Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 150th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Here are my weekly pick ups for 8/30/17

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      1. Was hoping some of the other books in the Weapon of Mass Destruction series will hear up. I have a bunch of Weapon H #7. Like a bunch. I can get the WMD #1 Lucia Parillo variants cheap too.

      2. I’m just annoyed that I sold 5 copies of TAH 22 for $20 each….
        That said I do have another 3 copies.
        I just today sold out of Weapon X #7 (7 copies in total) they sold for about $12 each (keeping one for a possible set offering). So a small profit.
        This week I decided to spend my cash on acquiring signed items such as rick and morty pocket like you stole it #1 SDCC signed by both author and artist, a copy of adventure time regular show #1 SDCC signed by author (paid $12 for this and already been offered over $60…) etc.
        I’m on a rick and morty vibe so bought a copy of Rick and Morty Lil Poopy Star Volume 1 again double signed for less than $20…. will put that up for $130 as I did my other signed rick and morty comic (they may not be worth that yet but anything rick and morty I’m happy to hold onto as the prices are only going one way for the foreseeable future).
        Last night I bought a copy of Rick and Morty #1 1st print SDCC 2015 variant – with shipping and everything else it cost me $70…… again perhaps a little high on price but one to hold onto for a year or so.
        Lastly…. I bought 5 copies of Darkseid #1 and 5 copies of Batvark #1. Not particularly confident in them after the failing of Batman the shadow and Nightwing last week so only getting a small amount….
        Thanks as always to Anthony and the comicsheatingup community in general!

        1. As long as you sold at a profit, you still won by selling 5 at $20….. I never play the “if” game as long as I flipped at profit.

    1. Sadly the second print won’t be one of those cool new character covers they sometimes do for second prints. Just the same cover with blue lettering.

      1. No regrets, fellas. No room for regret in the flip game. Half full. You made a good profit (based on but in). The regret of the one that did stay hot is far outweighed by the 100 others that do cool down. Would you rather hold everything and cross your fingers it takes off? Or would you rather sell, sell, sell? Some of us didn’t get 1 copy to flip @ $20. Count yer blessin’, and move on.

      2. Jay absolutely agree!
        Very happy with how TAH 22 and Dark Nights midnight variant payed off for me (and made a nice profit on the jepack : forbidden planet variant of dark Nights as well).
        Like trading anything, never consider the profits you could have had…. I learnt that with apple shares.
        I bought about $500’a worth ages ago, sold around 2 years ago… made a massive profit…. but had I held on…. I would have quadrupled my profit again!
        But as you point out, I’m happy with the profit I made!

    1. Yeah right? Sold it for $15 2 weeks ago when it was a $10-$15 book. Wish I was able to find more than that one copy just to flip it now. Ridiculously idiotic looking character, no way he has staying power.
      I swear there is a modern comic Illuminati who forces drek like this onto the aftermarket masses, drives up the prices with shill bidding, “sell” the books to each other on ebay (while never paying for them) then dump them onto the unsuspecting chumps at the high ceiling price and laugh a the book plummets inside of 6 months.
      But that’s just me

  1. I’m sad to announce that this will be the last Wednesday of my vacation. Back to work tomorrow. Going to enjoy my last round of vacation comics and take in a ball game tonight. Great seats too.
    Today I grabbed:
    A few $5 tpb’s – marvel zombies
    The true believer from today
    All star Batman
    Jimmy’s bastards
    Secret empire
    Supergirl annual
    Uncanny avengers
    That’s it. Now to get busy enjoying my last day off.

  2. For every TAH 22, there’s at least 5 Once our Land…etc. etc.(didn’t want to think of the huge list so just put the first title that came to mind)…. so like most say here, NO RAGRETS… not even one letter!

  3. I read issues 1-5 of Vertigos Eclipse title this week. I enjoyed it and will be continuing the story to see how it unfolds. Check it out. Good read.

  4. My pick ups this week include:
    Animosity #9
    Lady of Wrath #1 (a kick starter book that was written and drawn by local guys)
    Dark Nights Metal #1 midnight variant
    Star Wars #35, reg and 40th
    Mace Windu #1, 40th
    Secret Empire #10 Civil Warrior variant
    Bat-Vark #1
    JLA #13-B
    Savage Dragon #226
    All Star Batman #13-C
    Thanos #10
    ASM Ashcan from 1994 $1-NM
    Batgirl #13-B
    Black Panther #17 Frison connect
    ASM #378, 379, 380 – to complete my max. Carnage storyline set
    Avenging Spidey #12, Deadpool cover
    Venom #1, 2003 series
    Spider-Man Noir #1-#4, NM, $16 for set
    Marvel Adv. Spider-Man #53-#59, complete set of Scottie Young Covers, NM, $20 for set
    Ultimate Spider-Man #33-#38, 1st ultimate Venom, NM, $22 for set
    Ultimate Spider-Man #60-#65, 1st Ultimate Carnage $20 for set
    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20
    Spider-Man Adventures #10, 1st Venom
    Peter Parker Spec. Spidey #1, 1 per store, $6
    Spectacular Spider-Man #203, carnage cover
    Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1, $5
    All New Ultimate Spider-Man #1 white poly bagged, $6
    Planet of the Symbiotes Spider-Man Specials #1, #2, #4, #5, $16 for set

  5. In Houston, so my lcs hasn’t gotten its shipment of comics in yet. Looking forward to getting back to some normalcy to help get my mind off of how crazy it is here.

      1. Thanks for the well wishes. My family and I feel blessed. Others weren’t as fortunate and we are doing what we can to help out around here. This city and its people amazes me.

  6. I got lucky and ended up buying 2 copies TAH 21 and 22 for 5$ each and WX 5 6 7 for 4$ each!!
    Missing TAH 19 and 20 1st frints though 🙁

  7. This week’s pulls:
    BATVARK #1
    NORMALS #4
    ALL STAR BATMAN #13 – nice cover
    PAKLIS #4
    SAGA #46
    IMAGE+ V2 #1
    X-FILES #17
    SECRET EMPIRE #10 (OF 10) SE
    STAR WARS #35
    THANOS #10
    X-MEN BLUE #10
    PREVIEWS #348
    No Star Wars variants, and a couple other books not available. A couple of damaged books, too, but I did win a $10 gift certificate from the Zoltar machine which will be used on the 50-cent boxes.

  8. Really slow week for me, but a damn good one!
    1x Savage Dragon Trump Variant
    1x Vault of Horror #35 (The awesome axe hacking Christmas cover…spent my weekly funds on a book I really needed)

  9. Pick-ups for the week:
    Black Panther #17 (beautiful Frison variant artwork of Storm X 2)
    Jimmy’s Bastards #3
    Secret Empire #10 (Campbell variant)
    Mace Windu #1 (Steranko homage variant)
    Wonder Woman (Frison variant)
    One of my local stores was having a pre-holiday sale with back issues 70% off. Was able to get the all the following books for under $20 total!
    Warlord of Mars #27, #30, #34, #35 (Parrillo variants)
    Sandman #69 (1st Daniel as Dream)
    Wonder Woman #17, #15, #20, #10, #14 (Frison variants)
    Exiles #86 (Wolverine Hulk mash up prototype)
    Good hunting everyone!

    1. Very sad…. First time I think I walked in and walked out with nothing. I did buy the kid a Pokemon pack, he got some sort of Mega EX so I guess today wasn’t a total letdown or loss….

  10. Only two new comics for me today……..
    Black Panther #17 Frison cover going to start pre-ordering these so I don’t have to worry about finding them
    The Force Awakens IDW Adaptation
    This shop I went to today I went a couple of weeks ago and I saw that they had a bunch of the Star Wars 40th anniversary variants, including 8 copies of Dr. Aphra #3 part 1 of 48. So I grabbed them all with a bunch of the other covers all of them were $6 to $7 each. I kept looking around , then I noticed a Poe Dameron #10 on the wall for $50, and I remembered some of the stories you guys have told about cashiers looking up or changing the price at the register. I did not want to tip them off so I put them all back except for 2 (in a different location) and I was just going twice a week picking up 2 copies until today when I got the last two.

  11. Nothing out today piques my interest, maybe Savage Dragon 226 for the cover if I see a 9.8 on the rack.
    Great hunting over the weekend, found these all for $1 each Zatanna #1-16 set, Detective 871-881 run with a NM #880 for the pc, Superman Deadly Legacy set, all 3 language variants.
    Captain Marvel #14, 17 1st print $5 each.
    Ebay pickups: Captain Britain #1 with mask
    Chamber Of Chills #24, slowly building my set of the Harvey pre-code classic series. Gonna take a lot of time, and money to get a #19 one day

    1. You have great taste collecting pre code books.
      They are the jam. So many great ones, especially the pre code Marvel/Atlas. I especially love the cover to Journey into Mystery 53 with the giant robot. Badassssss.
      And yes Chamber of Chills 19 is one of the holier grails out there too.
      For those that don’t know, The Misfits used it for the Die Die My Darling record cover, it’s doubly awesome because of that, especially if you’re an old school punk fan such as myself.

      1. 2ndfullcameoappearance- Thanx, I just love the Lee Elias covers! I have a Die Die My Darling 12″ on Plan 9 Records signed by Jerry Only, the closest I will ever get to a COC #19 lol. Thankfully, Overstreet doesn’t reflect the interest in that book with their pricing so there’s still a chance if one happens to walk into a shop around here.
        I have a half dozen or so Weird Science and Weird Fantasy EC’s, a few tales From The Crypt. Another full run project which will take years no doubt

  12. LCS
    Saga 46
    Shirtless Bear-figter 3 toilet paper cvr
    Image + volume 2 #1
    Action Comics Vol 2 #984 Cover B Variant Mikel Janin Cover
    Adam Wreck #2
    Alien Bounty Hunter #1
    All-New Classic Archie Your Pal Archie #1 Cover B Variant Les McClaine Cover
    All-Star Batman #12 Cover C Variant Sebastian Fiumara Cover
    Amazing Age #2
    Batman The Shadow #4 Cover C Variant Dave Johnson Cover
    Beautiful Canvas #2
    Black Hammer #11 Cover A Regular Dean Ormston Cover
    Black Panther Vol 6 #16 Cover C Variant Jim Lee X-Men Trading Card Cover
    Cannibal #7
    Captain America Sam Wilson #24 (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    Captain America Steve Rogers #19 Cover A Regular Jesus Saiz Cover (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    Comic Shop News #1577
    Croak #2
    Crosswind #2 Cover C Variant Cat Staggs Images Of Tomorrow Cover
    Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Summer Special #1 Cover A Regular Dan Parent Cover
    Dollface #7 Cover F Variant Collette Turner Pin-Up Tattered & Torn Cover
    Edge Of Venomverse #3 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Francesco Mattina Cover
    Flash Vol 5 #27 Cover B Variant Howard Porter Cover
    Heathen #3 Cover C 2nd Ptg Jen Bartel Variant Cover
    Iceman Vol 3 #3
    Lazaretto #1 NEXT WEEK
    Lilith Dark #2
    Made Men #1 Cover B Variant Juan Ferreyra Cover NEXT WEEK
    Namwolf #4 Cover A Regular Logan Faerber Cover
    Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys The Big Lie #5 Cover A Regular Fay Dalton Cover
    Normals #3
    Occupy Avengers #9 (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #29
    Pitiful Human-Lizard #14
    Plastic #4 Cover A Andrew Robinson
    Postal #21 Cover A Regular Linda Sejic Cover
    Punisher Vol 10 #14 Cover A Regular Declan Shalvey Cover
    Rebels These Free And Independent States #5
    Secret Empire #7 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover
    Sons Of The Devil #14
    Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #22
    Street Tiger #4
    Underwinter #5 Cover B Variant Jamie McKelvie Cover
    Vampblade Season Two #5 Cover C Variant Dan Mendoza Artist Cover
    X-O Manowar Vol 4 #5 Cover A Regular Lewis Larosa Cover

  13. This week I picked up:
    -Black Panther 17 – Frison cover (what other books will this connect to?)
    -Wonder Woman 29 cover B – Frisson (anyone else see the reference to the old National Geographic cover?)
    – Secret Empire 10, I have been collecting the whole series but I’m three books back on reading.
    Anyone else here planning to go to the Baltimore Show in September?

  14. Hey guys got a dilemma i need help. I bought 4 Totally Awesome Hulk #22 from midtown with my luck package and comics got bent slightly in half and whoever packed books dented one corner on each book. i sent pictures and week went by.No reply.So i did chat with them Monday.They sent me return label today.Said they have replacements even though i told her the book is sold out.In the mean time books are up to 50 dollars.Mine are damaged but worth more than the 17 dollars i paid for all 4 .I am going to call customer service tomorrow to make sure they have them in stock to replace.If they say yes do i trust them or just keep the books and make some profit?.

    1. I have found that if the comic isn’t available on their website, it won’t be available period. I had a similar experience where I purchased a Captain Atom 83, which was supposed to be the original and when I got it, it was of course the modern reprint. They did refund the difference, but only because after scouring their inventory, they discovered that they didn’t actually have the original and they just listed it incorrectly. I have made several great purchases from Midtown over the years so I’m in no way trying to bash them, but I’d suggest holding onto the TAH 22s.

      1. My experience tells me they do no have these. Keep’em, you’ll send them back and they’ll just resell these as still NM to someone else and just refund you.

  15. Small week for me but man am I happy I went to my LCS still.
    So I got
    2nd Print of Generations Hulk – Mattina variant
    Secret Empire 10 – Dell Otto variant, was cool cuz none were left on the shelves and I didn’t ask for this cover but my shop guys put in my box along with the Andrea Sorrentino one. I passed on Sorrentino as I have all the connecting covers.
    Wonder Woman 29 – Cover B Variant cuz it’s beautiful lol
    True Believers Ironman
    True Believers Ant-Man The Wasp
    But my favorite pick ups today were some Vision comics. Tom Kings Vision run is by far my favorite comic I’ve ever read. I got a Vision #3 1:25 ratio Variant by Christian Ward for $11 bucks. Super happy about this as there’s only one listed on eBay for 38.99 plus shipping or best offer. With no recent sales either.
    Also gotta pick up a Vision #1 by Tom King first print for cover as well. My LCS bought a bunch of comics from a shop that unfortunately closed further up north from us. So they have a some new inventory. I’ll be going back tomorrow on my day off to check more stuff out.
    Also last but not least, it’s still making its way to me through the mail. But I gotta give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to agentpoyo for hooking me up with a Batman/Shadow #5 Mattina variant cover, as I was unable to snag one last week. Again a big thank you !

    1. Did it arrive? I haven’t checked the tracking as it seemed everything I shipped out on Monday my local post office didn’t do any tracking scans (drives me nuts when I pay for tracking and then tracking updates kick in 2-3 days later).
      But your totally welcome! 🙂

      1. It hasn’t made its way here yet. Tracking seems to be down this morning. But when I checked last night it said it should arrive today.

      2. It just came in actually. Thank you thank you! Excellent packaging job btw never seen a package like that. But lol that would’ve survived getting ran over I imagine. How do you post pictures on here? Id like to throw a pic of it up if possible.

        1. Haha.. Anthony actually complains about my packaging. I think it’s because he has sausage fingers, hard for him to get tape off.. 😉

    2. I just got Vision issues #1-9 including Vision #3 1:25 ratio Variant by Christian Ward for $29. I have an extra issue #1 if your interested.

      1. That’s a nice deal you got. I’m always interested in more copies of #1 any variants. What would be the best way to contact you?

  16. Slow week for me. I needed it.
    Star Wars 35 – Action Figure Variant. Still buying these even though the nostalgia is wearing off.
    Saga 33.

  17. You know what I’ve just gone in on TAH 22 even harder.
    I boy a single copy for about $35 (UK price £30).
    And I also bought a set which include TAH 22 but also including below for about $60 (UK £53).
    Based on everything I still think it’s going to go up significantly in those prices and I’ll make money off them.
    Bundle for $60 included:

    1. I still have 3 copies I paid face value for so if above doesn’t work out I’ll more than cover any losses with those.

  18. Black Racer #1
    Darkseid #1
    Solar Flare #3, 5
    Secret Empire #10 Kirby
    Space Riders #3
    True Believers: Antman, Ironman
    WMD #1
    Weapon X #5, 6

  19. I talked to midtown customer service about TAH #22 and she said they have replacements in office.So i sent them back today.will let you guys know what happens .thanks for your input.

  20. Well unknown comics FINALLY refunded me for my image blindbox that they kept making excuses on why they didnt ship it out yet. One thing im annoyed at is never apologized for it. Never gonna recommend them to anyone. They claimed they refunded me when i asked last week, i said doesnt show it on my paypal. They say they gotta call paypal n see why. Hour later i say nothing showing up on my paypal,no response. 2hours after that i say stop giving me run around n how hard is it to paypal me. Persons claims hes been busy n has to finish his work n doesnt have time to call paypal. So i have the customer have to inform him paypal doesnt refund transactions after 180 days u have to use the send $ tab. So within 5 min i got my $. Took 1 1/2 months smh . N ponder this how can u say u refunded me if the transaction doesnt let you even??? Theres my review of the way they run their business ??

      1. Overpriced lottery ticket with a small payout to the 400 winners not 500, since Charlie Adlard was selling a bunch of copies from his comic store before the blindboxes even came out.

      2. Austin Books hiked the price of the one they had to $575 when they were first released.. sadly I told them good luck selling it at that price and mentioned all the duplicates people were reporting, how it was just a huge marketing ploy to sell a bunch of their new $3-4 books with slightly different covers.
        I was just there yesterday and guess what? It’s still sitting there.. It’ll probably still be there a few months from now.. maybe even years!

    1. I’m sorry to here you had trouble with them. I often use them I just sent an order yesterday, and I often recommend them. I’ve yet to have a problem with unknown. If my recommendation in the past made you go to unknown I apologize for any problems you had with them.

  21. I wanted to get some opinions on some books due out. What are your thoughts on Spider-men II #3(new Miles Morales?), Marvel Legacy #1(ratio variants), Doomsday clock #1(lenticular), Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica(Hughes cover). Is anyone speculating on these?

      1. Pestilence is awesome but it’s only on issue #3 so far. Needs to come out twice a month.. or maybe 4 times a month, just make it weekly for crying out loud.. 😉

    1. Real or fantasy. I need more than BEK or 90’s valiant reading. Also TAH 22 is going crazy. I was going to list it tomorrow but I’m thinking of hanging on to it for a while…..

      1. Thanks guys. Hopefully get back to normal in a week or 2 after this flood. We got lucky in sugar land that the brazos river didn’t crest as high as they thought. But wow the towns down river are all but gone.

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