Savage Dragon Moves to Canada in Savage Dragon #227

There was a lot of talk of people moving to Canada, especially celebrities,  if Donald Trump won the election. Trump won, no one moved up north (or that I have heard.) But Eric Larson is sending his Savage Dragon out of Chicago and up to the Great White North in Savage Dragon #227

Savage Dragon #227, out 9/20/2017, has Malcom Dragon and family moving to Toronto.

With America’s hostile anti-alien fervor, Malcolm Dragon is forced to relocate his family to the Great White North. Toronto welcomes a new champion, and Malcolm Dragon settles in at his new home.

Savage Dragon #226 featured Donald Trump declaring war on aliens, and is starting to sell slightly above cover price.

30 thoughts on “Savage Dragon Moves to Canada in Savage Dragon #227”

  1. Send the comics there as well. Mr one trick pony is exploiting politics and it probably isn’t going to be the shot in the arm that he’s banking on.

    1. And we will welcome all the refugees and give them the hope that America has stood for for so long, but, unfortunately under 45, no longer seems to beem.

    2. Better there than here, just what we need is 100,000 people with no skills or to take low skilled jobs away from struggling Americans. I can’t wait to vote for him again!

      1. There are a lot of homeless people where I live. I have seen couple of them in there early 30’s that can still look for work. I tell myself and other people that if an illegal person can find work, why can’t they? Why don’t we see Americans working in the fields? One thing is because our .70 cent apple will turn into a $3 apple LOL. American’s don’t want to work for minimum wage but yet they want to complain about illegals taking over there jobs. So they rather be homeless then working there asses off to feed there families. I have been in the situation where any type of work is good as long as my family has a roof over there head and food on the table. Now I’m in a position where I don’t have to worry about that.

        1. A lot of homeless are homeless because of mental health and addiction problems. Most shelters are unable to treat the mental and the addiction comes from self medication

      2. I know the best solution…. Can we just replace all the politicians with more immigrants who will actually work? That’s real reform if you ask me…. 😉

      3. Most illegal aliens where I live are Canadians on expired visas, they don’t get deported because no one stops to ask white people for papers. Damn you savage dragon for bringing politics into comic forums you will not divide us.

    3. The United States takes in more legal immigrants per year than the rest of the world combined. The United States is also the most diverse country in the world. So I think we still provide that hope you claim we no longer stand for. Not liking a president is one thing, but acting like one man changes all the great things about a country is a bit of a stretch.

  2. I think the most impressive thing is that Larsen has managed to keep his, “Savage Dragon,” books relevant through all kinds of stories or stunts over multiple decades. I mean, who in the 1990’s would have predicted we’d be arguing about the politics of, “Savage Dragon,” of all books? Plus, you’re all missing the biggest outrage, that there haven’t been anymore XXX covers since #225. If I’m gonna read, “Savage Dragon,” I want it to feature a cover I can’t display in polite company, dabnabbit!

  3. I purchase zero from Mr. Larsen since the election. Zero. And it will remain that. I don’t care if his books go up to $1000. I unfollowed him on Twitter. Regardless of anyone’s affiliation his constant whining and complaining every single damn day is like listening to my two year old…. except he’s not 2.

    1. From what I see and recall, the highly political books never keep their heat long.
      A Savage Dragon $1000 book though? That’d be the day.. I just looked over Savage Dragon #1’s at my local comic shop huge sale they were having. They had them stickered at $5.. that’s before the 50% off back issue sale was applied. Never got into Savage Dragon, probably never will.. throwing Trump’s mug on the cover will only deter me even further away.. I disliked him as a reality TV star, why would I like him as President?

    2. I have to agree..I live in California and 75% of everyone around me has an opposite political opinion (an average) yet we still all hang out and get along just fine. Larson just whines and whines….Got tired of it.

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