken advantage of over and over again on people buying stuff for cheap that you didn’t know any better of. You can’t blame the informed person only the uninformed owner.

      4. I would be a horrible comicshop owner no comic going for over cover before release would hit the shelves, I would only have overpriced minor keys on the good books wall, I would make you pay for a bag and board, I will only sell my ratio variants on eBay for jacked prices, and finally I would do store exclusives with 500 print run and only sell 100 copies and sell the rest myself. Would be the worst comicshop ever

  13. Hey everyone. Nice to see some chatter this week! Made a quick stop at the paint store(ugh) after my lcs, and even though i said I was done last week, I lied. I still have the garage and front doors. So I am off to that in a moment.
    Today I grabbed:
    Metal – regular, jrjr, lee, kubert
    Green lanterns
    Justice league
    Star wars
    Renew your vows
    Totally awesome hulk
    Some true believers
    Sheena #0 for 25 cents
    Bonus pictures because that’s what we’re doing today:
    New couch (old one wouldn’t fit through basement door) and new toy 🙂

      1. That was my issue too!! The stairs are narrow and do a complete 180 degree turn with a landing. Tried two couches and couldn’t get them down. This one, each piece is is separate. no problem getting through a 31″ door. They just rotated around the corner and right through the door. You can mix and match pieces too. I opted for two corners and two arm-less to make an L, but there are other options as well.

        1. Yes, my steps going down are walled. At the top, you take a 90 degree turn and at the bottom, do a 180 degree turn…. thats why you always see the beanbags in my basement. That is the nerve center of chu

      2. Just make your furniture down there then.. I’m sure there are Youtube videos that show you how to make awesome couches.. 😛

      3. Actually Poyo , the furniture shop I got this at let me know that they have a guy they can refer me to if the couch didn’t fit. For $200 he takes it apart and reassembles it wherever you couldn’t get it into.

      4. The trick with Ikea is to use a cordless drill with the Allen key screwdriver bit. Set the torque low so you don’t damage the product and it’s soo much easier.
        That is, if you can fit the darn boxes into your vehicle. Good to know people with pick up trucks (those Billy bookcases are heavy and long!)

      1. Toys r us.
        It’s McFarlane toys.
        There’s also krombopulous michael, scary Terry , Jerry, eveil Rick and Morty and Rick and Morty with garage and ship.

      1. Yeah, I like the idea of that as well. I picked up a copy, was going to sell but now I’m thinking I should maybe hold for long term gambling.

  14. Just hit the LCS. No Sheena, no Hulk, no Metal aside from the standard choices, no Valiant books. Here’s the list:
    X-MEN BLUE #9 SE
    ROM #12
    INJUSTICE 2 #8
    HORIZON #13
    SPY SEAL #1
    STAR WARS #34
    And a few Metal variants that are coming in the mail.

  15. I have 12 copies in total of TA Hulk #22 (5 pre orders and my lucky find of 7 in a shop earlier).
    I’ve put one on auction and 3 on fixed price.
    Is it best to limit the number I put up? (In stocks and commodity trading you don’t want to “flood” the market with too much stock as value drops… is it the same with this).

  16. Went looking for some Awesome Hulk #22s and ended up at a shop I don’t visit much. Just my luck, they had just purchased an entire run of everything Spider-Man has been in…ever. Including an AF #15. They hadn’t priced everything yet, but had 6 short boxes of stuff. There were some gems in there, including the Maximum Carnage Acclaim Video game comic. Here’s my score.

  17. My pick ups this week were:
    My pick ups this week were:
    Awesome Hulk #20 & #22
    Astonishing XMen #2, Torque variant
    Mother Russia #2
    Trespasser #2
    Wolverine Generations #1, b cover
    Star Wars #34
    Normandy Gold #3
    Metal #1 regular ‘horns’ cover (brilliant cover concept)
    Batman #29
    Marvel Tales Feat. Spider-Man #209, reprints 1st appearance of Punisher
    Marvel Tales Feat. Spider-Man #223 – #239, full run of McFarlane Cover Art
    All the marvel Tales were $3 CDN each and are in NM
    Spawn Directors Cut Encore, $10 CDN NM
    Moon Knight #57, ASM 300 Homage, $20 CDN
    ASM #4 vol.3 1st Silk, $21 CDN, NM
    Spider-Man #1/2 Wizard give away with C.O.A., $9 CDN, NM
    Carnage #1, Wells Crain series, $4, NM
    Venom Along Came A Spider #1, 1st appeRance of a symbiote, can’t remember which one, but it was featured in Alana’s weekend specs a few weeks ago. $4, NM
    And best for last, a VF+/NM Maximum Carnage #1, Acclaim Video Game Edition. It has a few spine tics. All very minor and two have slight colour break , $27 CDN

  18. Got…
    TAH #22 x 2 (Marvel)
    Metal #1 Jim Lee Cover (DC)
    Metal #1 Michael Turner’s Connecting Wonder Woman/Batman/Superman Covers x 2 (Aspen/DC)
    Sandman Special #1 (DC)
    The Wicked Righteous #1 (Alterna)

  19. My lcs had about 15-20 TAH #22 at opening. Maybe 10 of us there. I grabbed 3 and the rest remained. Was quite shocked. I’m sure they are gone by now. Couldn’t find the Dell ‘Otto Spider Men variant to save my life. All sold out at the midnight Metal release.

  20. LCS
    Totally Awesome Hulk 22
    Weapon X 6
    Batman 29 reg cvr
    Motor Girl 8
    Normandy Gold 3 cvr a
    Action Comics Vol 2 #983 Cover A Regular Clay Mann Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #30 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    America (Overground Comics) #4
    American Gods Shadows #5 Cover A Regular Glenn Fabry Cover
    Animosity #8
    Animosity The Rise #2
    Briggs Land Lone Wolves #2 Cover B Variant Fiona Staples Cover
    Centipede #1 Cover D Variant Classic Game Art Cover
    Comic Shop News #1575
    Dark Days The Casting #1 Cover A Regular Jim Lee & Scott Williams Foil-Stamped Cover
    Deadly Class #29 Cover B Variant Brian Level Cover
    Defenders Vol 5 #3 Cover A Regular David Marquez Cover
    Divided States Of Hysteria #2 Cover A Regular Howard Chaykin Cover
    Edge Of Venomverse #2 Cover A Regular Francesco Mattina Cover
    Eternal Empire #3
    Flash Vol 5 #26 Cover A Regular Carmine Di Giandomenico Cover
    Generation X Vol 2 #4 Cover A Regular Terry Dodson Cover
    Grass Kings #5 Cover C Variant Greg Smallwood Cover
    Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3 #7 Cover C Keith Garvey
    Harbinger Renegade #5 Cover C Variant Clayton Crain Cover
    Hulk Vol 4 #8
    Kill Or Be Killed #10
    Last Hunt #1 NEXT WEEK
    Old Man Logan Vol 2 #26 Cover A Regular Mike Deodato Jr Cover
    Orphan Black Deviations #3 Cover A Regular Cat Staggs Cover
    Regression #3 Cover B Variant Danny Luckert Images Of Tomorrow Cover
    Rose #4 Cover B Variant David Finch Cover
    Sabrina Vol 3 #7 Cover A Regular Robert Hack Cover
    Scooby Apocalypse #15 Cover A Regular Carlos DAnda Cover
    Secret Warriors Vol 2 #4 (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    Shadows On The Grave #6
    Smoketown #3
    Spider-Men II #1 Cover C Variant Daniel Acuna Cover
    Supergirl Vol 7 #11 Cover A Regular Robson Rocha & Daniel Henriques Cover
    Superwoman #12 Cover A Regular Ken Lashley Cover
    Vampirella Vol 7 #5 Cover C Variant Cosplay Photo Cover
    Venom Vol 3 #152 Cover A Regular Francisco Herrera Cover
    Weapon X Vol 3 #5 Cover A Regular Skan Cover (Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Part 3)
    Dropped (for now):
    Detective Comics
    Jean Grey
    Doctor Aphra
    Suicide Squad
    Violent Love
    X-men Blue

  21. Got off work about 1/2hr ago and missed going to the LCS. Going to call some LCS tomorrow and see what I can find. But as promised, here is what I picked up over the weekend. Nothing big:
    Mister Miracle #1 (A&B both at cover)
    Amazing fantasy #15 ( true believers)
    ASM #1 ( true believers)
    Some batman funko pop ( for my little one)
    Supergirl Artgerm cover ×2 ( also at cover price)
    Batman Adventures #12 ( which is going to get pressed and sent to CGC. My wife’s anniversary present)
    ASM #361-363 NM- NM+ ( they where at a price that I couldn’t say NO to)
    One thing that I have seen with some LCS is that there incentive variants are higher priced up then usual for Marvel books. Has anyone else seen this at there LCS?

  22. Anyone else’s local shops have horribly damaged Metals books? Both my shops had what seemed as really bad spine damage to almost all their Metals books, even the variants. I found one book out of all of them that had just a slight spine crease but most had two or more, with most having color breaks in the creases. One shop had the midnight black and white out with $79.99 price tag but it had several spine ticks as well, no way I’d spend that much on a book that would likely grade at 9.2

      1. I will double check the ones I got, but I really don’t remember there being any that were damaged.
        It may be a regional thing, because when grass king’s came out and were mostly damaged in your area, I was easily able to find and grab a few that were clean and crisp.

  23. Very light week in terms of pick ups:
    Totally Awesome Hulk #22 (X 3)
    Southern Bastards (finally! If this book wasn’t so good, I would have given up a year ago)
    Star Wars action figure variant
    Wonder woman (frison variant)
    In terms of store owners versus speculators discussion, I think it is up to the owner to keep up with news as much as possible. The fact that store owners don’t do Ebay or visit great sites like CHU amazes me! I don’t think of myself as being super informed, but a simple Ebay search each day for 10 minutes can tell you a ton about what is moving and what is not and also reveal hidden gems (like Superman/Gen 13 #2 Campbell variant) that you might not know about.
    With that being said, one store that I go to, the owner is very informed on most stuff, but he’s said before that you can’t keep up with everything and some stuff will get missed. This same owner and I have a pretty decent relationship. If I can, I’ll let him know about potential things I’ve seen or heard and he has been very appreciative. If he hears something, he’ll let me know also. Part of the fun is the hunt and part of the fun, for me, is sharing what I find out with others!
    PC pick up for the week:
    Only one item for the week, original artwork promo for Galaktikon by Steve Mannion!
    My first piece of original comic book art. Hoping this doesn’t start another collecting habit.
    Good hunting everyone.

    1. Nice pickup on the artwork and thanks for chiming in on the store conversation. I try to key in some stores on things they can make money on, after all I need the stores to stay in business so I can make money too

  24. I purchased 140 mint recent DC and Marvel comics for $14 at a hobby store which have special sales every 4 months. Store doesn’t mind selling comics at a loss because other products generate most of the revenue.

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