Wednesday Winner: Batman The Shadow #5 Mattina Variant

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop on a Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nicer that by the end of the week some of those books sell for multiple times cover price. Batman The Shadow #5 Mattina Variant is one of those books.

Once the cheap copies were cleared out on eBay, they sold as high as $15.

Prices have settled a little, with listings anywhere from $5 to $15, why anyone would shoot for the low end to sell when the median sale price is between $8 to $10.


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15 Responses to Wednesday Winner: Batman The Shadow #5 Mattina Variant

  1. Richard Sean Guevara says:

    Super sad my shop sold out before I got in. Wanted one for my PC, not for resell.

  2. Karl says:

    I have two auctions for this ending tonight but he first one I put on on Wednesday didn’t sell and started the auction at double face value….

    Perhaps it was the 1 day auction and cheap copies still being available.

    That said I have a fair few followers now on Ines ending tonight but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything….

  3. Vann says:

    This cover is so under-rated….I can’t believe the low ball sales on eBay. I’ll keep all of my copies for long term…..

  4. Kirk Lange says:

    This book is a definite hold for me…the cover is just too good.

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