Alana's Weekend Specs: There's a spider in my villains.

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs!!! Small write up this week as not much has been happening for TV/Movie related specs. I’ve had this written for a couple weeks now just waiting for something new to add, but nothing new even from Defenders except a small hint at Daredevil season 3 villain possibly. So let’s jump in!

Power Pack #12 1st Beautiful Dreamer
Beautiful Dreamer is a mutant with the power to implant false memories and erroneous identities in others using her “dream smoke”. She uses cigarettes to focus her powers. The effect was reversible by her only. Recent casting for Gifted on FOX shows Beautiful Dreamer joining the cast.

Infinity Inc. #34 1st Hazard 1st Artemis Crock
Hazard the daughter of Gambler will be on the coming season of Flash. This book also has Artemis Crock’s 1st appearance and she may land on Arrow.

Infinity War #1 1st Doppelgänger
Doppelganger is an evil, near-mindless duplicate of Spider-man that was created by Magus during the battle Infinity War. The eight-limbed creature was killed and raised from the dead by Demogoblin making the super Doppelgänger. The Doppelganger possesses Spider-Man’s strength, speed, wall-climbing abilities, and spider-sense, and also has six arms, claws, fangs, and the ability to produce its own razor-edged webbing. It acts like an animal, and growls and hisses rather than speaks.

 Spider-Man 2099 #1 1st Spidey 2099
Amazing Spider-Man #365 Spider-man 2099 was recently added to Marvel Future Fight a popular app game. After the rush of Batman Beyond books that took place its time to keep an eye on these books now. Spidey 2099 has a current running series with the best covers going from Mattina still no one notices.

Daredevil #131
So without spoiling anything from Defenders there is a hint that Bullseye will be part of Daredevil season 3. There’s a nod to Matt’s mom in the show and that story would contain Bullseye as the villain.
Small week but the majority of these are dirt cheap even Daredevil #131 is selling low as of late. I do like Doppelgänger it could actually show up in the Spiderverse films down the road. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!!

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  1. Late breaking: Xmen #12 1st juggs. Juggernaut is rumored to be the co villain for Deadpool2 with Black Tom Cassidy Xmen # 101 1st full Black Tom. If this is true will Colossus get the gem of Cyttorak from Juggs?

  2. Hey, Alana. Great article as always. I have recently come across an epic Spidey collection that my LCS bought and are pricing out. The collection contains just about every book that has Spidey in it, on the cover or Spidey related . The shop is using a book for their pricing and the book doesn’t reflect the current market. I have pulled just about every modern key from this set so far including 1st Silk ($22), 1st Danvers as Captain Marvel ($40), 1st Toxin (complete mini for $20), ASM 601, 607, 611, What of…the other 1st Poison ($5)… I want to know if you know of any other key books which I may look for in this collection. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. For modern stuff off the top of my head ASM #569, 700 see what cover they have, any of the ASM JSC covers they have if cheap, Ultimate Spider-Man #1, 160 variant. Ultimate Fallout #4

  3. Sadly, Spider-man 2099 is no longer a current ongoing. #25 was the final issue. Peter David did exclaim in the letter column that if fans urge Marvel to greenlight it he will come back for a Defenders 2100 series, starring the future characters from the final scene of the book. As much as I enjoyed Spider-man 2099, I would much rather see Marvel bring back Peter David’s X-factor. That is one of my all-time favorite series’. And they went and screwed things up last year by pulling Madrox, the Multiple Man out of left field just to kill him off and giving no mention of his wife, Layla Miller. And by now most of the other cast members have popped up elsewhere with their new status quos completely removed… or new changes made… have you seen what they just did with Wolfsbane? WTH is that about?? I think Siryn is the only character we haven’t seen since X-factor, so she may still be a mythical being, as long as nobody decides to stick her in a book with no explanation of how she reverted back to her old self.

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