Natali Sanders Covers Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special

Our friends over at Comic Market Street has locked in the wonderfully talented Natali Sanders for her first DC exclusive, Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1.
Check out the larger images of the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 featuring cover art from Natali Sanders
The books are listed at $15 for the Color, $20 for the Black and White, and $35 for the set.
Print Runs:
Full Color Cover: 2700 total copies
B&W Cover: 1,350 total copies
The books are already being listed above asking price on eBay, and selling above as well.

22 thoughts on “Natali Sanders Covers Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special”

  1. For those listing above website cost, I’m trying to figure out who would purchase these books on the Bay for more $$$ than on the Comic Market Street website?
    I’m also trying to figure out who would sell these for the same amount as the Comic Market Street website. After Feebay fees, isn’t it a loss of $$?

    1. Lol. People aren’t as savvy as some of us and just purchase things they see because they like them. They have no idea where they come from. As for why people are listing for the same cost, the only thing I can think of is they got them cheaper, because of not, they are stupid. Losing money is never sound financial planning.

  2. Love the little detail, Natali only draws and paints females so that little Joker head on Harley’s tattoo on the left Harley, is the only male work I’ve ever seen of hers.

    1. I think she uses herself as a model. She looks like a lot of her paintings. J Scott Campbell gets a lot of crap for drawing the same woman over and over, truth is, he uses his girlfriend as his model.

  3. Hey im some what new to comic books and your site, do you ever do a section for pre orders? say a spec for pre orders, or just by a weekly basis, also will all these comic books be in comic book stores the week of? or do i have to buy them online?

    1. No. They will be in stores as well as online. Always check your LCS first but to be honest with you, sometimes pre-ordering will secure you the copies in the quantity that you want.

    1. These are store exclusives. Some take off. Many do not. However there is a collectors base for them and Comic Market Street prices them fairly so there is some meat on the bone.

  4. Im debating buy the set right now, wondering if they will be a long term or short turn return. and would you suggest getting the set signed or unsigned?

  5. oh and my local comic book store has Weapon X #6 in, do you suggest i grab it along with #7 tomorrow? Would they be a good bundle sale you think?

    1. I use mmcomics, midtown, unknowncomics for preorders of cover of the month sets like Venomized. MM for my preorders, midtown for stuff I forgot or missed the week before release.

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