Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 61

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Happy Labor Day. Hope you had a fun & safe one. Daredevil #25, Secret Empire #10, Deadpool #35, and Teen Titans #8 & 9 were my reads of the week. Rick & Morty was my watch of the week. Also, if you haven’t watched GLOW on Netflix, your missing out. Now lets make some comics because you can’t teach that
1. Archie Madhouse Annual #3 – this annual reprints the first appearance of Sabrina the Teenage Witch from Archie Madhouse #22. It is cheper then the origina,l and our beloved witch will appear in Riverdale in the near future $20 and up
2. Ducktales #1 – Sure, Uncle Scrooge, Donald, and Huey, Dewy, and Louie, all had previous comic appearances, but this is the first Ducktales series. WooHoo. Ducktales are back on TV and in comics.
3. Booster Gold #8 (1986 Series) – Booster Gold meets the President Ronald Reagan. Nuff said. In dollar to three dollar bins everywhere
4. Countdown Search for Ray Palmer Gotham by Gaslight #1 – did you all see the preview for the animated Gotham by Gaslight. It looks #awesomesauce. This is the third appearance of the Gotham by Gaslight world and is in dollar boxes #testify
5. Batman Master of the Future – this is the sequel to Gotham by Gaslight. If the animated dvd is done well, and since DC does animation well, then all Gotham by Gaslight stuff will light up like the 4th of July $5
6. Superman #296#299 – Clark loses his powers for a week. Lois Lane spends the night in Clark’s apartment in #297, she cooks him dinner and leaves with a smile. In the remaining issues he fights nine of his villains. This story is a bronze age key story and is cheap $4-10
7. Action Comics #761 – Wonder Woman & Lois Lane Valhalla story. Just a fun and cheap Wonder Woman and Lois Lane story. Wonder Woman is coming to digital and dvd soon enough and Wonder Woman comics will get another bump in price from the movie $2-5
8. Action Comics #309 – Classic Silver Age story. Came out after the death of John F. Kennedy. JFK helps Superman protect his secret identity. Just snag the grade you can afford, I am going to now
9. Uncanny X-Men #217#218 – Dazzler vs the Juggernaut. Dazzler needs cosplay love. Dazzler is just #awesomesauce. This story was used in the 1990’s animated series but Dazzler was replaced for Jubilee $5
10. Marvel Team-up #109 – Spiderman and Dazzler team up. Marvel Team-ups are highly under rated. Dollar box find $5 max
11. Spumco Comic Book #1 – Marvel Comic from 1995 created by Ren and Stimpy creator Johhny K. Weird as all heck $10 and up
12. Archie #13 (2015) – first new Cheryl Blossom appearance. Riverdale season 2 is October 11th. Cheryl Blossom is the heat of the show and is sexy. This is cheap, like between cover price to $5 cheap. I am sure the actress will do a wizard world soon enough and SS magic and could be a big money item
13. Oni Double Feature #13 – Paul Dini first Jingle Belle. Cheap Oni Double Feature needs more love. Kevin Smith had a few Clerks stories in it, Jim Mahfood did a bunch of work on the series, as did Paul Pope. $5
14. Santa vs Frankenstein #1 – Jingle Belle story and it is Santa vs Frankenstein. nuf said $5 and up
15. Adventures of Superman #466 – yes this is the first Hank Henshawn the Cyborg Superman. $10-20
16. Archie Comics #656 first wheel chaired Harper in Riverdale. OK Riverdale has someone in a wheelchair. my question does Riverdale have any blind people or what? I want a blind person in Riverdale. Harper would be perfect in the Riverdale show $5-10
17. Mickey Mouse #208 Whitman Variant – This is a rare Whitman variant. The comics recalled website didn’t say why this was a rare. Hey it is Mickey Mouse and a Whitman variant so it is good enough for me. Something to keep and eye out for.
18. Marvel Team-up #53 – Spiderman, the Hulk, and this the first John Bryne X-Men artwork before Uncanny X-Men #108 $5 and up
19. The Flash #94 Second Print – in a day and age where second prints are collectable and pricey, I wanted to point out this obscure Flash #94 second print with an early Impulse appearance to boot. TV show comes back October 10th and Flash back issues sell better during the course of the show for me $10-20
20. The Fantastic Four Board Game Parker Brothers 1978 – OK not a comic book, but comic related. Back in 1978 Parker Bros put out board games featuring Marvel Comics characters. This was a simpler time before eight bit video games and 500 channels with nothing on the TV. A time when you could just play with cardboard cut outs of Herbie the Robot, The Thing and Mr. & Mrs. Fantastic. Those were the days #testify $20 and up mint in package
well that does it for this week. thank you. thank you for reading this each and every week. thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life. I love you guys.
blind adam out

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  1. I sold my copies of Adventures of superman 465, 466, 467. I sold them close to $50 for all 3 and I paid $1 for each issue. I am not complaining lol. Great list like always…

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