New Comic Spec Review Video for 8/30/17

This year is flying by, already the end of August. Normally Terry Hoknes from joins Anthony, but this week Anthony handles the duties alone. Here is this weeks video for comics releasing 8/30/17:


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  1. Comixbrainz says:

    Mace Windu #1 40th Anniversary variant. Will pick up some of these if I see them.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yes, two Princess Leia 40th covers this week in fact. These have been going unnoticed and then start to fetch nice dollars later on, down the road after those likely hardcore Star Wars original nuts can’t find them locally so they resort to buying them online in the secondary market.

      These shouldn’t be overlooked, especially for the Poe and Aphra books which have smaller print runs than the Star Wars main series, so they can be hard to come by.

    • A. King says:

      I have got 3 pre-ordered, may pick up one more if I see it.

  2. emiobeg says:

    My picks for this week are all Indie books. Batvark #1, Destroyer #4 & Amazing World Of Gumball 2017 Grab Bag #1

  3. A few others that could fly under the radar are the

    Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Marvel vs Capcom Shinkiro
    Black Panther Jenny Frison variant

    Both sold out at Midtown, maybe ones to keep an eye on this week

  4. rush diehard says:

    there is a raw totally awesome hulk #22 going for $81 u.s. on eBay. sale ends at 9 08pm est tonight (august 28th)
    $81 and counting…..holy smokes!!!!

    • Anthony says:

      I saw. A couple in the $50 range as well. I have pretty much tapped my market out and sold all but one. Holding a set of Weapon H to see where it goes.

    • Cyber Golem says:

      If its the same one I saw – it went for over 100 US cash. I have one on ebay at the moment. Im gonna see where it goes. Also holding onto 3 of them – I think I should sell them. Also saw some going for 50 bucks. I think the market is ify right now. Just blows my mind!!

  5. rush diehard says:

    make that $86 now

    • Alana says:

      That guy has it listed as guaranteed 9.8 cgc I think some bidders are confused thinking they are getting a CGC graded book.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’m gonna buy it, send another copy off to get graded that isn’t 9.8, then get my money back and my CGC fees.. cause you know, he “guarantees it will be cgc 9.8”..

        But yes, he does make it seem like it’s already graded and people on eBay are a bit sometimes on the “stupid” side who impulse buy without really reading the descriptions and such. At best, this is a manipulative tactic to boost his bids and is borderline against the rules, since it says it’s guaranteed but not necessarily CGC graded.

  6. David Bitterbaum says:

    It is a light week, but sometimes a little breather is nice! I think those, “True Believer,” comics are quite snazzy at their low price-point in stores as well as how they are a good read if you want to take a trip to the past of comics!

    • agentpoyo says:

      I know Anthony likes flipping them for a few bucks but I usually don’t bother. Most if not all of these books I already have access to with my Marvel Unlimited app, which is usually about $60 a year annual membership.

      But yeah, I really enjoy reading older books, especially on the fly from my phone or tablet. Comes in handy when the kids and wife are bothering me when we are waiting for our seats at a restaurant or what not.. 🙂

  7. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Throwing this one out there because no one has mentioned it is Savage Dragon 226.. I don’t read Savage Dragon nor like present day politics in my books, but may flip for a profit as Savage Dragon tends to have low print runs and I’m sure there are plenty of non-comic readers who would pick up a copy of a book where Trump is yelling “Kill the Aliens”.

  8. rush diehard says:

    totally awesome hulk 22 ended at $170.50…..lolol

  9. Richard Sean Guevara says:

    Does anyone know is Gwenom shows up in tomorrow’s issue of Spider Gwen #23? If so maybe that could be a hit

  10. rush diehard says:

    another totally awesome hulk sold for over $100….$107.50. if it is going for this much……maybe people should have waited another week to get rid of it. shoulda coulda woulda i guess. this is insane.

    • Anthony says:

      I sold. And held. Lol. Win win. I had a bunch of copies and made a great profit. But held a set of books for myself since they were well paid for at this point. I don’t love them and may sell in the future.

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